It has been quiet few days in F1 …

Not much has been happening in F1 since the deadline day last Friday, not much that has been made public. The most interesting probably is the ever growing list of new teams that submitted their 2010 entries.

Campos Meta, US F1 Team, Prodrive and Lola announced their entry submissions before the deadline. Over the weekend news came out Austria that Alex Wurz lodged F1 entry with a new Team Superfund. The latest team believed to have submitted the entry is March (competed in F1 between 1970 – 1993). Some sources say that Litespeed is also among the potential new entrants. The only thing on Litespeed website however is their few weeks old press release stating their intention to apply for their place on 2010 F1 grid.

Yesterday stories started to circulate about Brabham‘s entry. It looks however that the original source is a magazine often quoted by a certain agency in stories that often later prove to be just that – stories. So better wait before getting excited about Brabham’s return to F1. Another team that some believe may be on the list is Epsilon-Euskadi but I haven’t found anything official on their entry anywhere.

While all the talk about new teams may be exciting what really matters is the reaction of Max Mosley and FIA to the conditional entry submitted by FIA. Until now there has been no reaction. This may mean that FOTA and FIA continue talking behind the scenes. This may however also mean the opposite – there are no more talks and FOTA members simply await the next move from Mosley. If the latter is the case then Max Mosley was either left speachless by FOTA’s move or he is quietly getting ready to shock us all with whatever he and FIA plan to come up with on June 12.

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  1. TimmieNo Gravatar says:

    I think we are in for a few more fights yet, a response from Mosley has been posted on a few sites this morning and well, he doesn’t exactly agree with a thing the FOTA want. Not that we can be surprised about that now can we???

    He also argues that they can’t sign the Concorde agreement by the 12th either, i’m thinking Mosley has already decided that he will stick with his rules, take the likely eight odd teams that will sign up and run a new F1 championship because he is basically an idiot who would probably think that this is a great idea!

    Anyways, the countdown continues to the stupid date mid-way through June. Mind you all that is going to happen is an announcement of listings of all teams, then the FOTA will announce nothing signed and we are still negotiating, blah blah…..

    Maybe if they lock themselves up in a room somewhere and fight it out they will knock some sense into eachother and get some results. Half the problem is Ferrari and Toyota who don’t want nay budget caps at all regardless of other teams and well, as per usual everyone seems to bow to whatever Ferrari want which is kinda surprising really that Force India and Brawn are in on that as well. I would have thought they would have jumped ship by now said stuff ya and signed up to a cheaper F1 already.

    Well who knows really, it’s all still up in the air and no where near being sorted out so we just get stuck with more rumours and bull until another announcement is made in the next week.

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      I saw the Mosley reports around the web. But they all come from the same source that is not always reliable or accurate. None of the serious F1 portals picked up that story and no FOTA team reacted so far. I am not saying that Mosley hasn’t said that but I would like to see the complete interview, not only a sentence here and sentence there.

      In the meantime Epsilon Euskadi and N.Technology confirmed their 2010 entry submissions.

  2. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    About Epsilon-Euskadi, so far Joan Villadelprat told to Spanish media that the team is in talks with US F1’s Ken Anderson to host the European HQs in their facilities (yet to be finished, but really close to the conclude). They’re really sure of their experience, and are going to provide a new training program and studies scholarship for new engineers formation dedicated to motorsports. Technically, there’s nothing that they should envy about big F1 teams now, because they will host a 60% size-scale wind-tunnel, a computation center similar to Albert2, their own designers department, composites store and 3 different size autoclaves, about 6 building bays….. I’ve just seen that they’re well prepared and they supposed to do something important in some years, maybe their entry gate to F1 is 2010, but I wouldn’t be so sure. If there’s something cocking in, I could have seen it before. The last reportage seen of their technology center was about a month ago, and there was shown everything in detail, with no evidence that they’re working in a large project as building their own F1 car.
    What openly told Joan Villadelprat is that they want to join the F1 World Championship in a close future, and nobody expected it could ever happen in Spain, until the project raised funds last years.

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