My 2008 Formula 1 trips – Photo review

Melbourne, Montreal, Valencia, Singapore – these were my 2008 Formula 1 destinations. Melbourne and Montreal were new for me, Valencia and Singapore new even to Formula 1. Montreal and Singapore were also 2 of only 4 sell out races in 2008. Here is a mini photo review of the events that unfolded in front of me and my Nikon in 2008:

Australian GP – Melbourne

Hot, great atmosphere, exciting, only 6 cars finishing the race.

2008 Australian GP - First podium for Nico Rosberg

Australia - First Formula 1 podium for Nico Rosberg

2008 Australian GP - Debut race for Force India F1

Australia - Debut F1 race for Force India F1

2008 Australian GP - Super Aguri Anthony Davidson

Australia - Super Aguri made it to the grid in the last moment

2008 Australian GP - Front row for Robert Kubica

Australia - First front row start for Robert Kubica

You can see my Australian GP photogallery here. And here is the summary of my Australian GP experience. At the time of the writing the future of the race was under threat but since then the contract with Ecclestone has been extended till 2015.

Canadian GP – Montreal

I needed to travel to America sometime during the summer so I did my best to plan the trip around the only North American Formula 1 race. In my wildest dreams I haven’t expected to witness what was to be the last Canadian GP (at least for now). But what a weekend it was:

2008 Canadian GP - Crumbling track

Canada - Crumbling track

2008 Canadian GP - Groundhog Day

Canada - Groundhogs

2008 Canadian GP - The Wall

Canada - The Wall

2008 Canadian GP - The pitlane incident

Canada - The Hamilton Raikkonen pitlane incident

2008 Canadian GP- The pitlane incident - the cars

Canada - The pitlane incident - Parked cars of Hamilton and Raikkonen

2008 Canadian GP - Kimi's crashed car

Canada - Kimi's crashed car

Canada - The car that caused it all - Adrian Sutil

Canada - The car that caused it all - Adrian Sutil

2008 Canadian GP - The first F1 win for Kubica, the first F1 for BMW Sauber

Canada - The first F1 win for Kubica, the first F1 win for BMW Sauber

2008 Canadian GP - Last F1 podium for David Coulthard

Canada - Last F1 podium for David Coulthard

2008 Canadian GP - Last F1 race in North America, for how long ?

2008 Canadian GP - Last F1 race in North America, let's hope not for too long

You can see my Canadian GP photogallery here. And here are the sounds and sights from 2008 Canadian GP the race that Mr. Ecclestone decided to drop :-( .

European GP – Valencia

Valencia was one of the new additions to Formula 1 calendar. As I am in Europe every summer and I have never before made it to Spain I decided to go for the European GP. The walls around the street circuit promised some safety car chaos. At the end however the race that many expected to be exciting turned into the dullest race of 2008 season. But whatever, it was still fun to be in Spain. The track may not look too nice on TV with all the containers around, but it is right next to the beach :-) !

2008 European GP - The dullest race of 2008 season

Valencia - The dullest race of 2008 season

2008 European GP - Dull race, great food !

Valencia - Dull race, great food !

2008 European GP - Massa's win

Valencia - Hattrick for Massa - Pole position, fastest lap, win

You can see my European GP photogallery here. And here is the post on my European GP experience.

Singapore GP – Singapore

Singapore Grand Prix does not need too much introduction. It is one of the 3 races that are within 3 hours flying time from where I sit most of the time, so going there was a no brainer. Well, it required overcoming the ticketing issues first but after that is was all good.

2008 Singapore GP - The Night Race

Singapore - The first Formula 1 night race

2008 Singapore GP - Massa the early leader from pole position

Singapore - Massa the early leader from pole position

2008 Singapore GP - The Safety Car

Singapore - The Safety Car

2008 Singapore GP - Massa runs away with the fuel hose

Singapore - Massa runs away with the fuel hose

2008 Singapore GP - Massa gets stuck

Singapore - Massa stuck at the end of the pitlane

2008 Singapore GP - Alonso leads the race

Singapore - Alonso leads the race

2008 Singapore GP - Alonso wins

Singapore - First win of the season Alonso, career high 2nd place Nico Rosberg

2008 Singapore GP - The perfect atmosphere

Singapore - The perfect atmosphere

You can see my Singapore GP photogallery here. And here is the post on my Singapore Grand Prix experience.

I plan to continue travelling the Formula 1 races next year too. I haven’t fixed my plans yet as so far it does not look like the 2009 Formula 1 calendar can be considered final. But I plan to return to Melbourne again and perhaps stop in Malaysia on the way back – I always wanted to do back to back races :-) . Then there is that big group plan to go and see the last Formula 1 race at Silverstone. And of course I do not think I will miss out on Singapore …

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  1. BrunoNo Gravatar says:

    Lucky guy ! I am considering doing Melbourne next year, with my wife.
    Do consider sharing some tips about a trip down under, that will be welcome.

    Brunos last blog post..French F1 Drivers, Rene Arnoux

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      If you have the opportunity, go for it, the GP is really great over there down under ! for the tips I need to refresh my memory a bit, but it will come back once I start planning the trip again :-)

  2. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    I feel you were lucky!! But for having that free time and afford that spends you had surely to do lots of efforts and hard work combined with ruling the blog, so well done!!!

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      well I do not have that much free time :-) by I always try to make the most out of those long distance trips I have to do anyway :-)

  3. RobinNo Gravatar says:

    Damn there are some phenomenal shots in there

    • KotenokNo Gravatar says:

      Yeah! Groundhog was pretty funny :-) He’s talented ;) Much practice, isn’t it??? Catching bolids isn’t an easy thing even with super-fast shutter and well calibrated lights around, it just pass and there’s no time to think to press the button HAHA I use to shot the pic just a second before the car pass and then… The car sometimes is in there :D

      Kotenoks last blog post..F1Wolf added a video:

  4. PaulNo Gravatar says:

    Great shots and it must have been a great atmosphere. Still to see an F1 race in person and looking forward to doing it.

  5. I have been to the Australian GP 3 times
    I really like it there because its one of the few tracks you can actually run onto the track after the last car has crossed the finish line to watch the podium celebrations.

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