Barcelona test March 2009 – Day 3 – with images

The pre season test in Barcelona continued with day three. The fastest time of the day belongs to Jenson Button who early in the afternoon session posted few very quick laps. His best time 1:19.127 is also the fastest time of the week so far. Whether today’s Button’s time was on empty fuel tank or not it is obvious the Brawn GP car is quick. No other driver this week made it below 1m20s. Second quickest today was Felipe Massa in Ferrari about a second behind. Lewis Hamilton crashed his McLaren damaging the car however he returned back to action later on. His best time was 2.53s slower then Button’s. The busiest drivers of the day were Sebastien Buemi with 140 and Jenson Button with 124 laps. (images from today in the article)

Barcelona test times – March 11, 2009

1. J. Button – Brawn GP – 1:19.127 – 124 laps
2. F. Massa – Ferrari – 1:20.168 +1.041 – 109 laps
3. R. Kubica – BMW Sauber – 1:20.217 +1,090 – 109 laps
4. T. Glock – Toyota – 1:20.410 +1.283 – 99 laps
5. F. Alonso – Renault – 1:20.863 +1.736 – 107 laps
6. S. Vettel – Red Bull – 1:21.165 +2.038 – 102 laps
7. N. Rosberg – Williams – 1:21.324 +2.197 – 89 laps
8. G. Fisichella – Force India – 1:21.545 +2.418 – 97 laps
9. S. Buemi – Toro Rosso – 1:21.569 +2.442 – 140 laps
10. L Hamilton – McLaren – 1:21.657 +2,530 – 82 laps

And here are the lap times from the morning session:

1. F. Massa – Ferrari – 1:20.168 – 21 laps
2. J. Button – Brawn GP – 1:20.313 +0.145 – 86 laps
3. F. Alonso – Renault – 1:20.863 +0.695 – 64 laps
4. T. Glock – Toyota – 1:21.046 +0.878 – 69 laps
5. S. Vettel – Red Bull – 1:21.165 +0.997 – 49 laps
6. R. Kubica – BMW Sauber – 1:21.201 +1.033 – 52 laps
7. N. Rosberg – Williams – 1:21.482 +1.314 – 30 laps
8. G. Fisichella – Force India – 1:21.545 +1.377 – 51 laps
9. S. Buemi – Toro Rosso – 1:21.569 +1.401 – 59 laps
10. L Hamilton – McLaren – 1:21.657 +1.489 – 49 laps

Midway through the morning session the fastes time goes to Jenson Button in Brawn GP was the fastest driver out there, followed by Timo Glock in Toyota and Fernando Alonso in Renault about 7 tenths back. Lewis Hamilton focusesed on pit stop practice early in the session before going for race simulation later in the day. Felipe Massa’s Ferrari stopped on the track after only 8 laps, and spent better part of the morning in the garage. Lewis Hamilton has already added MBE to his name on the car.

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  1. F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

    I have to laugh when I see how Google handles translation of F. Massa from Dutch to English :-)

    F Bulk

  2. Cruz GonzalezNo Gravatar says:

    Brawn´s pace, a prove of enthusiasm and good planning!

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:


      this may explain it:

      As a guest of Her Majesty The Queen, Lewis visited Buckingham Palace in London today to be officially awarded an MBE. While the announcement was first made in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours List back in December, Lewis joined around 120 others as Her Majesty officially oversaw the investiture in the Palace’s State Ballroom this morning.

  3. TimmieNo Gravatar says:

    Interesting to see the Brawn GP cars being that quick and going well. It also posted a time under the qualifying time of Raikkonen at that track last year, so it’s quick!

    Really wondering about Mclaren though, and well i just want this season to start so i can know what the hell everyone is doing!!! lol

    • Cruz GonzalezNo Gravatar says:

      This is what Briatore claims about Brawn´s surprising peace:
      Briatore also warned observers not to read too much into this week’s test times. “If you have no sponsors for your car, you come here to make big lap times. Otherwise you focus on the preparation of your machine,” he said.

      Refered to the article where he claims some illegal cars in the tests. It could be a tactical movement to get sponsors, using illegal elements in the free tests and then slowing their performance in the race once they have installed the legal ones?

      • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

        “If you have no sponsors for your car, you come here to make big lap times. Otherwise you focus on the preparation of your machine,”

        Braitore may be partially right but still, if the Brawn car was not good it would not be able to post that sort of times as it did yesterday. moreover, according to Ross Brawn’s own admission, they do not really need sponsors this year (they have enough money from Honda and Ecclesstone for 2009 season). Of course they would not turn sponsors down if they come along but their main focus is to secure the team’s future for 2010 and beyond. And I think even Ross Brawn knows that big bucks will be attracted by their performaces during the season not by one or two blinding laps during testing

        And we should not forget, Honda has been working on what has became Brawn GP BGP001 for about 15 months, much longer than any other team.

        as far as the illegal elements are concerned, I do not think Briatore is referring to Brawn team. I think his case is against the rear diffusers used by Toyota and Williams but it is possible that he spotted also something on Brawn car

        • TimmieNo Gravatar says:

          Agreed with the point that Briatore is only picking on the Toyota and Williams.

          Apparently on Day 3 of tetsing Whiting was out doing some checks of the Toyota and Williams Diffusers, plus the skate wings on the Williams and some fins that BMW have on their car as well…

          I tend to believe that Briatores biggest problem is that his design staff don’t think outside of the box like other teams and thinks that because his team didn’t use half a brain and think of ways to “bend” or get around the rules legally, that it should be changed to suit his team, who apparently are rule following angels…(yeah right!).
          It’s all kinda like his grievances over the engines. Honestly, does anybody really believe that other teams were “updating” their engines through the season, or that they were illegal? Especially seeing as the top teams were all scrutineered to check this exact issue and all passed. Briatore ended up getting his own way and scored the opportunity to “fix” his renault engine, which in real terms wasn’t anybody elses fault but Renaults!

          I hope that the direction that Williams and Toyota have gone with their diffusers is deemed totally legal and we get on with racing and Briatore just learns to deal with it when another team builds a better car! It all really has to do with his team getting the damper banned from their car back at the end of 2006. Turned Briatore into a bit of a design nazi me thinks!

          • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

            perhaps the mass damper issue from 2006 still haunts them

            F1 always was about bending the the rules or push to the very limit. I am actually very surprised that a guy like Briatore talks this way. I would have expected them to learn a lesson after their frozen engine fiasco. They simply had to expect everybody will be following the rule – what is not specifically banned is allowed until ruled otherwise

  4. […] the time sheets for better part of day 1, Rubens Barrichello posted 3rd fastest time on day 2. On day 3 Button was quickest out there and the only one with the time in 1:19s. And then on the final day Rubens went even better pushing […]

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