No agreement between teams and FIA, Ferrari takes FIA to court – Updated

The teams met with Bernie Ecclestone and max Mosley yesterday to discuss the 2010 regulations and perhaps also to try to avoid the looming crisis. After reading different reports on what happened yesterday it is quite difficult to tell where the F1 stands following this meeting.

The basic headline is that no agreement was reached. Another piece of information that came out is that Ferrari have made an application to the French courts to apply for an injunction to stop FIA from proceeding with the 2010 regulations. The case will be heard next Tuesday.

According to several sources Max Mosley was in conciliatory mood during the meeting while on the other hand Ferrari, Renault and Toyota took a strong position.

At the moment the regulations stand as they are but Mosley is prepared to listen to the teams if they come up with their own acceptable cost cutting measures.

Then there is the Ferrari court action. If the courts rule in favour of Ferrari on Tuesday we can expect FIA to appeal. If at the end the courts still rule in favour of Ferrari F1 will be sort of left without technical regulations. That will be interesting …

If the court rules against Ferrari then the only way forward will be finding a compromise between teams and FIA.

The May 29 deadline for 2010 F1 entries remains, the time is running out. But Max Mosley still does not think there is any danger of crisis:

“There is this suggestion that there is some sort of crisis, but I don’t think there is a crisis.

We were absolutely up against the deadline for new teams, and if a new team is going to come into F1 they have got to know they have got an entry and they are in. We’ve already left it very late and that is why it was necessary to have an absolute deadline.

Now that has been done, they will apply to enter and we will look at the applications and take a decision. Then there will probably be some vacancies, and then other teams may decide to enter later or not as the case may be. There won’t be a crisis of any kind, if indeed a crisis at all, until March 2010 when we go to Melbourne. There is plenty of time.

The people who are up against it time wise are new teams, because you cannot nowadays just start an F1 team at short notice. That is all underway – and we will see how the new teams look. There are a very large number of people who have expressed an interest, and a significant number of them are serious. The difficulty is that there are going to be more serious teams than the potential three places if all the existing teams entered. So we are going to have to take a view on that.”

Well, this is a very strange and contradicting message … On one hand he says there is enough time till next March to work out all the differencies. On the other hand the teams need to sign up for 2010 season before May 29, 2009. Several current teams threaten not to enter, at the same time according to Mosley there are more than 3 serious new F1 applicants.

So, if no deal is done before the deadline, will FIA select only 3 teams or will it fill up the grid completely shutting out the current F1 teams ?

FIA can of course choose only 3 new teams and leave the door open for all the current F1 teams to enter at a later date. But how can anything in the 2010 regulations be changed afterwards ? How would the new entrants react to that ?

What a mess … This will be very interesting 2 weeks …


Here is an interview with Max Mosley following the meeting yesterday. Among other things he suggests (or confirms) that there will be no two tier championship:

Link to BBC interview with Max Mosley (click here)

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  1. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    This looks to be all about F1 politics. It’s very difficult to speculate about what kind of actions are going to be taken, as far I know this rules are really odd, but they’re really all about saving costs. And I’m looking forward to this since ages! I think the FIA should respect the teams negative and dialogue, but teams should firstly respect each other in this trouble, there are many teams which just can’t undergo with all these expensive costs, these angry buddies would simply kick them away from the F1 just to keep their dominance? I don’t know, but look like they would. They’re in war with the FIA simply for stopping their continuous changes to the regulations or just to benefit themselves with a larger part of the cake? This is all about their opulence? As it looks like to me, yes it is. If teams finally get a chance to take decissions towards the budget car and the technical regulations, further we can expect other officiousness into the governing, but this is far possible to happen :P
    However, if the teams react and arrive to an agreement together a new kind of “concorde” would happen :) And this would be what mostly benefits everyone, and this should happen this way.

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      F1 politics at its best …

      P.S. Bernie called Ferrari “idiots”, for not taking action earlier …

      He suggested that Ferrari’s legal action was too late. “It’s good, it keeps it in the bloody newspaper,” he said. “They should have done it before — idiots. They should have done it at the beginning.” Was he worried about its implications? “Nothing frightens me,” he said.

      I wonder who’s side is Bernie on …

  2. F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

    Interview with Max Mosley – confirms there will not be 2 tier championship

  3. TimmieNo Gravatar says:

    FOTA meets again on Tuesday for further talks on how they would like to cut costs. Pretty much agreed that the two-tier system has been scrapped, though that was known pretty much straight away.

    Teams are probably going to agree to a budget cap for next season, but Mosley has given them lee-way on what counts and what doesn’t under the budget cap. So looks like it should all work out pretty good and that most of the rules that have already been set for next year will stand! This is good for new teams who are looking at entering especially now if all teams agree to the set budget and go from there.

    Ferrari injunction probably won’t mean much in the end as if FIA are happy with what comes out of the tuesday meeting and an agreement is met, then all rules will pass and everything will continue along for the moment!

    I still think it will take them right up to the 29 May deadline, but it will definitely be sorted by this date for sure.
    Most of the teams do want this budget cap to pass, they just want one set of very clear rules on how this will work for coming season.

    Pretty much a wait and see for us fans but it looks promising that things will work out at the moment.

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