2009 Prediction Game Round 2 Results

The results for round 2 are in. The scores are higher than in round one. If you can’t find yourself in the results and you know you placed the prediction, let me know. The predictions were not all placed under the correct post and as a result I might have overlooked something.

Round 2 results:

19 – Timmie, F1Wolf
18 – Ozzi
17 – Chobi, dibsmjf, velvet demon
16 – pk_dude04, Jose Arellano, danpickles, Steve Robertson, Flying Dutchman, zblkhwk, Mitch, pawelf1
15 – mcw3, Nic B 205, draconte, bmwf1guy, alicotero, Kudlakova
14 – osama, Cruz Gonzalez, Dank
13 – Kotenok, Arun Srini, JR, daniel, Wil, psychy
12 – Klokan, shaggy, FISHEYE, Queen Bee, Aaron Mullan, brabhamburger, Clive Einkamerer, Luis Miguel Sainz
11 – Blazena, Marinaxxx, ncngrr5, Rich, nieuwe
10 – James, sky

2009 F1Wolf’s Formula 1 Prediction Game – Standings after Round 2:

32 – Timmie, F1Wolf, pk_dude04
30 – Jose Arellano, mcw3, osama
29 – Ozzi, Chobi, dibsmjf, danpickles, Steve Robertson, Flying Dutchman
28 – zblkhwk, Nic B 205, Cruz Gonzalez
27 – draconte
26 – Mitch, Kotenok
25 – velvet demon, bmwf1guy, Arun Srini, Klokan
24 – alicotero
23 – JR, daniel
22 – Dank, Wil, shaggy, FISHEYE, Queen Bee, Clive Einkamerer
21 – Aaron Mullan, Luis Miguel Sainz, Blazena, Marinaxxx, psychy
20 – James
20 – ncngrr5
19 – Rich
18 – nieuwe, sky
17 – brabhamburger
16 – pawelf1
15 – Kudlakova
12 – Emo
11 – Sriram
10 – Ben
8 – Fantoci, Rhysee, Shawn
7 – Ex-race-marshal, Blue42
6 – Amrit

(these are provisional standings as each player will have the worst result erased at the end of the season)

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  1. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    Terrific, you did it terrific. You may know something else that I didn’t :P

    Kotenoks last blog post..Kotenok updated their profile

  2. zblkhwkNo Gravatar says:

    I feel very fortunate to have 28 points, as I have picked Ferrari 1-2 in week one and 1-3 in week two. Their horrible managment in the pits continues from last season…what was up with having Kimi go to full wets with no rain on the course, IDIOTS!

  3. bmwf1guyNo Gravatar says:

    You feel fortunate to have 28 points. I’m amazed I have 25. :)

    bmwf1guys last blog post..Nick Heidfeld May be Becoming a Wet Weather Specialist

    • JRNo Gravatar says:

      It’s two races in. I’d wait til 4 or 5 before looking at statistics. Don’t let your success blind you. I’m saying this out of respect. I follow what you say.

  4. F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

    well, this game does not follow Bernie’s “Winner Takes All” formula, the rules reward consistency :-)

  5. nieuweNo Gravatar says:

    Has anyone else read this?? was on our nzherald.co.nz website

    Motorsport: Schumacher becomes Ferrari fall guy
    9:09AM Tuesday Apr 07, 2009
    David Tremayne

    Michael Schumacher is being hung out to dry by Italian media over Ferrari’s dismal performance in Malaysia. Photo / APMichael Schumacher is said by the Italian media to have been responsible for the disastrous decision that saw Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen lose any chance in Sunday’s monsoon Malaysian Grand Prix, when he was switched to extreme wet weather tyres four laps before the predicted rain fell.

    Reports suggested the team’s former driver and current adviser was involved in the embarrassing gaffe, which merely served to underline Ferrari’s poor start to 2009.

    The season has so far been a disaster for the team that so dominated the first half of the century with Schumacher, took Raikkonen to the 2007 title, and won the constructors’ championship last year as Felipe Massa was only narrowly beaten for the drivers’ crown by Lewis Hamilton in the final race.

    Two races, nil points. The alarm bells are ringing in Maranello.

