2009 Bahrain GP – Friday Practice

The 2009 Bahrain GP kicked off with Friday practice. Lewis Hamilton was the fastest man on track in the morning session ahead of BMW Sauber duo.

2009 Bahrain GP Friday Practice 1 Times:

1. L. Hamilton – McLaren – 1:33.647
2. N. Heidfeld – BMW Sauber – 1:33.907
3. R. Kubica – BMW Sauber – 1:33.938
4. N. Rosberg – Williams – 1:34.227
5. J. Button – Brawn GP – 1:34.434
6. H. Kovalainen – McLaren – 1:34.502
7. R. Barrichello – Brawn GP – 1:34.531
8. F. Massa – Ferrari – 1:34.589
9. M. Webber – Red Bull – 1:34.827
10. K. Räikkönen – Ferrari – 1:34.827
11. K. Nakajima – Williams – 1:34.880
12. S. Vettel – Red Bull – 1:34.938
13. N. Piquet – Renault – 1:34.974
14. A. Sutil – Force India – 1:35.021
15. J. Trulli – Toyota – 1:35.036
16. G. Fisichella – Force India – 1:35.042
17. T. Glock – Toyota – 1:35.333
18. F. Alonso – Renault – 1:35.348
19. S. Bourdais – Toro Rosso – 1:35.353
20. S. Buemi – Toro Rosso – 1:35.369

The second practice was back to 2009 free practice normal with fastest time yet again going to Nico Rosberg.

2009 Bahrain GP Friday Practice 2 Times:

1. N. Rosberg – Williams – 1:33.339
2. F. Alonso – Renault – 1:33.530
3. J. Trulli – Toyota – 1:33.616
4. S. Vettel – Red Bull – 1:33.661
5. M. Webber – Red Bull – 1:33.676
6. J. Button – Brawn GP – 1:33.694
7. A. Sutil – Force India -1:33.763
8. T. Glock – Toyota – 1:33.764
9. R. Barrichello – Brawn GP – 1:33.885
10. K. Nakajima – Williams – 1:33.899
11. L. Hamilton – McLaren – 1:33.994
12. G. Fisichella – Force India – 1:34.025
13. S. Buemi – Toro Rosso – 1:34.127
14. S. Bourdais – Toro Rosso – 1:34.366
15. N. Piquet – Renault – 1:34.411
16. F. Massa – Ferrari – 1:34.564
17. R. Kubica – BMW Sauber – 1:34.605
18. K. Räikkönen – Ferrari – 1:34.670
19. H. Kovalainen – McLaren – 1:34.764
20. N. Heidfeld – BMW Sauber – 1:34.790

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  1. Ooops I totally forgot there was a practice session, well at least I will be able to catch the next session, which is in less than an hour lol. =D

  2. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    Bahrain Kingdom is doing the best efforts for making this race a high quality event (afraid of the race in Abu Dhabi?), maybe there’s nobody in the grandstands and the crowds will wait till tomorrow to move into the desert, but this doesn’t worry me much, I’m frankly surprised how the circuit looks! Better than ever, full of flags and nicely painted. This time technology surprises us again, there was a moment which everybody could believe that Lewis Hamilton heavily crashed towards Felipe Massa’s back, but then… You just realize this is a repeated scene with an overlay picture of both running the same corner, just brilliant!! :) But there’s always the same trouble, the sand, and the circuit is full of it this year, despite the track looks tidy, the run-off areas are shoals, really dangerous as showed Kimi Raikkonen with a large slide at turn 3. And the worst enemy this weekend for everybody may be the wind, some believe the conditions will be hard for the drivers, predicted are wind streams of 30 Km/h which together with the extreme dry conditions and hot climate with temperatures around 40ºc could take much of the desert’s sand around into de circuit’s area as sand storms. I’m not worried that the race can’t even start on Sunday, if that happens it is for security matters, but hopefully this weathercast doesn’t come to truth.

    Kotenoks last blog post..Arun is now a member of F1Wolf Club

  3. OsamaNo Gravatar says:

    being from Bahrain I m really proud of how circuit looks!! :)
    Shame I m not in Bahrain to watch the race on Sunday, damn the final exams!!

    I ll be more than happy to guide you wolf ( or anyone of u guys) through Bahrain if u decide to visit it during the next grand prix

    • KotenokNo Gravatar says:

      Which is the medium prize for a GP package with normal stay for four nights in a hotel of medium/low class? Do you have any idea? The destiny is to me really interesting, but if the prices are prohibitive to me here… Can’t imagine what a luxury GP would be :P Anyway, wanna know from a Bahrain inhabitant what could be offered to the tourist :)

      Kotenoks last blog post..Arun is now a member of F1Wolf Club

      • OsamaNo Gravatar says:

        u can get cheap hotels around bahrain quite easily, and because my country is soooo small (smaller than the city of London) you dont have to worry about the location of the hotel at all! basically any hotel is 25-45 minutes away from the circuit, but you better book a little bit early

        food and transportation is easy to get :)

        for the race tickets they are not too bad; they range from 60BD, thats about 120 dollars to 250BD (about 600 dollars)

        the best in terms of value and viewing is the University Stand (which are opposite to the pits exit and the first corner) that cost around 100BD, that’s about 230 dollars, i always take this stand, i remember i could see alonso’s pass on schumacher from the pits in 2006!

        • JRNo Gravatar says:

          Do they have tickets or passes for the entire weekend and the ability to stroll around the paddock area? What might those go for?

          I grew up nearby in Dhahran, I’ve never been to an F1 race, but being from the US, I can see Bahrain actually being one of my cheapest options. Certainly more so than Monte Carlo or Singapore.

          • OsamaNo Gravatar says:

            Yes they do have a range of 3day passes and paddok passes, there are some combination of tickets too, but I m not sure whether they do them anymore. The last time I was in a GP in Bahrain was 2007.
            But yea u can get a 3 day pass main stand (in front of the garages and start line) for something around 500 dollars
            But those paddok passes are a bit pricey! Something above 700 dollars I guess! If you get to know any connections to the companies sponsoring the event you might get them for free, seriously I know a lot of ppl who do this trick!
            From dharan to Bahrain is pretty easy for you man, and I bet u will be familiar with everything in Bahrain

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      be careful :-) one day I may decide to go :-)

      seriously, Bahrain GP is getting lots of good press recently as a well organized GP, sounds tempting

      • OsamaNo Gravatar says:

        no problem! Let me know in advance next year, I can arrange some exclusive passes for you wolf! Not guaranteed, but a big possibilty :D

  4. JRNo Gravatar says:

    Anybody know which drivers are definitely running KERS this weekend and what cars have “interim” diffusers?

    Has Ferrari or Red Bull changed there aerodynamics at all since the season start?

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      Ferrari were running KERS on one of the cars yesterday, McLaren I believe as well and both BMWs. I am not sure about others

      Force India have new floor and diffuser for Bahrain GP, McLaren brought some more updates and should have them on both cars. That is as much as I managed to catch yesterday


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