12 teams in 2010 ? Isn’t Max Mosley too optimistic ?

Max Mosley believes there can be 12 teams on the grid in 2010

Max Mosley believes there can be 12 teams on the grid in 2010

We were supposed to see 12 teams on the grid in 2008. But Prodrive never made it (because of the customer car rules), Super Aguri dropped out after only four races and barely a month after 2008 season ended Honda bowed out. F1 is facing 9 teams grid in 2009, Toro Rosso is for sale and there are doubts about long term commitment of some of the remaining manufacturers. Max Mosley however believes we will see the grid increased in 2010:

“I think we will have 12 (teams) in 2010. If we get the job done we will have 12 teams – it means independent engine and gearbox supplier at a sensible cost. Secondly decisions taken quickly and thirdly the commercial rights holder paying down to 12th place and also transport.”

Is that really possible in current economic climate ? Even if all the current manufacturers remain in F1 beyond 2009 season having full grid of 12 teams would require at least 3 new entrants (including new owners of Honda) and 4 in case Red Bull gets tired of funding 2 teams. Where would they come from ? Even if all the proposed cost cuts and budget caps are agreed on, any new team would still need at least EUR50 mil a year just to survive.

Mosley says the rumoured USF1 team should be taken seriously:

“They are serious people but they are the same as everyone else, they need the costs to come down if they are to be competitive. They are recommended by Nick Craw, our man in the States who knows a lot of people. You have to take it seriously.”

At the same time he believes the chances are “Honda” will be on the grid in Melbourne, he gives it 70% …

“I don’t have any inside knowledge but my feeling is that from all the circumstances it is more likely than not that they will be there but I would not put it higher than 70 percent. But I honestly cannot pretend I know. As far as we are concerned that team has an entry, they have not withdrawn their entry and they are fully entitled to turn up in Melbourne and race if they want to. If they want to change the name there is no reason why they shouldn’t. Talking to people around the thing they seem optimistic but they always are until the moment comes.”

So is Mosley realist or is he way too optimistic ? Can he keep all the manufacturers on the grid ? Can two other brand new teams (besides “Honda”) be created and can they build their own cars in only a year time ? Last time two new teams entered Formula One was back in 1994 (Simtek and Pacific). And that time the situation surely wasn’t the same as Mosley described these days:

“We are, how shall I put it, in a situation of force majeure. I have got a feeling that the available income will go down even faster than we can reduce the costs. If that turns out to be the case then there isn’t going to be a compromise because it is that way or no way. We had the meeting with FOTA on December 10, but the situation today is much worse than it was then. The car industry is like an airplane in a dive – everyone is waiting for it to pull out but so far there is no sign of it happening.”

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  1. Well, we should have had 12 last year, and if he hadn’t botched getting the customer cars regulations through we would have done.

    Keith Collantines last blog post..Max Mosley: five more years? (Poll)

  2. MarcNo Gravatar says:

    The spankings Max received, or continues to receive, has warped his frontal lobe.

    Marcs last blog post..What Will 75 Bucks and a Trip to the Market Get You?

  3. TimmieNo Gravatar says:

    Maybe, and it is a huge maybe in 2011 we could have a chance of 12 teams, but next year? I don’t see that kind of a miracle happening.
    Apparently from some other articles that i have read, the USF1 team guy Ken Anderson (?) has talked to Honda before, but this was well before they were actually in the position they are now.

    Would be nice to have 12 teams by next season, but it won’t happen. In the end as long as these teams are still building race cars and not spec cars, then i’m still happy to watch….

  4. zblkhwkNo Gravatar says:

    I think we more chance of having seven teams in 2010 than twelve. We have nine now, Torro Rosso is on the blocks and is at a high risk of going away after 2009 because there are no buyers for F1 teams out there. Toyota and Renault are also making noise about pulling out.

    F1 has been mismanaged for years and they got away with it because people had the money to overcome their greed. Now the money is going away, and they can not right the ship fast enough to bring the costs back down to correct levels. I hope Bernie put his money in bonds and other safe securities, because his F1 gold mine may be drying up.


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