2009 Formula 1 Cars – Williams FW31 launched (with interim livery)

Williams FW31 in its interim winter livery

Williams FW31 in its interim winter livery

Williams rolled out their 2009 F1 car – FW31 – today at Portimao circuit. The car is still sporting the interim livery. The 2009 racing livery is to be revealed according to some in February, according to some others just prior to Australian GP. Will see. I for once would not mind seeing this great all dark blue livery on Williams next year. But I am afraid they will add some white again before the season kicks off …

One significant difference between new car and 2008 car is the disappearance of Lenovo and new prominent placement of Philips branding on the car. Also gone are Petrobras (thanks Dank for reminding me) and looks like also all the Icelandic sponsor logos (mydiamonds.com, All Saints etc.).

Williams FW31 - front view

Williams FW31 - front view

Williams FW31 - this is one nice looking car

Williams FW31 - this is one nice looking car

Williams FW31 at Portimao - the rear wing still looks funny though

Williams FW31 at Portimao - the rear wing still looks funny though

Photos: Williams/LAT

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  1. DankNo Gravatar says:

    Isn’t the Petrobras logo is missing as well?

    I wish Williams would retain this livery for the course of the season and not just for testing. I think it looks classy and the package as a whole looks like the best 2009-spec car I’ve seen so far.

    Danks last blog post..Webber back to business: 11 February

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      oh yes ! it is … Lenovo departure for McLaren has been announced earlier, Petrobras was rumoured to leave them for Honda … have to correct the post :-)

      I am glad I am not the only one thinking the dark blue car is classy :-)

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  3. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    Well, so the news was true and Lenovo finally did a change statement… So the magnificent servers that build the Williams super-computer may go leave too… Now just remains one thing to discover, where they’re??? When we will see them flirting with McLaren ones? Just the Lenovo logo doesn’t seem to appear even in their driver’s underpants!
    The sponsors of the team are well know around the market and may bring a good partnership as some of them are related to hi-performance motorsports, welcome to Sparco :-) For example! And the affinity with the previous partners remain, so Phillips will give entire support as the next technological partner to the team and not just their cool electronic razors, AT&T is just not a technological partner also but part of the team’s commercial brand name and the connection is obviously important, RBS still seems to hold the financial world-wide crisis and makes it to the livery, Oris, Accenture, Randstad, McGregor, Reuters (well, now it seems to be Thomson Reuters, is it part of the electronics international company now?), Air Asia, MAN trucks, Rays, PPG and Allianz! They’re a great list of names to help the team for the pursuit of the 2099 season!!
    It’s not easy to know if the car’s performance has been enhanced, but it looks like the car will be very singular the next season. It’s not easy to appreciate the car lines in such a dark livery, but the main shapes are easy to see. Until now, Williams has the lowest nosecone and it looks like the car is stacked to the ground, a clean front wing but with a flap which will help to flow the air through the front-wheel’s top (a smaller option tan the Ferrari’s design).
    There doesn’t seem to be big changes in suspension design, but with such a little compact car they look extended.
    The sidepods are narrower than the cockpit and really closed, they end in sharp back-end (the car is on diet due the crisis?). And some people may think where the exhaust pipes are??? The pipes are located just after the motor cover in the rear end in center configuration, as was seen in the final tests of 2008. As result the motor cover is wide and hides inside the exhaust system and many of the secrets of this 2009 challenger FW31.
    The rear wing looks traditional, not a big change from 2008 to 2009, but just fits the new regulations. The wing is taller and narrow, the endplates has been extended and the bite on the top corner is bigger than it was on 2008 due the wing’s height extension.

    Technically it can be a superior car than the porevious versions, and this makes me happy and proud of being fan of this team! Hopefully this car is also realiable :-)

    About the dark blue, I like it, but the green color is something I would like someday back :-) The dark green (and I’m not talking about an Earth livery), anyway Williams has been the blue car from the grid since more than two decades and I wouldn’t change that (well, except ‘98 and ‘99).

    Kotenoks last blog post..F1Wolf left a comment for azril deadman

  4. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    Some nice pictures from the 3D car design :-)

  5. F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

    this car really looks nice…

  6. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    Actually I do not know really if the exhaust is located back or at sides, there’re confusing the shapes on the dark livery. and it’s maybe a game of shadow and lights but it seemed to me to see some holes on the sidepod. Anyway, the opening at the end of the engine cover exist, they may be used to clear hot air or by hte exhaust system.


  7. zblkhwkNo Gravatar says:

    I have always liked Black, this is the best so far. If not for the tiny rear wing, this one would look great. Why can’t they widen the wing and make it more narrow, closer to the Formula BMW’s. It would give the car a more balanced look. Too late now.

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      that is what I was actually wondering too. there are many open wheel series, most of them run with much lower downforce levels than F1 and none of them had to turn to so weird looking rear wings … but the Overtaking Working Group (OWG) said this is will help overtaking … The drivers are not that convince so far, so let’s see …

  8. TimmieNo Gravatar says:

    Definitely the paint job that they should keep for the year. I love the almost midnight blue colour that is on this car and am always dissapointed when they put the big runs of white on this car.
    Hopefully it does perform well this year as i really would like to them back towards the front and Nico have a great year too!
    The rear wing has been the sticking point for everybody i think…if it wasn’t so tall it wouldn’t look so bad but in the end who cares? If it produces mroe overtaking and all that, what does it matter how the car looks. It’s not supposed to be “pretty” it’s supposed to the fastest thing on the track! Here’s hoping!

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