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Max Mosley asked FOTA to respond to his letter Zithromax Opinion, by the end of yesterday. FOTA duly sent the reply to FIA, 150mg Zithromax Opinion, Zithromax Opinion usa, the details however haven't been made public.

The only comment on FOTA response came from FIA:

"The FIA has received a letter and various attachments from FOTA, Zithromax Opinion paypal, 10mg Zithromax Opinion, the contents of which are not entirely negative, and we are currently examining the details."

A twitter message from 5Live last night suggested that "BBC understands FOTA teams will remove conditions for entry to 2010 and discuss new regs and rules with FIA representatives!"

According to Autosport however "FOTA was unwilling to comment about the situation, 250mg Zithromax Opinion, 200mg Zithromax Opinion, but it is understood that the teams made it clear that they were not in a position to be able to drop the conditions attached to their entry yet."

At least they are still talking ... 750mg Zithromax Opinion. Zithromax Opinion uk. Zithromax Opinion mexico. Zithromax Opinion ebay.

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  1. zblkhwkNo Gravatar says:

    More posturing by FOTA and FIA. I still think this gets resolved, mostly in favor of FOTA, in about two months.

  2. mp4-19No Gravatar says:

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