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Synthroid And Vitamin A, The announcement this morning (or last night, depending where you live) of Honda F1 takeover by Ross Brawn's Brawn GP and confirmation of Rubens Barrichello and Jenson Button that came with it filled the final blank fields in the 2009 Formula 1 driver line up. Here it is:


You can see here the helmets drivers will be using in 2009 F1 season (not yet complete)

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  1. nieuweNo Gravatar says:

    So can someone put them in a ranking system for best driver to worst.?. You know like hamilton 1 as he is current champ. Massa 2 Kubi 3etc etc ???? Even if it’s only the betting odds on them, just curious where drivers are rated …

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      That would always be only matter of opinion :-) . I had a driver of ther year poll here after 2008 season and the title went to Fernando Alonso. The complete “rankings” can be seen here:

      Ok, no need to click :-) , here is the ranking created by readers of this site. Naturally as most people voted for the best driver only the further down the table the more skewed the results are:

      FERNANDO ALONSO (304 pts)
      Lewis Hamilton (265 pts)
      Felipe Massa (197 pts)
      Robert Kubica (174 pts)
      Sebastian Vettel (147 pts)
      Kimi Raikkonen (59 pts)
      Rubens Barrichello (22 pts)
      Mark Webber (16 pts)
      Nelson Piquet (9 pts)
      David Coulthard (7 pts)
      Timo Glock (6 pts)
      12th – 13th
      Giancarlo Fisichella, Adrian Sutil (5 pts)
      14th -15th
      Heikki Kovalainen, Jenson Button (4 pts)
      Kazuki Nakajima (3 pts)
      17th – 20th
      Jarno Trulli, Sebastien Bourdais, Nico Rosberg, Nick Heidfeld (2 pts)

      • TimmieNo Gravatar says:

        Kinda funny (and i know it is skewed) that people actually voted Nelson Piquet as a good driver, seeing as he was terrible!!

        Kovalainen got less votes than i thought we would have too….

  2. kaushalNo Gravatar says:

    you also have the no. 13 syndrome? thats why 21 cars instead of 20

    kaushals last blog post..First image of Brawn GP livery BGP001

  3. nieuweNo Gravatar says:

    Good to see Kubica up there in 4th, I really hope BMW have sorted it out this year and get that top 1 or 2 spot…

  4. [...] 2009 F1 grid has been finalized and here are the logos of all 10 teams that will participate in 2009 Formula One Championship. [...]

  5. PaulSNo Gravatar says:

    Looking forward to an exciting season. Congrats to Ross and all Involved with BrawnGP. Best of luck to you all.

  6. [...] The last 10 days were rather eventful, the most important is that we finally know that there will be 20 cars lining up on the grid in Melbourne and all the drivers have been confirmed. [...]

  7. It’s great to see that there are 21 cars in the F1 field, I wish there were more but as the economy is real bad right now, so it could be worse!

  8. TimmieNo Gravatar says:

    Good to see continuity in the majority of teams (McLaren, Ferrari, BMW, Renault, Toyota, Williams, Brawn GP and Force India), they each have strong line ups for 2009, the exception being Renault with Piquet, this is a make or break year for him, and if he is failing again early, i wouldn’t be surprised if he gets replaced before the season ends.

    Technically Red Bull only changed one driver of four, but they have strengthened their number one team with Vettell moving to Red Bull, if the car holds up , they should have a great year.

    In other team, Torro Rosso, i hope that Bourdais blows away Buemi, and shows that he deserver to be here this year. Buemi being the only rookie this year has a lot of work for and i believe his bench mark is Piquet more than anybody else is he can outgun him and Nakajima then he maes the cut. If not….it’s all over.

    Drivers to watch this year will be the match up at Red Bull between Webber and Vettell.
    The battle for the championship is likely to be Ferrari and McLaren, but i would throw in BMW for a chance to have a contender for the World Champion.

    Teams like Renault and Red Bull, maybe even Toyota i rank as favourites to collect some wins over than the big three this year.

    And Force India and Brawn GP to fight it out for last place.

    Of course i say all this and who knows what will happen with the rule changes this year and everything that has been going on!

    I do have the question of when was the last time we had a year of only one rookie debuting??? or less?

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      I do have the question of when was the last time we had a year of only one rookie debuting??? or less?

      my guess would be “never” same as I can’t rememember a year when no team made any drivers changes like last year (not counting Super Aguri drivers who became jobless). but will need to do some research to confirm my guess :-)

2013 Teams and Drivers

Red Bull
1. Sebastian VETTEL
3. Fernando ALONSO
4. Felipe MASSA
5. Jenson BUTTON
6. Sergio PEREZ
8. Romain GROSJEAN
10. Lewis HAMILTON
12. Esteban GUTIEREZ
Force India
14. Paul di RESTA
15. Adrian SUTIL
16. Pastor MALDONADO
17. Valtteri BOTTAS
Toro Rosso
18. Daniel RICCIARDO
19. Jean Eric VERGNE
20. Charles PIC
21. Giedo van der GARDE
24. Jules BIANCHI

2013 F1 Calendar

15-17 March - Australia
22-24 March - Malaysia
12-14 April - China
19-21 April - Bahrain
10-12 May - Spain
23-26 May - Monaco
07-09 June - Canada
28-30 June - Great Britain
5-7 July - Germany
26-28 July - Hungary
23-25 August - Belgium
06-08 September - Italy
20-22 September - Singapore
04-06 October - Korea
11-13 October - Japan
25-27 October - India
01-03 November - Abu Dhabi
15-17 November - USA
22-24 November - Brazil


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