2009 Formula 1 Cars – McLaren MP4-24 launched

McLaren launched their 2009 F1 car - MP4-24

McLaren launched their 2009 F1 car - MP4-24

McLaren are the third Formula 1 team (after Ferrari and Toyota) to have launched their 2009 car. The team also announced that Ron Dennis will step down as team principal with Martin Whitmarsh taking over from him.

The livery is more less the same as last year and despite having to redesign to car to accomodate the new regulations the MP4-24 does not look too bad. The car will run for the first time in Algarve early next week. Here are few more photos of McLaren MP4-24:

McLaren MP4-24

McLaren MP4-24

McLaren - MP4-24 top view

McLaren - MP4-24 top view

McLaren Mp4-24 - front wing

McLaren Mp4-24 - front wing

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes MP4-24 – an introduction (data provided by Daimler Media):

With an unprecedented series of rule changes introduced ahead of the 2009 season, the new Vodafone McLaren Mercedes MP4-24 represents a significant departure from its world championship-winning predecessor.

Incorporating new bodywork regulations and the much-heralded return of slick tyres, the team’s new challenger not only looks radical but also incorporates a host of new innovative features under the skin, such as a sophisticated kinetic energy recovery system (KERS).

Introducing the MP4-24
While still retaining the distinctive family look established with both the MP4-22 and MP4-23, this year’s car is visually very different from its predecessors as a result of two main factors:

This year’s aerodynamic regulations were framed by the FIA and the Overtaking Working Group (helmed by Vodafone McLaren Mercedes engineering director Paddy Lowe, Ferrari’s Rory Byrne and Renault’s Pat Symonds) which met throughout 2007 in order to address the issues affecting passing in Formula 1.
The OWG’s influence can be most clearly seen around the front wing, which has been widened to increase front-end load when following another car, and the rear wing – which is now more compact to offer less interference to chasing vehicles. Other factors affecting aerodynamics include the banning of ancillary appendages, the addition of driver-adjustable front-wing flaps and a heavily revised diffuser.

The MP4-24’s KERS device has been developed in collaboration with McLaren and Mercedes-Benz HighPerformanceEngines, which has been developing and refining the system for almost two years. With a fully optimised KERS device’s output capped at 60kW/400kJ (discharging an additional 80bhp for 6.66s per lap), the development team’s primary focus has already shifted to further improving the unit’s integration within the chassis in order to minimise performance loss elsewhere within the package.
An optimised KERS package can be expected to deliver a 0.4-0.6s gain per lap.

Photos: Daimler Media

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  1. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    Something from production cars seen in this McLaren MP24 :) I think the sidepods and the back end bodywork has some fine aerodynamical purpose, well thought :)

    • KotenokNo Gravatar says:

      Detail: MP/24 uses a fixed flap and a movable one above, Ferrari uses a main movable flap and a spoiler to concentrate the airflow in a concreet direction and Toyota a single movable flap with complicated turnup as endplates, interesting, different solutions are seen finally :)

  2. oliverNo Gravatar says:

    a beautiful machine. nice sidepods and clean at the back (exhaust system). a bit worrying is that the pipes are inside the engine cover. as seen in previous years, if there is a problem with overheating the cover might melt/become damaged. but i’m suer mclaren have thought about it and figured it out. great looking car. i’d be happy to drive it.

  3. F1 RacingNo Gravatar says:

    “Well, obviously, I haven’t driven it yet,” said Hamilton at the launch, “but there’s an old saying in motor racing that says a beautiful car often turns out to be a quick car. And all I can say is that I hope that’s right, because I reckon the MP4-24 looks simply sensational. Really beautiful, in fact. For sure, I may have to dump my Pussycat Doll for this car.”

    F1 Racings last blog post..Adrian Sutil

  4. ByronNo Gravatar says:

    Although slightly different all 3 cars that have been unveilled look similar with the lowered nose and front wing, and the very high back wing and aerodynamics.. if you put all 3 together in the same livery I feel it’d be hard to tell them apart

  5. […] creates the impression that all these cars look very much the same. A comment from Byron suggests that if all the cars released last week were painted in the same colour it might be hard […]


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