Honda looking “good”, A1 boss wants his own F1 team and USF1 to make announcement today


How rosy all the things may seem after reading today’s headlines.

According to Autosport’s sources Honda’s F1 future is “looking good” (Honda meaning the F1 team). Mercedes-Benz (the engine supplier to be) will hold on as long as it can to make the deal happen. And the deal is to be management buy out involving both Ross Brawn and Nick Fry (although other people’s reliable sources predicted otherwise approximately 24 hours ago).

There are now only hours left to the expected announcement of USF1 team. Peter Windsor himself revealed some information in his interview for Speed TV yesterday (see video here) and according to Joe Savard they (Windsor and Anderson) finally achieved their investment goals two weeks ago, and have the money to do what we want to do.

And as if we haven’t had enough new F1 team news already A1 boss Tony Teixeira revealed (to his plans to enter F1:

“I was one of the guys talking to Honda in the last two weeks. We had done a deal on Spyker, but I let Vijay (Mallya) take it….We then went to Toro Rosso in November and all the (other) teams said ‘no customer boss’ so I had to walk away. Today I’m in a completely different situation. I’ve built my own cars and designed my own chassis. I have my own factory. So I’m not a customer boss. I can now build my chassis and run with a Ferrari engine. I’m now the same as everyone else.”

He plans to locate his team near the Algarve Circuit in Portimao and he wants the A1 winners to make the step up to F1 through his planned team.

Hm… Honda to be saved for 2009, USF1 to enter in 2010, Teixeira’s team perhaps having similar idea (he however  is only saying he can’t commit to this year’s budget). All of a sudden we are talking about possibility of having 12 F1 teams in very near future.

Well, perhaps, but let’s first see if 10 teams can enter 2009 Championship and all the teams that enter this season also finish it …

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  1. TimmieNo Gravatar says:

    Agreed, lets wait and see how this season pans out.
    You got teams like Williams, who are running at a major loss for multiple years now. They really are on a make or break year, especially with the likelihood of RBS backing gone completely next year.
    Toyota even admitted at the launch that this year was a very important year in terms of a need of results, who knows what they will do, but i do think they will likely still be around.
    BMW have that whole rumour running that if they do achieve their goal this year of winning the championship that they will walk away from the sport as what else is there to do? (I don’t really see that one happening, you would believe they would at least defend the championship in the following year, wouldn’t you?)
    Torro Rosso, the second Red Bull team, need to be sold at some point, i don’t see Dietritch (lol ignore my bad spelling) holding on to that team forever, cost cutting has kept it viable for now, but he doesn’t want to hold on to it forever, maybe a return from Minardi could occur??
    If you surf around the many F1 news sites, many are depicting the impending doom of Honda sale this year and not its takeover, and that nothing good is forthcoming for them to even make the grid in Melbourne (though i do hope someone is around to pick them up!)
    Even Renault might be gone before long, i’m sure that they aren’t overly impressed with things at the moment, (they are French though! whinging comes easy for them) If Alonso goes (which he eventually will) they won’t have a marquee driver worth mentioning and with the need to find new sponsors again, it may all become too much for them too.
    Only team i can really see that are safe and won’t be leaving soon or Ferrari, Mercedes (who may eventually buy out McLarens stake), Red Bull and Force India. No one else is giving 100% certainty or close enough too like those teams are.

    Lol i love painting a bleak picture don’t i? Of course you will probably find that the majority of crap that gets posted in the world of F1 will be lies or false rumours and all teams will still be there in a year. My point of writing all this is that news these days, especially in the world of F1 in the past two years or so has been so convoluted with lies and truths that it is lamost impossible to make any sense of what is real or not. Too many people out there want only money and don’t care for the results or just want conspiracies and shocking stories that don’t relate to what F1 really should be about…..Racing!

    Anyways that’s my Wednesday morning rant, lol. Really want this season to hurry up and get underway so that we can finally see some action and hopefully see that everything that has been said over winter and all the changes actually work in favour for F1 and that God forbid, we can get through a season without some new stupid scandal that undermines again what a great couple of years F1 has been with two nice, close finishes to the championship.

  2. F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

    what makes you think Force India is safe ? :-)

    maybe it is time to make a poll how many teams will enter 2010 season :-)

    • TimmieNo Gravatar says:

      I think they are safe in the short term and more likely safer than any of the bigger manufacturing teams.
      No major reason really, i think they are more likely to boom in the coming years as the costs keep coming down, and of coruse the Indian Gp which is supposed to start up in 2011 i believe.
      My opinion of course, but i think it’s a good one! lol

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