Attempt to rank the F1 teams after Barcelona test

Giancarlo Fisichella and Force India VJM02 during Barcelona test

Giancarlo Fisichella and Force India VJM02 during Barcelona test

There is a bit of calm following the days of Barcelona testing. We will not have another chance to see all 10 teams on track together until the Friday practice for Australian GP (only Williams, Brawn, Renault and McLaren will test in Jerez next week) so let’s make an attempt to rank the teams ahead of 2009 season. Here is my ranking, how I see the teams at the moment:

1. Brawn
2. BMW Sauber
3. Ferrari
4. Toyota
5. Renault
6. Red Bull
7. Williams
8. McLaren
9. Toro Rosso
10. Force India

Brawn GP appears to be a bit ahead of the BMW Sauber, Ferrari and Toyota trio. I placed BMW Sauber in (close) second however as I suspect that same as last year they are yet to show they true pace.

I see Renault and Red Bull as the best of the rest, closely followed by Williams. McLaren seems to be at the moment a bit behind all of these teams.

The bottom positions in my post-Barcelona ranking go to Toro Rosso and Force India.

How would your ranking look based on what we had chance to see so far ?

Photo: Force India F1

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  1. KiteboardingNo Gravatar says:

    I would ranking this as
    1. Toyota
    3. BMW Sauber
    4. Brawn
    5. Renault
    6. Red Bull
    7. Williams
    8. McLaren
    9. Toro Rosso
    10. Force India

  2. seskuNo Gravatar says:

    my prediction for the end of the season

    toro rosso
    force india

    and my prediction for melbourne:

    point scorer- brawn,william,toyota

    seskus last blog post..Kisah Mat Saleh,Melayu,Bangla & Indon

  3. AbhiNo Gravatar says:

    Top 5 Team of the year 2009 Are

    2. BMW

    I Dont Care About the Rest

    Tough Competition will be seen between Ferrari and BMW
    MCLaren Can be history

  4. Aaron MullanNo Gravatar says:

    My prediction for 09 is

    6.Red Bull
    9.Toro Rosso
    10.Force India

    I think Lewis Hamilton will be battling with Kubica and Raikonnen for the title but if Brawn GP are as quick as they were at Barcelona then Button will probably be in the mix but I think that isn’t their true race pace.

    My prediction for the drivers is

    1.Lewis Hamilton
    2.Robert Kubica
    3. Kimi Raikonnen
    4.Filipe Massa
    5.Fernando Alonso
    6.Sebastien Vettel

    Fingers crossed Lewis will be the first British driver to retain the Championship.

    Go Lewis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. TimmieNo Gravatar says:

    My pick for the current pecking order is;

    1.BMW Sauber – I agree that they are going with their usual pre-season form of sandbagging and are quietly confident of coming out on top in race trim over the likes of Ferrari and Brawn GP)
    2.Toyota – For once have shown excellent pace and race trim times, hoping for once that they show they have what it takes!
    3.Red Bull – In the hand of Vettel i think they are fast enough. Webber gets them good points and they are a risk to the big names!
    4.Ferrari – Again, there cars in race trim are going to very quick, maybe outdone in qualifying, could be a bit of a downfall.
    5.Brawn GP – Such solid pace out of the box, even if they are running light, there times are quicker than everybody else by a nice margin, have a good chance of points.
    6.Williams – Could be placed higher as i think they are quick but not proven enough for me yet. I hope they go well!
    7.Renault – I think they still have a few car issues to iron out but will be quick come race day, Other teams have looked better than them all pre-season testing though.
    8.McLaren – Definite issues, though i think will be quick before too long. In Melbourne though, not much hope for them.
    9.Torro Rosso – I rank them quite low here, but with the same design as Red Bull and a Ferrari engine, could turn heads on race day.
    10.Force India – There engine is the strongest point for this team, word is the car us slippery and struggles a bit in the corners.

    Well thats my pick and reasons why anyway! By the end of the season, the order will definitely be different, in fact after Melbourne my choice and order will probably be very different also! Heres hoping for a good season!

  6. Paul BrewerNo Gravatar says:

    I agree Brawn are number 1 at the moment and I still think the other teams may have just made a big mistake with Kers, this year. I think that’s the real reason that Brawn are ahead, and it was an issue brought up by several people last year, is that because Kers takes away ballast on the cars it could act as a hindrance on most circuits. The Brawn has no Kers and it’s not been designed to take it either. Maybe Kers will mean that the cars running it have an extra 10KPH down the straight, but if the Brawn is 20 seconds down the road, it doesn’t matter. I also think that everyone forgets Brawn was developed as a fully fledged works car, yes it’s a tiny minnow now, but they had over a year of top dollar development into that car, they actually stopped work on the 2008 car before the 2008 season started, a luxury neither Mclaren or Ferrari or anyone else had. The only surprise for me is that more F1 fans are surprised they’re fast.

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  8. bmwf1guyNo Gravatar says:

    I will try this

    1. Ferrari
    2. BMW Sauber
    3. Brawn
    4. Renault
    5. Toyota
    6. Red Bull

    BMW Sauber sandbagging it? Who knows, but when Nick Heidfeld was asked about this, he said he wouldn’t answer that question.

    bmwf1guys last blog post..Thoughts on BMW Sauber After Testing

  9. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    For me Williams did much better than expected, it doesn’t matter much the speed showed by them (actually it has), the car didn’t have any failures :) But I can’t top them in my rank, too unfair…

    1. Ferrari
    2. Toyota F1 Team
    3. Brawn GP
    4. BMW Sauber
    5. ATT Williams F1 Team
    6. ING Renault F1
    7. Red Bull Racing
    9. Scuderia Toro Rosso
    10. Force India F1

    I do not know the ending results for now, I’m not an F1 guru :P But this are the results from the testing days during the pre-season. This rank may change a lot, and it will be interesting to look back for it.

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