Will Buemi make it in Toro Rosso ?


Sebastien Buemi will become the 5th Toro Rosso race driver since the team appeared on the grid in 2006. It will be interesting to watch what direction his Toro Rosso (and F1) carreer will take. People say that when there is a chance to race in F1 one has to grab as it may never ever come again. But grabbing the chance in wrong time in such an unforgiving team as Toro Rosso is may result in very short F1 career …

Vitantonio Liuzzi came to Red Bull as F3000 champion, Scott Speed after finishing 3rd in GP2, Sebastien Bourdais as F3000 champion and 4 times Champ Car champion. Still, they all had tough time with Toro Rosso…

Speed was almost dropped after his first season. He survived only to be dropped after 2007 European GP following his spin and some tense pitlane moments with Franz Tost. Vitantonio Liuzzi (despite being match for Vettel) lasted only half a season longer and had to make way for new guys – Speed’s replacement Sebastian Vettel and Sebastien Bourdais. Bourdais “rookie” year did not go well too (especially since the moment the STR-3 arrived) and there were serious doubts about his F1 future. The team again took their time and confirmed him for second season only about 2 weeks ago. I think it is safe to say he would not be there for second season if there was another driver with more money in the pocket…

Buemi is arriving in F1 following his 7th place in 2008 GP2 championship. He won two sprint races but hasn’t realy shined in the series. His best championship result to date is 2nd place in 2007 Formula Three Euroseries.

But, previous results in other categories may not mean that much. Sebastian Vettel hasn’t exactly won too many championships either (actually only one, German Formula BMW in 2004 if my information is correct) and yet he delivered first F1 win for Toro Rosso and many believe he is future F1 champion…

To see ad hear what Sebastien Buemi thinksclick here to watch the interview.

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  1. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    Tost is still there, yes, but without the help from Berger he can’t do much now… At this stage the team is completly ruled by RedBull. In the past, both Speed and Liuzzi were “fired” because never reaching the levels of performance which were awaited from them, and also because they faced the STR’s management with fully dumb manners… A fast summarize to all that, management directors from Scuderia Toro Rosso didn’t find in the both young promises from RedBull any qualities for being an elite driver (we all know the matters), and that was a big dilemma for RedBull’s brand and the Young Drivers Program. After, the results were that bad that somehow Berger and Tost could push to bring new drivers to the team, following the spectacular debut of a test driver called Vettel in BMW-Sauber. Speed passed to another category still without success and Liuzzi managed to find a test drive seat on Force India (I consider that a miracle). Bourdais joined Vettel, did nothing impressive while Vettel achieved the team’s best results ever.

    Back to the future, now we got Vettel in RBR and a newcomer in STR, this is Buemi. If he results to be an immature product of the Young Drivers Program from RedBull, this time there’s nobody who is going to push him out… Simply there’s a big interest to make this youngsters under RedBull’s formation to succeed, otherwise would mean a new failure of this expensive formation program along several series, Nowadays there’s no big margin of error with such big expenses, and if Buemi fails to adapt to his F1 car, this maybe could push to reconsider the support to young drivers (in the case of RedBull, they’re the ones which invest more on such formation flowed maybe by Mercedes and Renault). Considering that, my guess is that this time the team principals will be patient to get their results.

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  2. well me being a toro rosso fan i think his a great addition but i agree with keith when he said in other atricles he needed another year in gp2 he didnt really show pace hopefully in f1 he will show us what his all about as for the other seat well Button i dont think thats gonna happen Sato maybe to ressurect his career and bring in sponsors and dont get me wrong Bourdais great driver but he didnt quite cut it with me last season i know everyone is saying give him one more year to show what his got but i dont think so.


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