2009 Prediction Game Round 4 Results

Round 4 results are in. The scores are a bit higher than last week and that is despite the fact that only 2 guys got the pole position right and nobody guessed correctly the fastest lap.

If you can’t find yourself in the results and you know you placed the prediction, let me know.

Round 4 results:

20 – Queen Bee, pawelf1
19 – mcw3, draconte, psychy, Wil, FISHEYE, Aaron Mullan
18 – zblkhwk, Jose Arellano, bmwf1guy, Klokan, Dank, alicotero, Kudlakova
17 – F1Wolf, Ozzi, Steve Robertson, Flying Dutchman, daniel, Rich, Clive.Einkamerer, James
16 – sky, Blazena, Luis Miguel Sainz, Ex-race-marshal
15 – Chobi, velvet demon, Kotenok, JR, ncngrr5, Saigon56
14 – pk_dude04, Cruz Gonzalez, nieuwe
13 – Timmie, osama, Mitch, Nic B 205
12 – Arun Srini, shaggy, vectra
11 – Monty

2009 F1Wolf’s Formula 1 Prediction Game – Standings after Round 4:

62 – mcw3
61 – F1Wolf
59 – Ozzi
58 – zblkhwk, Jose Arellano, Steve Robertson, Flying Dutchman, pk_dude04
56 – draconte, Chobi, Timmie
55 – Queen Bee, psychy, bmwf1guy, Klokan
54 – Wil, Cruz Gonzalez, osama
53 – FISHEYE, Mitch, Nic B 205
52 – Dank, alicotero, daniel, velvet demon
51 – Kotenok
50 – Rich, JR
49 – Aaron Mullan, Clive.Einkamerer, sky, ncngrr5
48 – James, Arun Srini
47 – Blazena, shaggy
46 – Luis Miguel Sainz
45 – pawelf1
44 – dibsmjf
43 – nieuwe
41 – Kudlakova
35 – Ex-race-marshal
34 – Marinaxxx
29 – danpickles
28 – brabhamburger
24 – Saigon56, Monty
21 – vectra, Fantoci, Sriram
12 – Emo
10 – Ben
8 – Rhysee, Shawn
7 – Blue42
6 – Amrit

(these are provisional standings as each player will have the worst result erased at the end of the season)

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  1. JRNo Gravatar says:

    Congratulations all F1Ws.

    I actually haven’t seen the race. But I’ve read all about it. I’ve got it DCRd.

    I’ve gone into analysis mode and am reading all the pre-race gibberish (my own included) before watching the race. It is quite telling. Check out F1.fanatic.uk.

    Nobody knows anything. Nobody can predict anything.

    Any word on when Ferrari and friends are going to roll out new diffusers?

    What kind of advantage does Brawn have at Monaco?

    We now enter Europe.

  2. JRNo Gravatar says:

    “The scores are a bit higher than last week and that is despite the fact that only 2 guys got the pole position right and nobody guessed correctly the fastest lap”

    I submit that this is because there is a hole in your points system. As a result, most of us are hedging. It’s fair and balanced, but you might want to consider changing this for next season.

    There is no correlation or causation between practice and qualy. So asking people to bet before qualy results in complete random guesses.

    Awarding equal points to teams and drivers actually narrows the chances of being wrong. It dissuades people from taking chances and encourages hedging. Just an opinion.

    I thought I was going out on a branch backing ferrari, I ended up being completely wrong, yet ending mid-pack and only dropping 3 points in the standings.

    It is somewhat of a Black Swan approach, but I will continue to follow this strategy. Nothing else will allow me to overtake for the win.

    The Pole and fast lap categories are not pointed enough. The position markers are not pointed enough.

    Don’t get me wrong, this is still the best contest out there. Way better than F1fanatic. But you need to tweak this a bit.


  3. nieuweNo Gravatar says:

    It’s fine as it is F1Wolf, 2nd year for me playing and no complaint’s here. It’s called a gamble for a reason.

  4. zblkhwkNo Gravatar says:

    This has been a very tough year to predict. Outside of Button finishing on or near the top, the rest has been a crapshoot.

    I imagine it will stay that way for at least the next three or four races until McLaren, Ferrari, and BMW regain form with new super diffusers and other tricks. Its going to be very difficult to predict which teams have made improvements from race to race with no testing between sessions.

    I feel very fortunate to be in P4 at this point. I had Ferrari in the top places the first three races.

    • JRNo Gravatar says:

      Not really. It depends on what you mean. I coined the term super-diffuser. Yeah, that’s mine.

      Prior to everybody using it this weekend, you all used “trick-diffuser.”

      Did I score cash money. No. But if I were Button or Branson I’d be worth another 100 million.

      Winners tend to continue being winners. This is the Black Swan effect. Button is a mediocre driver at best. Massa is the best driver on the track, followed by Raikkonen, Alonso, and Vettel. Hamilton is OK. He does like to cheat, though, doesn’t he?

  5. zblkhwkNo Gravatar says:

    The term “super diffuser” is perfect. All the cars have diffusers, but only Brawn, Toyota, and Williams have the double diffuser with the added downforce effect. The term was used on SpeedTV during this weekend’s race.

    I disagree with you on the drivers.

    Alonzo and Vettel are clearly the best on the track, with Hamilton a close 3rd. Kubica was pushing to top tier until this year. I base that on a driver’s performance versus his team mate. These three (particularily Alonzo) simply dominate their fellow drivers. Button is also running away from Rubens, but I don’t think Rubens is on pace anymore…so that probably does not say much. Still, you have to rank him in the top half.

    Raikkonen has the ability to be brilliant for a few laps, but seems to loose focus and either drop off pace or wreck too often. Massa also a top half driver, but not in the class of Alonzo, Vettel, or Hamilton (even if he cheats, lies, and manipulates his team).

    I have a feeling that McLaren will be upfront soon, if they are not penalized too much for the Trulli incident.


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