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It usually takes a while for brand new team to roll out their merchandise but Brawn GP managed to do it rather quickly. The caps, polos, T-shirts and jackets are already available, several die cast models can be pre-orderd already including the Limited Edition 1:43 Diecast Minichamps Brawn GP 1 & 2nd Finish Australian Grand Prix 2-car set with special packaging (due out in 4th quarter of 2009). This is a souvenir I may be thinking about myself. After all new teams do not finish 1-2 on podium in their first ever race that often and this time I happened to be there to witness it :-) .

Click here to see the current Brawn GP merchandise range.

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  1. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    It’s the same t-shirt which I use under my sweaters (Henri Lloyd’s plain white), but with a logo… And costs double! But die cast models are interesting, I’m even surprised of the speed the manufaturer managed to produce them. Are they hand-made or some “Made in China”?

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    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      the die casts can only be pre-ordered at the moment. I do know something about the production of die cast cars and I can tell you that if they will be actually ready anytime before September I will be very very surprised. it is not a simple job …

      of course it costs double, your T-shirt money only had to feed mr Henri Lloyd, the Brawn one has to feed both Mr Lloyd and Mr Brawn (and his team) :-)

      • KotenokNo Gravatar says:

        But there’s nothing surprising in the design even, a simple corporative T-shirt :( Wel,l as the livery is HAHAHA!! They could use plenty of original ideas, for example driver’s face on monochrome combination of black with the lime green… But that’s it, a fast produced product which lacks from the plus which would call me to buy it (and I’m pretty fan of F1 merchandise). Well, they just launched their brand, and I’m expecting much more better things to come out :)

        In other hand, the idea of the die cast models interests me :) I have seen incredible expensive things, which even deserve that price two times lower. But in this case the price is really good and we will see how these models are, I’m waiting to see some in the specialized stores in Barcelona, maybe something new would call my interest :)

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        • KotenokNo Gravatar says:

          By other hand I just saw Trust’s computer mouses based on the Red Bull, they’re pretty sweet :) Let’s see what Williams and McGregor makes this season too, I’m teased already by their last offers :D

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        • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

          you know, if see how their website looks at the moment we can’t be surprised that the clothing line is what it is. it does take time to design and manufacture something. but they need some merchandise to sell, people at GPs are hungry for Brawn GP piece of apparel. they found the way how to kick that off, good for them

          look at Super Aguri or even Red Bull how long it took them … Red Bul had much more time between their Jaguar purchase and start of the 2005 season, but if you tried to buy anything Red Bull at 2005 Malaysian gp all you could get was answer that “perhaps at the start of the European season” …

  2. JRNo Gravatar says:


    I’m waiting for the Brawn salad-shooter and ShamWOW. I’ve got enough over-priced T-shirts.

  3. kaushalNo Gravatar says:

    I hope the cost is not sky-rocketing..In India,Force India sells Merchandise 10 times the cost of a normal which we can buy in grey market :)

    kaushals last blog post..Probe casts Lewis in poor light

    • KotenokNo Gravatar says:

      And why isn’t it black market? Is it half clean? :P Yup, you can find such things everywhere…. But this does only help yourself, as F1Wolf said and I liked his sentence, this one has to feed both F1 team and clothing producer. We could set a theme around it even, are the merchandising products of any kind too over-priced?

      By the way, the prises went down last years. I bought a cap of Williams 8 years ago for 25 pounds in Ireland, nowadays I can buy it for a range between 15-30 €.

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