Will all F1 drivers last the whole 2009 season ?

Vitantonio Liuzzi - on his way back to F1 racing via A1 ?

Vitantonio Liuzzi - on his way back to F1 racing via A1 ?

The 2009 season has only just begun and so did the whispers and rumours about future of the drivers. Of course there is the usual and never ending “Alonso to Ferrari” talk (some suggest this is already a done deal from 2011 or even 2010 depending on what the Iceman does). There are also claims that Vitantonio Liuzzi has a race deal with Force India from 2010 and Grandprix.com speculates that the one of the goals of his upcoming A1 adventure may be to brush up his racing skills before jumping back to F1 car. And according to grandprix.com that may happen even before 2010 if Giancarlo Fisichella continues to disappoint. To make things even more interesting Vijay Mallya expressed some interest in Bruno Senna …

Fearrari team principal Stefano Domenicali recently suggested that 2009 is the make or break season for the 2007 champion Kimi Raikkonen. The same can probably be said about Nelson Piquet and Sebastien Bourdais. The fresh arrival into the rumour mill is Lewis Hamilton and his future with McLaren. Nico Rosberg expressed several times his wish to stay on with Williams but only if they deliver him a competitive car. That seems to be the case at the moment but it may not last for too long. Then there is the old guard represented by Barrichello, Trulli (and already mentioned Fisichella).

Last year was the first time after I don’t know how many years, may be even first time ever, that no team made any drivers changes during the season, not even for a single race. The only drivers we lost were Sato and Davidson who disappeared together with their Super Aguri team. With the exception of retiring David Coulthard and Sebastian Vettel moving up to take his place at Red Bull Racing all the 2008 drivers kept their seats for 2009 season.

Will we see the same scenario in 2009 as well or will somebody be sent packing before Abu Dhabi ? How many drivers will remain in the same seats next season ? Will we see some high profile moves ?

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  1. I think Rubens Barrichello is on a race by race rolling contract so might be out before the end of the year. I hope not as I like him but there may be commercial pressures on brawn now the sponsorship interest in flooding in.

    As for others, I was saying this constantly last year and it never happened but Nelson Piquet will not last the year.

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  3. M WHITINGNo Gravatar says:

    As sponsership rules in F1 The futre of the 2010 f1 will certanly change!

    1, Mr Bourdai will go to Renault ( The only frenchman currently in f1 )
    2, The Iceman goes to RedBull ( He’s already sporting there style head wear ;-) )
    3, Mr Alonso will certanly be at Ferrari !
    4, The fait of Mr Hamilton will not be as good,Mercedes can’t be happy with the current situation,and it’s only going to get worse! Exit stage left for Lewis! Where to ??? Brawn G.P.
    5, All change at williams? Could be ! New teams next year mean’s new seats…….

  4. zblkhwkNo Gravatar says:

    Interesting thought on Bourdais to Renault…although I would say he is more likely to be out of F1 as he certainly has not performed at the level of expectation of a four time Champ Car champion.

    I can’t see Brawn making any changes while things are going so well. Why break up the chemistry of such a good thing?

    I am astonished that Piquet was back this year. His performance in comparison to Alonzo is dreadful. Alonzo may be the best in F1, but Piquet can not even come close. He must bring a lot of money to Renault. Then again, perhaps the only way to keep Alonzo happy is to provide him a team mate he can dominate. Lets face it, the competition with Hamilton at McLaren did not go so well.

    Kovalainen is another that must be feeling the heat. He simply can not compete with Hamilton.

    I do believe the Alonzo is destined to be a Ferrari, along with probably one of the young guns (Vettel, Rosberg, Kubica if Alonzo can handle a teammate of that caliber). Baricello is probably in his last year, and is getting a very nice last year. Fisichella, Trulli, and Heidfeld have also been around a long time, and have to be getting close to the end. There have not been too many changes over the past three years with drivers, that is going to change and the most of current line up will be replaced over the next four to five years. We also have at least one more team coming in 2010.

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      I do not think there is too much chance for Bourdais to end up in Renault, that is as long as Briatore is there.

      For 2009 the teams simply decided that the continuity is necessary at least somewhere with all the rule changes , that is probably the biggest reason several drivers “surprisingly” kept their seats

  5. JourneyerNo Gravatar says:

    Barrichello is having a traditional Indian summer – just like Patrese in 1992, or Regazzoni in 1979. :)

  6. I am worried for Nelson Piquet, I like the kid, but I am not sure how long he has in that ride! :( And that is my biggest worry. I hope he picks up the pace and starts making the small mistakes that he keeps making.

    Joey Logano Fans last blog post..Rookie Profile at Texas

  7. CCNo Gravatar says:

    Barichello is probably having the best time of his career after his exit from Ferrari. I guess this will be the last year that we ll see him and he to will be hoping to end his career on a high.


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