What could have happened if there were medals

No titles for Piquet, one more for Mansell

No titles for Piquet, one more for Mansell

I do not know what FIA tried to prove by applying Bernie’s “medals system” to the results of all the F1 championship. It is interesting reading but rather meaningless. The rules influence the strategy and I am convinced that with the medal system in place many races of the past would have had very different results. But as FIA guys have already spent their time to come up with this report we can as well have look and see what could have happened if we had Bernie’s medal system in place from 1950.

Thirteen seasons when F1 would have had different champions:

1958 – Stirling Moss instead of Mike Hawthorn
1964 – Jim Clark instead of John Surtees
1967 – Jim Clark instead of Denny Hulme
1977 – Mario Andretti instead of Niki Lauda
1979 – Alan Jones instead of Jody Scheckter
1981 – Alain Prost instead of Nelson Piquet
1982 – Didier Pironi instead of Keke Rosberg
1983 – Alain Prost instead of Nelson Piquet
1984 – Alain Prost instead of Niki Lauda
1986 – Nigel Mansell instead of Alain Prost
1987 – Nigel Mansell instead of Nelson Piquet
1989 – Ayrton Senna instead of Alain Prost
2008 – Felipe Massa instead of Lewis Hamilton

The most significant changes to the history the medals would have made:

Jim Clark would have won four titles instead of two.

Mario Andretti, Alan Jones would have won two championships instead of one.

Niki Lauda would have won only one title instead of three.

Nelson Piquet would not have won any of his three titles.

Alain Prost would still have won five titles but four of them in different seasons.

Nigel Mansell would have won two more titles – three instead of one.

Ayrton Senna would have won an extra title too.

Well, interesting results of playing with numbers and stats, but I really do not see how could this information be useful for any future decision making …

Click here for complete FIA Medals Analysis Result

Photo: Williams/LAT

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  1. juniorNo Gravatar says:

    Very intresting all this, But isn’t this the same fictional thinking as applying the points-system of the last decade to the years and decades before? And see who would have lost or won the championchips back then…
    Therefor I think this medal-system is a bad idea. I belive they should reward a win a lot more than a second place. Like the time the first 6 got points: 9-6-4-3-2-1.

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      Yes, it is the same fictional thinking … That’s why I wonder what was the point for FIA guys spending their time coming up with these stats … They must really be bored …

  2. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    Great analysis! Once the medal’s were talked about by Mr. Ecclestone, I had some flashbacks thinking what could have happened in several seasons before… This post gives me the answer!!

    One thing I have clareis that the only ones which could win without need of being regular are: Fangio, Clark, Stewart, Mansell, Senna didn’t have time enough to show us and the battle with youngsters could be terrible, Schumacher (accepting that is difficult for me :P ) and nowadays Alonso is a step behind them, but could make his bright qualities shine during the next years.

    Kotenoks last blog post..F1Wolf left a comment for azril deadman

  3. I don’t like the medal system… Just because i think points are the correct way…

    I do reject the actual point system… That’s the real problem i think…

  4. medal system at this stage or can say at this time is not proper … and good analysis stats in pdf format u shared here ;)

    and yea would have won extra medals too

  5. The FIA’s analysis shows that the medal system would change the outcomes of past World Championships considerably. Only 22 of the 59 World Championships to date would have the same top 3. The other 37 World Championships would be different. The World Champion would be altered on 13 occasions.

  6. TimmieNo Gravatar says:

    The medals system idea is a silly one.
    Consistency should be rewarded and i do like the fact that points are awarded to the top eigh instead of the top six. But First place should still receive a bigger reward for winning. (ie, the four point gap we used to have when the top six were awarded points).
    That small tweak alone would make a huge difference to the way the teams race for wins.
    I do think that there would ne nothing wrong with increasing the point finishes to the top ten.

    I don’t think we need to award points for qualifying or fastest lap. And i think that with the current qualifying system in place where fuel loads need to carried over that would be a silly option to apply.

    I do think they need to change the qualifying format too, they bark on about cost cutting and all that, but they want teams to fill their car up with fuel then drive around for a bunch of laps to waste it down before setting a fast lap to get pole. Silliest idea ever and for some reason, they are still doing it!
    I understand the point of wanting the cars to be on track for more time, but why couldn’t they just say every driver has to complete a minimum of 15 laps in the allotted time (the Q3 stage). Then drivers are forced to do laps and can do them on low fuel the whole time. More chance of action and hard battled laps too.
    They still get a session full of cars zooming around and obviously cars have to do the laps. (obviously if they crash or car fails with problem, then thats their own fault and penalise accordingly based on how many of your laps that you have completed. ie, for every three laps you don’t complete you lose 1 place on the grid).

    I would most definitely enjoy watching the qualifying a lot more knowing that they are doing meaningful laps and not just cruising around wasting fuel.

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