2009 Malaysian GP – Video preview

It is time to move on from Australia to Malaysia. Here is short video preview of 2009 Malaysian Grand Prix.

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If you have difficulties watching the video in the above player you may also find it at Dailymotion, Vimeo and F1WolfClub.

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  1. Hey F1Wolf, the video is loading pretty slow for me, and is buffering quite often. Perhaps you should post it on youtube? And plus you will probably get more exposure that way! :)

    Oh… and I am hoping that Barichelo is able to take the win this weekend at Malaysia! :)

    Joey Logano Fans last blog post..April Fan of the Month

  2. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    Tube’s alternative, Daily Motion http://www.dailymotion.com/F1Wolf :) But the video is still not posted therre, the Man has it’s own life HEHE! But be sure F1Wolf does the best spreading of all his media, anyway, there’s always a second option in the F1Wolf’s users community, the F1Wolf Club in http://www.f1wolf.ning.com It deserves a visit!

    We might encourage him to exposure his media on YouTube, or create a live stream channel, but that may be already planned for someday in the future, or not :P

    For now, be patient for receive the content and enjoy it’s great quality!! Bye!

    Kotenoks last blog post..F1Wolf commented on the video ‘Refuelling Ad’

  3. F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

    hm, it runs pretty fast over here… anyway it is being uploaded to Vimeo, Dailymotion and F1WolfClub, should be available there soon

  4. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    Then can’t say why… It may be servers delay on response or retriving data, or maybe sending. The problem should not only relay on F1wolf.com side, but also the broadband ISP in our’s may be affecting somehow, low default speed, lost packages and asking for them repeated times or even some kind of firewall, traffic checker can reduce the download capacity or even the OS status and the browser.

    Sincerly, it takes ages to me downloading the stream and even charging the site theme and pictures. It may be highly optimized in the back-end,but here loads with difficulties. Sometimes the browser means a half loaded page as fully loaded. I know this is not a lot of help, but I’ll try to lookut and tell which could be the matters of these little issues. However, I’m very pleased that you do everything humanly possible for giving us your info in the best conditions :) keep it on!

  5. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    Well, now the site is offering a better response and speed, the theme loads in a couple of seconds or even less. Depending if it was on cache or not. Images load faster, also with less delay between request, response and download. Video is still a bit slow, but this is just my 3rd World Country broadband DSL from 3 Mb.

    That’s much better, I did grab the file through Orbit to look the statistics. The server offers quite a good downoad speed, with peacks of 80 Kb/s, but an average of 50 Kb/s. I would consider it pretty good :) I for sure did disable simultaneous connections and an multiple file connections, so the test downloading the 83MB has been cleared without problems in 12 min of time, which means that packets weren’t lost. It’s true that other kinds of servers give a better speed, but they use to be large and dedicated to a single customer. You may receive lots of connections daily, and the website works fluently all day, except when they decide to do some checkings or surprise us with a technical shutdown.

    Be proud!! F1Wolf works perfectly :) No reasons to worry more, if we had slow speeds it relay on us or a server’s bad day.

    Kotenoks last blog post..F1Wolf added a video


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