    Rather than earning Raikkonen any advantage, the extraordinary tyre gamble cost him 20 seconds a lap so that he was well out of contention even as his rivals eventually made pit stops for wet weather tyres when the rain finally fell on the 22nd lap.

    AdvertisementWith the Brawn Mercedes, Toyota, Red Bull, Williams and BMW Sauber teams leading the way thus far this season, the pickings have been slim for Ferrari and McLaren, the two teams that slugged it out last year.

    While both have tried putting a brave face on their problems, it is clear that the fight for 2008 honours has compromised their respective efforts for 2009. Brawn, meanwhile, for whom Honda began serious work on their 2009 car last April, have reaped a huge advantage that is unlikely to be eroded overnight.

    The Brawn team principal, Ross Brawn, was one of the masterminds behind Ferrari’s tremendous success since 2000. Together with Schumacher, the designer Rory Byrne and team principal Jean Todt, they formed the legendary “four-legged stool” which, they claimed, could not be upset by the demands of Ferrari’s chairman, Luca di Montezemolo.

    Now, however, Brawn has moved on, Byrne is in happy retirement, and Todt has perforce severed all ties with Ferrari. Only Schumacher remains, and if Sunday’s story is true, his strategic thinking is less adept than his driving.

    Ironically, the team have become much more respected under their new principal, Stefano Domenicali, who took it on the chin in Sepang: “We are very disappointed because once again, we leave a circuit empty-handed,” he said. “With hindsight, it’s clear that we took some wrong decisions, especially in Kimi’s case at his first pit stop. Clearly, we have to extricate ourselves from this situation, without panicking, but with every one of us taking on our responsibilities: we have to dig deep and react, starting immediately.”

    One wonders how Di Montezemolo reacted on Sunday, given his admission that he threw an ashtray through his TV set when Massa lost the title in Brazil last year. Further errors in China next week surely cannot be tolerated.


    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      I am not sure if the Schumacher story is right or wrong, but it underlines who little lies between being hero and zero

      Somewhere (not remember where unfortunately) I read Massa claiming that Schumacher had nothing to do with that decision

      • KotenokNo Gravatar says:

        That could be a decision taken by hand voting of the team, a decision taken by it’s new race engineer or even Schumacher, or from any of those guys which we use to not see inside the pit garage reading telemetry and official weathercast. Who cares? The mistake is already done, the only what can be done since now is to learn from it, and try to not repeat it more. However, yes it was a gamble which could have gone perfectly suiting the situation, but we keep on just seeing the dark face of it… It went really bad and that’s what counts, yeah? If Ferrari boys struggled to determine the success percentage, how could we calculate it?

        Kotenoks last blog post..Kotenok updated their profile

  6. nieuweNo Gravatar says:

    The old story, if you don’t win blame someone else.

  7. F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

    I think this is more about media looking for some senstional headlines. Ferrari with zero points after 2 races is not very common thing so a good opportunity to make something big out it.

  8. JRNo Gravatar says:

    Who is “Timmie”?

    Nice job. All these other dudes were just lucky, Including F1W.

    We are just two races in. 15 to go.

    The guys at the top of the rank were good last year. This cannot be denied.

    I’m sticking with Kotenok. This is strategic, tactical, and Philosophic.

  9. zblkhwkNo Gravatar says:

    Ferrari’s decision to send Kimi out on full wet tires at that point tells the bigger story…they must gamble to stay up front because they do not have the speed to compete.

    You also have to go back to last season to begin to see the horrible decisions and execution of routine functions that started to plague Ferrari. Ross Brawn obviously meant a lot more to the team in terms of race strategy than anyone appreciated. While Ferrari was bungling pit stops (both in strategy and simply refueling the car), Ross was putting cars in the points that were horribly outclassed. His race plan putting Honda on the podium last year was a masterpiece, as the car stunk!

    Now he has the fastest car, and the brilliance to take advantage of it.

  10. alicoteroNo Gravatar says:

    Prediction for China!
    Pole: Button
    1º Button
    2º Trulli
    3º Glock
    4º Rosberg
    5º Barrichello
    6º Raikkonen
    7º Alonso
    8º Hamilton
    Fastest Lap: Button

  11. […] the fact that the race was wet (and short). If you haven’t seen the results of round 2 yet click here. If your current point tally seems to be too low, don’t panic. Only best 16 out 17 results […]


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