Two out, nine to go – How will 2009 Formula 1 grid look ?

Super Aguri - out, Honda - out, who is next ?

Super Aguri - out, Honda - out, who is next ?

Judging from the Google stats the main point of interest of general F1 fan in past few weeks was – How will the 2009 cars look. From Friday the fifth 2008 the question has changed somehow – How will the 2009 F1 grid look ?

We know that Honda will not be there. But one positive for Fry-Brawn tandem about Honda being first to call it quits is that they are also the first proper complete team with own car out there for sale. At the moment Ross Brawn and Nick Fry do not have much competition in their efforts to save the team. There are already rumours connecting Prodrive’s David Richards with return to his old team. This may be only a rumour and nothing else. But buying the complete team from Honda for almost nothing sounds like much better idea than running customer Mercedes cars (the original failed idea to get Prodrive in F1). But whether it is Richards or someone else, the Honda purchase is perhaps the best opportunity in years to enter F1 and someone will take it. Those interested know that time is of essence. The team is only worth the buck (or quid) before it disintegrates and people, drivers and potential sponsors leave the sinking boat. Someone will make the move quickly.

But how about the others ?

All the remaning five car manufacturers stated their commitment to Formula 1 following the Honda’s withdrawal. But things change so quickly these days and what was said yesterday may mean nothing tomorrow. Many speculate that someone else will follow Honda’s example and pretty much everybody except Ferrari, McLaren and Force India has been in last 2 days mentioned somewhere as potential next F1 drop out.

I think the chances are that 10 teams can make it to Melbourne. But for that to happen FOTA, Mosley, Ecclestone may have to stop wasting time on silly new qualifying ideas, medals and who knows what else and focus all their attention to issues that matter right now.

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  1. danielNo Gravatar says:

    prodrive would be a great solution. some buzz about red bull at the moment, really hope we dont loose them. the idea is of course that they bought back toro rosso to sell it. now it seems there is a risk that they sell both teams. toyota would otherwise be my guess..

    big questions is about the drivers, what about jenson now?

    daniels last blog post..F1-sändningars intro/vinjetter från TV (Del 2/3: 1992 – 1999)

    • KotenokNo Gravatar says:

      I understand your reason to mean Toyota, now they do not have local competitors whom to win, so they decide to leave as they ever will do better than McLaren or Ferrari… I think that Toyota or BMW are the only manufacturers that understtod that succeed isn’t a fact of good luck, it’s continuous work around a package with the same group of unite people. Evolving the car and making it realiable and dynamic, not need to be really the fastest, just adaptive to the different circuits and track conditions. The goal for everybody is to win the Championship, but some have taken more serious their plans and realized that they need some years investing on their own project, and that nothing happens alone. I think Toyota keeps their promise to continue, after all they’re the team that the last years together with Renault is being more regular. Hopefully for the wealth of Williams F1, the Toyota team is in the rush for the title during the next seasons, but if the Cosworth happens – then what???. By the way, I mentioned BMW and I do not think they gonna quit also, their project compromises are even bigger than those which motivate Toyota.

      If there’re signs of leaving the grid in any F1 team, I suggest this happens in those big spenders but which do not get the previsions made. Surely the bull’s can be candidates, because either the RedBull wasn’t thought to finish that bad and that the Toro Rosso’s would do it that well. They’re hold just as a marketing enterprise to announce RedBull drinks worldwide, without a clear purpose of car production technology transfer or publicity of their car & motorcycle industry. So that F1 teams survive while people still find the RedBull’s can enough exotic to get the drink, I guess.

      I’m already scared, Williams as F1 team did not do much last years, but they invested a lot for the future. So, I guess that this all haven’t been done in vain :) I have big hopes the things may change for us!! (supporters from Williams I mean)

      PD: Wolfie, you seem to be upset with the vain attempt of Honda to succeed and the pull out of the team by the motor company managers, did you feel for that team some friendliness??? I guess you’re pretty right, they’ll find their buyer soon and may become someone to take care about next season.

      Kotenoks last blog post..F1Wolf added a video:

      • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

        I used to be BAR fan but that evaporated in 2007 :-)

        I am not upset with Honda pulling out. I actually glad that happened and do hope more manufacturers will either follow or stop turning F1 into arms race … manufacturers presence is good for F1, but not if tey dominate the sport …

        • KotenokNo Gravatar says:

          Exactly :) I was already thinking about that when Williams was completely ruled by BMW power, although the team succeeded and was great to see such fight with Ferrari and specially McLaren, the German’s influence was very big and not cheerful at all if somebody knows how more or less how is it within.
          About Honda, I can’t understand what happened with Richards, the team was going good when he managed them. I think that kind of Japanese company structure just made it happen this way, it doesn’t seem a dynamic way of working, who knows… The car was just undrivable.

          Kotenoks last blog post..F1Wolf added a video:

  2. How will the grid look? Anorexic.

    The thing is, even when we had 22 cars there were still far, far too few and yet no-one thought it was a problem, Suddenly we’re down to 18 and it’s a crisis. I think a series of F1’s size, scope and wealth should have 30, minimum.

    Hopefully now the folly of allowing so few teams to persist for so long is now abundantly clear and this mistake will not be repeated.

    Keith Collantines last blog post..F1 links: Brundle on cost-cutting

  3. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    And heir aim was to create F2 for the next times??? HAHAHA!! Well, feed the grid with more teams would be wonderful, just if they spend resonable. Manufacturers did it very unstable I think.

    Kotenoks last blog post..F1Wolf added a video:

  4. zblkhwkNo Gravatar says:

    Honda’s pull out of F1 seemed very sudden. The downturn in the worlds economy and the rumored loss of 30% of US sales may have been the final straw. The ever escalating cost to compete at the top level with Ferrari was bound to have this effect. Unfortunately, I doubt that Ferrari will ever stop spending 100 of millions, and to compete with them, others will have to do the same.

    Thats what makes the latest change to scoring to only the top three places even more mind bogling?

    And don’t forget that the US, Canada, and now China and France are all telling Bernie his traveling road show is not worth the cost. Bernie is very close to loosing his precious F1. Time to wake up!!!

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