2009 Formula 1 Cars – Ferrari F60 launched

Ferrari F60

Ferrari F60

I missed the launch this morning but there were some nice people who helped me out with links to photos below the previous new Ferrari post.

Now I had some time to digest the look of the 2009 Ferrari officially named F60. I must say that after seeing those hybrid BMW Sauber cars I expected something much uglier. At the end the new Ferrari does not look that bad, especially when viewed from the side.

Ferrari F60 side view

Ferrari F60 side view

Although the car is brand new and designed to comply with all new regulations parts of it look quite similar to its predecessor F2008.

The differences become obvious once we check out the front view.


Ferrari F60 front view

And here is nice comparison prepared by the nice people over at Sidepodcast:

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I am fine (from the design point of view) with the massive front wing. But that rear wing will take some time getting used to :-) . And what I like about the new car ? The slick tyres and the fact that all those winglets and appendages are finally gone …



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  1. danielNo Gravatar says:

    just arrived in hamburg and finally got the chans to look close at the new ferrari. have to say that i have a positive feeling. i feared, as many have.., that the front and back wing would spoil it.. the front wing i have no problems with, tha back.. well… i agree.. but i am also starting to get used to it. and loosing all small wings and spoilers makes all the difference. well, the slicks makes all the difference. as said, i have a good feeling about this years cars!

    daniels last blog post..Bildbloggen ‘The Big Picture’ med grymma bilder från Dakarrallyt

  2. zblkhwkNo Gravatar says:

    Well, its official now…if Ferrari can’t make them look good, they can’t be made to look good. UGLY! I sure hope the changes improve passing.

  3. I’m still deciding if i like the new rear wings on the car.
    I do like the slicks back on the car though
    Although we have no choice but to get used to these new cars. I wonder what it will look like with 18 or 20 of them going round a track together.

  4. FiascoNo Gravatar says:

    The new Ferrari looks very neat and tidy, it also looks very light, fast and racey. looking forward to the drivers comments and actually seeing it in action.

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