2009 Formula 1 Season Countdown – 20 Days To Go


The gap between now and Australian GP is smaller than the gap between Hungarian and European GPs this summer. We have only 20 days to go.

The last 10 days were rather eventful, the most important is that we finally know that there will be 20 cars lining up on the grid in Melbourne and all the drivers have been confirmed.

The biggest question has been answered – the former Honda team has been saved (for now), taken over by Ross Brawn and renamed to Brawn GP. Both Rubens Barichello and Jenson Button keep their race seats for 2009 season. On the day of the announcement the team took to the Silverstone track for initial shakedown revealing rather simple sponsorless livery but at the same time no a bad looking car.

Williams revealed their final 2009 livery, Force India their 2009 car – the Mercedes powered VJM02. That means the only 2009 Formula 1 car we are yet to see is Toro Rosso (due on March 9).

Bridgestone told us about the tyre compounds and tyre markings for 2009 season.

The teams were also busy testing. Some conducted their private tests but all the attention focused to Jerez where all the teams except Toro Rosso and Brawn were present. Five days of testing, four different cars finished the day on top of the timesheets – Vettel, Glock, Alonso and Heidfeld while Ferrari finished every day with second fastest time (except the rainy Tuesday when they decided not to run). If four different teams finished at the top the same can be said about the very bottom – Toyota, Force India, Williams and Renault.

Here are the best times from last week of testing (on different days):

1) Sebastian Vettel – Red Bull – 01:19.055
2) Timo Glock – Toyota – 01:19.814
3) Fernando Alonso – Renault – 01:19.945
4) Nick Heidfeld – BMW Sauber – 01:20.052
5) Felipe Massa – Ferrari – 01:20.238
6) Kimi Räikkönen – Ferrari – 01:20.250
7) Heikki Kovalainen – McLaren – 01:20.535
8 ) Adrian Sutil – Force India – 01:20.621
9) Kazuki Nakajima – Williams – 01:20.948
10) Robert Kubica – BMW Sauber – 01:21.069
11) Lewis Hamilton – McLaren – 01:21.272

It is interesting that McLaren keep reverting to the 2008 specs rear wing during testing. While they do have had their share of troubles during testing I suspect they are keeping their cards very close to their chest …

FOTA revealed their roadmap for F1 and among other things recommended immediate change to F1 point scoring system. Their proposals were based on the findings of the global audience survey that they published as well.

The countdown will return in 10 days time with the last installment.

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  1. BratwurstNo Gravatar says:

    Honestly, I can’t wait for the season to start! It will be interesting to see who will be at the top of Formula 1 in 2009, especially with the new rule modifications.

    Oh and it is also good to see Barichelo is still in F1. I know not many people like him, and he is usually joked about where I was born (Brazil), but hes still a good guy, in my opinion.

    Till then,


    Bratwurst Recipess last blog post..Sausage and egg casserole

  2. EnragedtitanNo Gravatar says:

    I can’t wait to see the new cars get into action myself. I will be seeing Formula One on the Speed Channel and sometimes on Fox. I was relieved of Hamilton’s championship win in 2008 despite all those situations he had to face in Spain. Formula One is a sport that I wouldn’t mind anyone entering, especially if you enjoy high speed in your system. It will be so sad that I won’t see Canada or France sponsor a race this year due to economic problems. I have seen the new the model for the Maclaren Mercedes two months ago. It’s very hot looking and is built for race cars with no ASM or TCS. I’m also glad there are more choices for tires. Let’s just hope the new rules doesn’t cause chaos for the new season.

  3. TimmieNo Gravatar says:

    Can’t wait for the season to kick off.

    Testing is the usual, doesn’t tell anybody anything as to who has the edge. Some teams run light, others run heavy or sandbag their test times. McLaren are running very differently to everyone else with the 2008 wing, which seems weird, but must have their reasons. (i do point out they have run two or three different configurations already for the rear wing).

    Torro Rosso can’t see looking much different, though that is a good thing as i like the Bull on that car!

    So far so good for all the changes that have been made, lets hope it creates closer racing and a great season.

    Can’t wait to get down to Melbourne and see these cars in action first hand!


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