What current F1 teams I would and what teams I would not miss ?


There was not much talk about more teams leaving Formula One for quite some time. The cost saving measures seemed to have done the trick. But last few days the F1 exit talks surfaced again. The 2009 season seems to be the make or break for Toyota. Some fresh rumours surfaced also about future of Renault (not sure how much of this is true and how much is made up), Pitpass also raised some concern about Force India finances … Well, in market conditions as we see right now, there is always the possibility of somebody following Honda and exiting F1. Bernie Ecclestone already told us whom he would miss and whom he would not want to loose:

“It’s bad for me to say this, but the only team we would really say we would miss is Ferrari. I wouldn’t want to lose McLaren for sure. I wouldn’t want to lose Williams.”

Looks like he would not miss the car manufacturers that during the past decade took the sport over …

I myself still can’t make up my mind whether manufacturers are good for F1 or not. But the above words from Ecclestone made me think too about what F1 teams I would and what teams I would not miss on the grid.

I agree with Ecclestone about Ferrari, McLaren and Williams. These three teams started the most F1 races – Ferrari – 776, McLaren – 648, Williams – 517 (end of 2008 season stats) and since they entered F1 in 1950 (Ferrari), 1966 (McLaren) and 1977 (Williams) they never left (unlike some of the manufacturers). To me these 3 teams plus the races like Monaco or Monza or Spa are something that F1 should not loose. The moment one of three teams goes I would consider F1 to be in serious trouble.

Will I miss Honda ? No, I will not miss them as a team but not having Honda on the grid even as an engine supplier is a bit strange. The same would apply to Renault.

Would I miss Red Bull ? Perhaps, they are different :-) .

Would I miss Toro Rosso ? Not in its current guise. I would much rather see someone taking the team over and bringing Minardi back.

Would I miss Toyota ? Not at all. I do not know why but I never got used to Toyota being a part of Formula 1.

Would I miss BMW ? I can’t really say, perhaps because as a team they haven’t been around that long. I think I will stay neutral on this one :-) .

Would I miss Force India ? Well, perhaps I would not want to see the ex-Jordan team to go. But I can’t really say I appreaciate its current Bollywood format or the fact that it is turning into sort of McLaren B-team …

I do hope that F1 does not loose any more teams, on the contrary, I hope for the full grid of at least 24 cars that the current rules allow. But I also hope that the majority of the grid are teams with car racing as their primary reason to be in F1. And these days unfortunately that is not case …

Whom would you do not like to disappear from F1 ?

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  1. bmwf1guyNo Gravatar says:

    I agree with you on Toyota. Wouldn’t miss them. Honda? The way they have been since rejoining F1 I won’t miss them. The rest I would miss.

    bmwf1guys last blog post..What’s up With the BMW Sauber Sponsors?

  2. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    I would miss everyone which would go away, especially those which have young drivers formation programs. Because I’m in favor of newcomers and young drivers. And if there are less teams and less places where to develop their careers, there will be no chances for them. Some already are cancelling their hi-performance development centers for crisis means and economical balance, as Toyota did, and I’m not really fond of their actual drivers so I wouldn’t care the team falls next season, but it would be painful for F1 loosing another team. But in case of Red Bull’s, I do support their aim as free contender just for the love towards sports (well, actually their team is a marketing campaign but they focus on racing, against Force India which is more of the same but focused on advertisement). Loosing or forgetting their big amount of young drivers growing up would be an error.

    Kotenoks last blog post..F1Wolf left a comment for azril deadman

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      I also do not want the number of teams to shrink. I am just saying that if some of the current teams disappear, I would not really cry for them. Of course I hope that some one would replace them, especially if the car companies would follow Honda’s lead put their F1 teams for sale for 1 EUR :-)

      • KotenokNo Gravatar says:

        I didn’t claim for that, if the situation was different maybe yes :P Nowadays the F1 teams which we have doesn’t mean much, Only 4 of the whole bunch has F1 titles (Ferrari, Williams, McLaren and Renault), the other ones are new made in the base of antique F1 teams which are already history, who would care??? :)

        Yes, I would have some empty hole in my life without Williams and cry for example. But I do not care much about one of it’s engine manufacturer’s during late 80’s, Honda HEHE :)

        THE SALES BEGIN FOR 1 EUR!! That’s a good offer, let’s buy it??? :P I also don’t find realistic the survival of Honda, wouldn’t cry for them but just smile to find an end to the terrible situation the workers are living in Brackley with no bright future there. And the foolish way Nick Fry has ruled the team, japanese principals also don’t save from my critics because they have been the most wrong on the F1 team financial direction.

        What I meant is that towards nowadays F1 teams I do not feel a special simpathy, but the rich and famous people which rule them are needed to remain the sport alive… Creepy but I think it is so.
        About young drivers just I want some changes already, how it is possible that some veterans with low output levels remain racing for another season if so many young boys can make it better!? They shouldn’t be lost :)

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  5. zblkhwkNo Gravatar says:

    Ferrari, McLaren and BMW leaving would be horrible as all three can win the championship. Ferrari, McLaren and Williams have been a part of F1 for so long, I can not imagine F1 without them.

    Renault seems on the brink of joining the top tier. Toyota has languished in mediocrity for so long, I am surprised they are still there. Still I would hate to see any of them leave, especially if the car count decreased.

    Force India may be the only team that I would not miss now that Honda has gone. Unless they drastically improve this year, which I seriously doubt, then their loss only removes the known back marker.


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