Another USF1 Team Project ?


If we are to believe what Motorsport Total presents as their exclusive story we may see from 2010 season brand new USF1 team on Formula 1 grid. The team even has a website although the only thing on that website is the logo.

The original article reports that the people behind the USF1 team idea are Ken Anderson and Peter Windsor.


Ken Anderson has previous engineering F1 experience with Ligier and Onyx. He also designed successful IRL cars and recently worked in NASCAR with Haas/CNC Racing. Peter Windsor is a F1 journalist perhaps best known for his job as Editor of F1 Racing magazine. His F1 working experience includes work for Williams and Ferrari. He is also the voice we here during the F1 post race interviews.

The idea is said to be “Made in America” team, whatever that means. USF1 team is to be headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina with a subsidiary in Bilbao, Spain. Ken Anderson is (according to Autosport) also the part owner of the Wind Shear Inc. full scale, 180mph rolling road wind tunnel in North Carolina which has been used by F1 and NASCAR teams. Also according to Autosport there are indications the team plans to build their own chassis in North Carolina.

After seeing the logo only website I thought this news is just another rumour so I looked up the domain It has been registered via and the administrative and technical contact is Ken Anderson, Davidson, North Carolina, USA. It does look like there might be something brewing but i will believe only when we here from someone behind this idea. And I am not the only one who is sceptical about this story (at the moment, without knowing details) – see this article. No matter what however, if this works out it sure would be great news for all F1 fans and not only in the US.

I also can’t see how can an all US team work in F1. Japanese attempt did not work (Super Aguri), even Force India is far from being Indian team (the only Indian connections seem to be the owner and the Bollywood celebrities in the F1 paddock). But while we wait and see if this story is real or just another rumour we can at least speculate how could an all American team look – chassis design, engine supplier, drivers etc …

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  1. DankNo Gravatar says:

    So the going rate for an F1 team is expected to be ‘around’ $100 million in 2010? Who is going to help fund a brand new team in these economic doom-and-gloom times? I’d sooner pump my investment into Honda.

    Danks last blog post..Follow the Red Bullog on Twitter

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      … and besides Honda there is also Toro Rosso available … why would someone go after brand brand new team when there 2 on market. who knows, perhaps those behind the idea know something we don’t and perhaps they believe they can sell the idea of all US team for the right amount of money …

      a bit off topic – Mosley (FIA) has been quite vocal these days about pushing the cost down to $50 million a year.

  2. MarcNo Gravatar says:

    I’m not sure what to think of this report.

    With what is a turn-key operation (Honda F1) sitting waiting for a buyer why would someone start from scratch just for the sake of branding it “Made in America?

    On the other hand is the presence of Ken Anderson and the specter of the Windshear’s wind tunnel hovering over the entire story that might lend some credence to it.

    Marcs last blog post..Formula One Comes to North Carolina?

  3. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    That’s not breaking news, but I’m surprised. Whatever the directions of that deal will take, be sure, after seeing that published in several sources, be sure we will hear more about soon or later. But a F1 deal for 2010 needs to be announced almost immediately, and it’s pretty strange that we didn’t hear anything before, also to me is very curious that they do not take hand from the incredible facilities which are being offered by ex-Honda F1 team or the basic but rather good headquarters from STR. So in the background, may this mean there haven’t been such talks to buy them or these teams are somehow secured? We will know also someday, soon or later HEHE!

    Anyway, believe in a kind of far-far-away team work is complicated (proved by the Japanese guys!!), pretty annoying to me also that they choose Bilbao… The city is an industrial zone as we were talking about Manchester or Stuttgard, but thinking it twice…There are manufacturers related to the Basque Country, the main is Mercedes-Benz and component’s providers, but there’s nothing that makes me think that Mercedes could be a engine provider for that supposed F1 team entering 2010… Their technology centers however are in Germany.
    So talking about a serious candidate again, I can say that the region counts with a serious hi-performance cars manufacturer, Epsilon Euskadi (not exactly close to Bilbao, but 50 Km from there). Their biggest project is a Le Mans series car called FR3.5, which is a bullet on the track. Adding that their facilities are pretty impressive and ruled by one prestigious racing expert from Spain called Joan Villadelprat, the think could make sense, the Epsilon Euskadi team is said to possibly have the right facilities and the proper people to enter someday into F1.

    About the written names of Ken Anderson and Peter Windsor, everybody knows them, and they’re inside F1 more than people may think. But are they really that powerful to build an F1 team themselves? It makes sense also, but the actual financial status isn’t proper to begin anything alone, so there have to be a bunch of companies interested in it, if not a manufacturer. If the team wishes to be “made in America” thing, US brands would be currently their partnership and sponsorship. But if the team doesn’t matters, and it’s all about business, they should go for a worldwide perspective, including names from here and there to their project. I can’t be suspicious about which events will happen and which are the conditions of USF1, but all I can say is: “Welcome” – if they make it into the grid for 2010 -.

    Kotenoks last blog post..F1Wolf left a comment for azril deadman

  4. RaiderInBlue47No Gravatar says:


    We need some kind of an F1 connection over here. Team, GP, SOMETHING!

  5. mcw3No Gravatar says:

    Interestingly enough, also claimed they were the exclusive outlet for this story. I’m not sure from the translation, but it seems they were quite a few hours behind that claim. . .

  6. F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

    And here is what Max Mosley has to say:

    Mosley admitted the governing body had been approached by the American group looking to enter Formula One as USF1.

    The FIA boss said the team are to be taken seriously.

    “Yes, they have,” Mosley said when asked if the team had approached the FIA. “They are serious people but they are the same as everyone else, they need the costs to come down if they are to be competitive.

    “They are recommended by Nick Craw, our man in the States who knows a lot of people. You have to take it seriously.”

  7. zblkhwkNo Gravatar says:

    Its too early to make anything of this. Let them put together some of the critical pieces such as funding, engine, team directors and engineers and then we have something to talk about. I wish them the best! I would love to have an American F1 team!

    • KotenokNo Gravatar says:

      As for me it’s not early… IThey’re being late!! Building an F1 car and a whole factory in secret nowadays is already not possible, when Ken Tyrrell managed to do it he had a wooden hangar… This was pretty easy to hide from people, but when sponsoring is related nowadays it has to be posh and loud… Latest times it works so.
      But what I mean, these guys have to set an entire team in a year!!! That is a lot of work! And not just it, also design and build a car, even if the standarized components arrive for the next season a year in advance is very little time for such a big project. If this is for 2010 serious, soon or later we will get news about this all, but if not soon we can consider that candidate another vanished project.

      Kotenoks last blog post..F1Wolf left a comment for azril deadman

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