Jerez test March 2009 – Day 2 – Alonso fastest

The final test before the start of 2009 F1 season continued for the second day in Jerez. Rubens Barrichello, Jenson Button, Fernando Alonso, Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton were in action today. For most of the day the fastest car on track was Brawn. First Rubens Barrichello smashed through the 1:19s barrier with 1:18.398, almost a second faster than his fastest time on Sunday. Jenson Button took over the Brawn GP car for the later in the afternoon and quickly set second fastest time of the day (at that time) – 1:18.892. But then with only minutes left on the clock Fernando Alonso ended his winter testing season with the quickest time of the day – 1:18.343 (qualifying simulation run). Where did that come from ?

Earlier Jenson Button caused a red flag, his day lasted for 12 laps only. Nico Rosberg was the busiest driver today with 123 laps.

The previous best lap time in Jerez this winter was Vettel’s 1:19.055s set two weeks ago.

Jerez test times March 16, 2008:

1. Alonso – Renault – 1:18.343 – 99 laps
2. Barrichello – Brawn GP – 1:18.398 +0.055 – 62 laps
3. Button – Brawn GP – 1:18.892 +0.549 – 12 laps
4. Hamilton – McLaren – 1:19.513 +1.170 – 85 laps
5. Rosberg – Williams – 1.19.783 +1.440 – 123 laps

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  1. arun sriniNo Gravatar says:

    anyone who had doubts with ross’s abilities and those who said he couldn’t deliver in his 2nd innings in formula 1 should take back their comments. They are clearly showing blitzkrieg speeds, going to be a pain in the back to many a front runners this season. Go brawn gp. Hoping mclaran solve their woes so lewis wont bury his head in shame this season for getting vindicated to the thought that he won because of the team and not the other way. Or may be better put, the car won. ;-

  2. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    I had serious doubts in their performance for this next season, given that they would be in a worse economical situation than Williams for example it is expected they would difficulty reach the “midfielders”. And I was very worried that such team with unstable results would make shake the direction and staff, again.

    The car’s launch is as important as the evolutions of it during the season and it is reaching a good level of speed and reliability.
    Nowadays having enough money for a year is just enough for a year, it’s then needed a way to spend wisely the resources and evolve the car while creating the blueprints of the next year’s car, bring some sponsorship in would help but they haven’t a single technical partner at their side, the team is still far from an easy situation to battle for the best results still.

    Kotenoks last blog post..Jerez test March 2009 – Day 2 – Alonso fastest

  3. bmwf1guyNo Gravatar says:

    I’m baffled by the Brawn speed and I can’t believe it is only light fuel loads or q trim. Doing that all day wouldn’t be productive.

    I guess Fernando said it’s about time to show what they have even if it was in q trim. This season is really tough to call and I remain shocked by McLaren.

    bmwf1guys last blog post..BMW Sauber is KERS Race Ready

    • SarahNo Gravatar says:

      I guess it all pans out if you take the fact that Honda did improve last year to the extent that they gained a podium and Brawn was supposed to deliver in 2009

      • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

        well, Honda’s podium had little to do with Honda’s improvement. It was combination of Barrichello’s skills and good luck in the wet race :-) I think on contrary, it all comes down to Brawn deciding to give up on 2008 season before it even started and focus right away on 2009. The poor results in 2008 probably also played part in Honda’s decision to pull the plug on F1 but as a result, Brawn has his own team and much better engine :-)

  4. TimmieNo Gravatar says:

    Definitely a tough decision for the start of the season ahead!

    Will be keeping a close eye on everything in Melbourne for sure in hope for some idea of the pecking order for 2009.

    Renault finally show some pace, even though in qualifying trim. Hopefully they keep that pace going, though wish the car was a different colour still, lol, So hard to look at it!

  5. SarahNo Gravatar says:

    Sorry for missing this little box earlier…Looks like Alonso is getting back on track after that first mishap in the first session. But do you think he will be able to sustain the momentum, come race day? Who is the best bet for Oz? This season sort of looks different than last year, too many mysterious blocks in the puzzle.

  6. F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

    I think this time it was more about Alonso than about the car. But Alonso does need the very best car to win, we could see that in 2005, 2006 and to certain extent towards the end of 2008 season too. Hm … whom to pick as 2009 champ, whom to pick :-)

  7. PuneetNo Gravatar says:

    This all just gets more interesting by the day, doesn’t it. Only a week or so until Melbourne – can’t wait !!!

  8. PuneetNo Gravatar says:

    Neat splashed together test rig on the back of the Mclaren’s diffusor,, is that where all the issues are?

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