If they had to race three cars, who would race for them ?

Whom would Ferrari and McLaren race ?

Whom would Ferrari and McLaren race ?

Bernie Ecclestone suggested few days ago that should there be only 9 teams ready to race in 2009, some manufacturers could end up running three cars. I am not sure if such a scenario would be possible for 2009 season in case the team formerly knowns as Honda does not make it. But let’s say that Bernie asks Ferrari and McLaren to race three cars and these two top teams from 2008 season agree. Whom would they race ? Would this get the drivers market moving again ?

Would they want to reward their long time test drivers with a race drive perhaps alternating them ?

Or would they try to go for some young talent now on the grid (like Vettel) and secure their sevices for the time one of the current regular 2 race seats becomes available ?

Or would they try to lure some big guns (likes of Alonso) ?

The other question may be: Would any of the drivers currently with other teams actually want to move to a top team where they would however have to prove themselves against not one but two team mates ?

I think the safest bet would probably be Messrs Badoer, Gene, de la Rosa and Paffet, but who knows :-) . What do you think ?

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  1. RivfaderBotiNo Gravatar says:

    I don’t think that Ferrari and McLaren would have the money to race with 3cars! It would be cool seeing 3Ferrari’s on the podium. But the two car/team is a tradition. I don’t think they would do someting like this. But if they do than congratulations. Vettel would go to Ferrari! I don’t think that they would put Alonso in to the red’s. Maybe after 2010. I think maybe Rosberg or some new guy would go to the McLaren. Alonso’s future is not too bright. Or Renault or Ferrari… maybe going to BMW would be a good choice but I don’t see that this is going to happen.

  2. ArunNo Gravatar says:

    Schumacher to Ferrari, Hakkinen to McLaran – aah

  3. F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

    Here is comment from Byron sent by email:

    Um… my 2 cents worth….. We have the real posibility of no one
    “buying” the Honda team, the only real contender was Prodrive… We
    see now. The FIA/FOCA – Dave Richards longstanding feud( dating back
    to his days at Benetton) now unfortunately rules out any posibility of
    a buy out… So now we (The fans) are being blown by Bernie with the
    “posibility” of teams using 3 cars….No way will the major players in
    the sport, ie Mercedes, BMW, Ferrarri or Toyota, etc (The
    manufacturers) blow another 1/3 of their already monumentious budgets
    on getting a third car into race trim. We all know that in a 2-car
    team we have the ALPHA (or contender car) and the BETA (or also ran
    car) cars… Driven by the driver the team principal picks. Could
    there be a “Wildcard” car? I dont think so, Not only that but all the
    nice little cost saving rules about engines and transmissions etc
    would naturally have to be ammended, again I dont think so!….The
    only thing going at the moment is who is going to swallow up Jenson
    Button, and who is going to be pushed aside to let him drive!

  4. draconteNo Gravatar says:

    i read time ago… 2 months?
    that this third drivers (and cars) cann’t to win points.and it’s logical.
    if you have 3 cars, you can win 24 points per race.
    if you have only 2, you have 6 point lees.

    only a rookie or a test driver wiil be in these cars, i think.

    my bet for…
    Luca Badoer or maybe… Mirko Bortolotti for ferrari
    And Paffet for McLaren, de la Rosa is better but is too son for another spanish XD

  5. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    I see the talks to get the ex-Honda team aren’t going much further than they did in the early dates of december. If Fry had simply some offers, the team should already have a future and a new name, in spite of that, there’s believe that they simply will get burried soon and that the whole F1 teams should make a move for it… If there haven’t been since years ago a concorde accord, do somebody believe the whole of the F1 teams will find an accord for it??? I do not. And I think that it’s absurd that a single team waste money in that situation to place a car and a driver in each race, such car and driver shouldn’t recive championship points…

    Let’s say the drivers which deserve a drive in a F1 car: Nico Hülkenberg, Edoardo Mortara, Mika Mäki, Giorgio Pantano, Adam Carroll, Bruno Senna, Javier Villa, Timo Scheider and Paul di Resta, it seems a selection of different categories HAHA But I’ve managed to follow them, and they’re really impressive!!!

    Kotenoks last blog post..F1Wolf left a comment for azril deadman

  6. zblkhwkNo Gravatar says:

    I’m not sure how you could let some teams race three cars while others race two. Even if the third car is not allowed to score team points, they still effect the scoring of others by blocking, pit strategies, qualification strategies, etc…

    If they do, it would be hard for Ferrari to pass on Vettel. McLaren has a host of choices but one would think it would be one of the youngsters. From a cost standpoint, it would make sense the teams would eliminate a test driver position, so you would have to also look at De Rosa and Badoer.

  7. F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

    I also am not sure how would FIA make sure that the teams running three cars do not take some tactical advantage of it

    but I must say that from all the above I like the best the idea of Mac and Ferrari putting Hakkinen and Schumacher in their 3rd cars :-)

  8. zblkhwkNo Gravatar says:

    Schumi yes, Mika…I think not. I’d rather see Montoya or Villenueve.

    • KotenokNo Gravatar says:

      Montoya’s natural talent is one which I miss now, but the guy had a pretty unbelivable behaviour. Not worse than several guys as Hunt or Lauda, but well… Just miss the incredible maneuvers he did :)

  9. VishalNo Gravatar says:

    if it ever happens – which i think very unlikely – how about Montoya returning to McLaren and Alonso jumping ship to Ferrari…
    It would be a treat to watch 5 of the best drivers (all except heiki) battling it out in the two top teams : )

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      I think Montoya would never return to McLaren :-) Alonso and Ferrari is a neverending talk that will not end till he goes there one day :-) . While I would love to see massa, raikkonen and alonso racing in same car I can’t imagine such a scenario. One of those 3 would have to be no 2, and one of them even no 3 …

      • VishalNo Gravatar says:

        i think alonso wouldnt mind racing as a no.3 in a Ferrari rather than a no.1 in the current Renault :-)

        (especially after the recent disappointing tests)

        and as Ferrari showed last season, they now allow their drivers to race as equals till the very end.

  10. Personally i dnt think dat Ferrari and McLaren would have the money to race with 3cars… It would be cool seeing 3Ferrari’s on the podium.I don’t think they would do someting like this.. :D


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