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The senior figures representing all 10 (yes, all ten, including yet to be named team) current F1 team revealed today at press conference in Geneva the ideas for F1 future that the The Formula One Teams Association (FOTA) came up with. Before I mention any of the FOTA proposals here is the first from the Key Findings Of Global Audience Survey also conducted by FOTA:

1. F1 isn’t broken, so beware ‘over-fixing’ it

Now, here are the key proposals presented today by FOTA. While some I think are fine (the proposed new points system, more data available to audience and media or mandatory autograph sessions during GPs for example) some seem to be trying to fix the things that need no fixing … A point for fastest pit stop ? Come on … I also can’t say I am in favour of shorter races. Here is the list:



– More than 100% increase in mileage per engine (eight engines per driver per season)
– Reduction in wind tunnel and CFD (computational fluid dynamics) usage
– Engine available at EUR8 million per team per season


– Engine available at EUR5 million per team per season
– Gearbox available at EUR1.5 million per team per season
– Standardised KERS (put out to tender, with a target price of EUR1-2 million per team per season)
– Target a further 50% reduction of the 2009 aerodynamic development spend
– Specified number of chassis, bodywork and aerodynamic development iterations (homologations) during the season
– Prohibition of a wide range of exotic, metallic and composite materials
– Standardised telemetry and radio systems



– Testing reduction (50%)
– New points-scoring system (12-9-7-5-4-3-2-1), to give greater differentiation/reward to grand prix winners
– Race starting fuel loads, tyre specifications and refuelling data to be made public


– Commitment to recommend new qualifying format
– Radical new points-scoring opportunities (eg, one constructors’ championship point to be awarded for the fastest race pit stop)
– Further testing reductions (four four-day single-car pre-season tests plus one single-car pre-season shakedown)
– Reduction of grand prix duration (250km or a maximum of one hour 40 minutes) pending the approval of the commercial rights holder



– Increased data provision for media
– Explore means by which the presentation of Formula One action can be more informatively and dynamically presented, common to other sports such as tennis and cricket, to dramatically improve engagement with the public
– Nominated senior team spokesman available for TV during grand prix
– Commitment to enhance consumer experience via team and FOTA websites
– Mandatory driver autograph sessions during grand prix weekends


– Commitment to enhance consumer experience via TV coverage

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  1. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    Testing!! Will we have in season testing??? :)

  2. TimmieNo Gravatar says:

    Why points for fastest pit stop? Why not make it for the fastest lap or the fastest qualifying time??? Who cares about the fastest pit stop point????

    I agree and happy for an adjustment to the points system, but they didn’t really make it enough to change anything majorly did they? Could have also increased it a little more and extended the points to the top ten especially when as they say from next year we will have ten or eleven teams racing so more points should be awarded and a definite increase of the gap for first place win, then scale it down to top ten for one point each
    So would be 15-12-9-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. That way consistency does have a play BUT a win will still gain you a decent points boost and ensure a “race” for the win??

    I definitely disagree with a reduction of race length…unless they are going to bring in a sprint race as well, though i see this as useless in the F1 arena. I would have thought increasing the race would have been better. But that won’t really work with their push to ban refuelling for next year which again i find the stupidest idea ever!!! That would just suck if they did that! lol

    Overall plenty more to agree on that disagree with and it is definitely a step in the right direction, though i think more could have been done still and a better thought on the things they are changing which don’t need changing, as they said at the top we don’t need to over-fix something that is working!!!!

  3. Jose ArellanoNo Gravatar says:

    For the shorter races i think i agree, beacuase i have a feeling that the drivers would driver with a lot of more eager in a shorter race, than in a large one… and in countrys where you have a limited tv time coverage, you could see more apart from the race, previous and post race stuff.. and i think i would be good for newcomers so they can understand the sport better…..

    For qualy i think we all agree that a perfect blinding fast lap with almost no fuel is what differences a very fast driver from the others. and thats what we want to see!

    Theres another thing nobody has said for tv coverage. but when i watch races in speed latin america i get veeery desperate to see how low the volume of the engines is! and how the commentators are just talking in such a dull manner, that makes is veeeery boring (not for me coz im watching live timing) but for any newcomer i would be very boring,, because you only see the cars but you dont hear them and that doesnt make sense the speed… if you dont hear them they look slow… anyway, i think ANYTHING that would improve the SENSE OF SPEED the cars have, to the tv. would make a much much better spectale… (closer cameras or i dont know, what do you guys think ??

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      anyway, i think ANYTHING that would improve the SENSE OF SPEED the cars have, to the tv. would make a much much better spectale…

      the main thing that makes me going to F1 races is that feeling of raw power you get when those cars go by. and you are right, the TV coverage is very good in eliminating that feeling and I am sure not only in Latin America. I do hope that FOM will listen to FOTA and the fans and will something to improve our experiences in front of TVs. First I hope we can soon watch F1 in high definition, then perhaps an option to mute the commentators and getting only the sounds of the racing.

      and in countrys where you have a limited tv time coverage, you could see more apart from the race, previous and post race stuff.. and i think i would be good for newcomers so they can understand the sport better…..

      I haven’t thought about this aspect of shorter F1 races and I think you are making a valid point here. but on the other hand you also have people who pay big money for race tickets, sitting in one spot for the entire distance of the race. these people only see the cars when they pass by. the shorter the race distance, the less laps, the less chance to see the cars, the less value for money. I read recently an article on the classic races in Europe – Monza and Spa – and which one to go to if you are to choose. One of the reasons why Monza may be better value for money is that the track is shorter, the cars do more laps and as a visitor to the race you get to see them more – Spa 44 laps, Monza 53 laps

      I am preparing a post with my thoughts on the results of the FOTA survey, should be up later this weekend

      Here it is: FOTA’s Global Audience Survey findings vs. FOTA ideas

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