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[caption id="attachment_3395" align="alignnone" width="490" caption="Robert Wickens will race in Formula 2 in Red Bull colours"]Robert Wickens will race in Formula 2 in Red Bull colours[/caption]

Red Bullog had a post on Red Bull's junior driver Robert Wickens signing up for the 2009 Formula 2 championship Colchicine Microtubule, . The first thought I had was how can Red Bull afford yet another open wheeler series. So, Colchicine Microtubule ebay, I did some quick math. 20mg Colchicine Microtubule, I used the 2008 Red Bull F1 budgets as listed by Keith, the Formula 2 cost as listed on F2 website and did some currency conversions:

Formula 2
Cost per driver per season all in is GPB195,000 + GPB25, Colchicine Microtubule australia,000 accident damage insurance + VAT
Total: GPB220, Colchicine Microtubule us, 000 + VAT per season

Formula 1
Red Bull Racing (2008 spending)
USD164,700,000 = GBP106, 200mg Colchicine Microtubule,600, 50mg Colchicine Microtubule, 000
Total: GBP292,000 per day

Scuderia Toro Rosso (2008 spending)
USD128,200, Colchicine Microtubule coupon,000 = GBP83, 150mg Colchicine Microtubule, 330,000
Total: GBP228,300 per day

So, 1000mg Colchicine Microtubule, the entire Formula 2 season for one driver will cost less than one day in life of below average funded Formula 1 teams :-) . Colchicine Microtubule overseas, See also: What is the difference between GP2 and Formula 2 ? .

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  1. DankNo Gravatar says:

    There would be other costs involved in F2 (logistics etc), but the point still stands: F1 is jolly expensive!

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      yes, and of course the F1 season has 16-18 races, F2 season willl have six, the above Red Bull budgets are for 2 cars, the F2 only for one. so sure the comparison is skewed. but on the other hand I could have used Toyota, Ferrari, McLaren instead of Red Bull and make the figures even bigger :-)

  2. [...] Some more of the cost talk – How Formula 2 compares with Formula 1 ? – F1 WolfOne season of Formula Two costs less than one day of Formula 1. [...]

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