Ferrari ups the ante …

Max Mosley said F1 can go on even without Ferrari. Bernie Ecclestone said he would protect interests of Ferrari. Here is the Ferrari view:

“The same rules for all teams, stability of regulations, the continuity of the FOTA’s endeavours to methodically and progressively reduce costs, and governance of Formula 1 are the priorities for the future.

If these indispensable principles are not respected and if the regulations adopted for 2010 will not change, then Ferrari does not intend to enter its cars in the next Formula 1 world championship. “

The game is on

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  1. TimmieNo Gravatar says:

    I think this is probably the only position a team like Ferrari can take.

    Same as on the other side of the fence that Williams can only take the position of signing on and agreeing to the new budget cap because that is all they are there for…to race!

    The FIA really have been dissapointing the last couple of years, they continue to run the sport with total control. There efforts of understanding the FOTA are extremely poor, and then they turn around and can’t understand why everyone is getting upset.

    Ecclestone doesn’t help either, spending most of his time bagging someone out and then loving the mthe next, i really think he is losing it!

    The FIA has come out with some good plans for future reduction of costs, but their problem is they are too gun-ho about it all, they throw it into the rules without consulting anyone but Bernie and then give extrremely short deadlines, causing everybody to have heart attacks and throw out threats.

    The FOTA group even stated that what has been written in the rules isn’t that bad, but there are a few issues (ie. the two-tier system) that are causing teams complaints and i agree that F1 should stay a single tier.

    All it probably takes is an agreement to stagger the entrance of the budget cap, start it at a higher amount and slowly bring it down so that is then become controlled and easier to maintain.

    The FIA are jumping the gun and want to force everyone to cut costs in an instant because they think its for their own good. Unfortunately i think this comes back to Mosley and his own belief that he still holds total control and respect from teams. I think he is forgetting his scandal and that these days teams have banded together and aren’t fighting with eachother anymore. Pretty big clue that there is something wrong with the highest level of management when teams are all o nthe same side isn’t there?

    My hope is that following the meeting in Monaco next week, that the FIA do use their brain and come to an agreement, but that we also do see a continued reducing of costs over the coming season. My biggest worry is that the FIA continue to hold on their stance and we will definitely see a follow through on the threats, i don;t think there is any doubt there at all.

    Basically we will be kissing Ferrari, Red Bull, Toyota, Renault all goodbye and we may gain enough teams back, but they won’t be of the teams we want to be watching…..

  2. ChrisNo Gravatar says:

    Ferrari are right, a 2-tier championship is just wrong. If you want to have a cap then set it at $100m and decrease it $20m each year.

    They let the tobacco ban gradually come in so why is Max going all out for $40m and causing a confrontation?

  3. zblkhwkNo Gravatar says:

    This is beginning to look like a massive power play by the leading teams in F1 to oust FIA and Mosely.

    I am sure there will be some sort of settlement that softens the new rules. Eventually, Ferrari and the big boys will win…after all they are the sport, not Mosely or Eccelstone.

  4. JRNo Gravatar says:

    Check this interview. Very High Quality. 90 minutes. See what this expert has to say about batteries that might help us figure out the deal with KERS.

  5. [...] not enter 2010 season if the regulations remain unchanged but the cherry on the pie was the similar announcement made by Ferrari a week ago. The teams met with Bernie Ecclestone and Max Mosley last Friday to discuss the ways how to end the [...]

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