Brawn GP BGP001 hits track, Ross Brawn talks about the team

The same day the takeover of Honda F1 by Ross Brawn has been announced Jenson Button took the new Mercedes powered BGP001 to the Silverstone track for shakedown. The team has released some photos – click here to view. The car is rather disappoitingly all white with some touches of black and flourescent yellow. There are some rumours flying around the web that the final livery will be metallic blue with red and white touches but I am not sure based on what those rumours are founded. This is what Ross Brawn had to say when asked about the livery:

We are very pleased with the new livery, which was designed for simplicity to reflect our current position at the inception of Brawn GP. Black and white seemed a natural place to start and the fluorescent yellow gives it a more striking touch of visibility. It’s very different to any other car on the grid.

Frankly I do not see any hint the livery will change before the season begins…

The livery at the moment does not sport any sponsor logos other than the compulsory Bridgestone logos. There were also no logos visible on Jenson Button’s helmet.

When it comes to the car itself I must say the car looks rather nice even when viewed from the front. We may get some first ideas about how good the car is next week when the team joins the others in Bacelona for testing. But for me it would be up there with Ferrari, Red Bull and McLaren among the best looking 2009 F1 cars.

Here is what Ross Brawn had to say about their plans for the near future:

“We have conducted an initial shakedown of the car at Silverstone today and both the car and team are now heading to Barcelona where we will participate in the full team test at the Circuit de Catalunya on 9-12 March. Later next week we will head down to Jerez in Spain for a further three day test on 15-17 March. We obviously have a significant test programme to work through and this will require our full focus.”

“The biggest hurdle we faced was being in a position to race in Melbourne and we will now be able to achieve that target. Initially we may experience some reliability issues resulting from the lack of track testing but we feel we have a good car and we hope that our performance will be respectable. We are confident in the fundamental design principle of our car and look forward to the opportunity to develop it further as the season progresses.”

Ross Brawn also made clear who owns the team:

“Quite simply, I have purchased the team from Honda. As the owner I will continue to be supported by the incumbent management team, who have worked closely with me throughout the sale process and will continue to do so in the future.”

I am not sure how much should we read into this, but the name Nick Fry again did not come up …

See here the BrawnGP photogallery

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  1. TSJNo Gravatar says:

    I hope they get some sponsors soon so we do not get a midseason collaps Super Aguri-style.
    But I agree, it is a rather good looking car, albeit the paint scheme is rather plain. I hope that it is an indication of them using more time on the cars performance and having to throw some paint together in the last minute.

  2. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    How they didn’t manage to hide the rear suspension??? Well, I do not imagine the thinking brains of Brawn GP are less smart than they were when were working for Honda F1 Racing, but seems the car’s quality is good but with some surprising spots as the simple rear end, such visible rear suspension won’t help them much on terms of aerodynamic performance. In the other hand, font wing’s and nosecone design seems to me interesting, I’ve didn’t imagine someone coming out with that combination until they did.

    I wouldn’t give that car not a bad mark at all, 3 over 5, we will see how fast it is when running the 10 teams together :)

    • TimmieNo Gravatar says:

      Red Bull didn’t “hide” their rear suspension, though for obviously different reasons with the whole change to the push/pull rod compared to other racers.

      Car does look interesting design wise.

      Paint job…unlikely to change much between now and Melbourne really, but hopefully some sponsors and wouldn’t mind seeing a little more use of the black and fluoro yellow on the car as there is definitely way too much white!

      Only a small complaint really and in the end just bloody happy that they are still alive and kicking and will be on the grid in Melbourne!

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