Force India to consult McLaren about 2009 drivers, Sutil and Fisichella not yet safe for 2009

Sutil and Fisichella, both confident but none of them confirmed yet

Sutil and Fisichella, both confident but none of them confirmed yet

Things can change very quickly in Formula One …

October 17, 2008, Shanghai, Vijay Mallya

“I’ve made it pretty clear that I am happy with both our drivers Adrian (Sutil) and Giancarlo (Fisichella) and they will continue with us in 2009.”

December 11, 2008, Vijay Mallya to BBC:

“We haven’t finalised anything on the race seat. I will discuss this issue with McLaren and take this decision at an appropriate time.”

Watch the interview – click here

Both Adrian Sutil and Giancarlo Fisichella stated several times that they have no doubts about being on the grid next year, both claim to be under contract. Does not seem to matter to Mr. Mallya…

Both McLaren test drivers Pedro de la Rosa and Gary Paffet have already been connected with 2009 race seat in Force India F1 and judging from Mallya’s words they may not be without a chance … Pedro de la Rosa tested for Force India in November in Barcelona, but returned to McLaren seat this week in Jerez.

Photo: Force India F1

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  1. danielNo Gravatar says:

    something a bit creepy about that pic.. :-)

  2. [...] Force India to consult McLaren about 2009 drivers, Sutil and Fisichella not yet safe for 2009 – F1 W…A big U-turn from Vijay Mallya, who now says that neither Force India driver is safe for 2009. [...]

  3. kaushalNo Gravatar says:

    ahhh.. again the rumour mill has started.. so what u expecting F1wolf this time?
    I think fisi may be out from the team

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      I think future of current Force India drivers depends on whom McLaren would like race in Force India and also which one of the 2 current drivers brings in some sponsorship money to the team

      if McLaren would want to see Paffet or de la Rosa race for Force India, then bad luck for Fisi probably
      if McLaren would want to give Paul di Resta chance to race an F1 car, then bad luck Sutil

      if it comes down to money, I think that some of the logos on current Force India cars are from companies backing Adrian Sutil, like Medion for example who sponsored Sutil even before he came to F1, so there probably is some money behind Sutil …

      Sutil, 2006 Macau GP

  4. RetirementNo Gravatar says:

    I think that Fisichela should not have so much problems finding a team because he is a very experimented and very good f1 driver.

  5. [...] few days after Vijay Mallya casted doubts on job security of his current drivers the Force India F1 team confirmed (yet again) that Giancarlo Fisichella and Adrian Sutil will keep [...]

  6. [...] “Oh Dear “. The moment I opened the page I understood why … I wonder if that sudden talk by Vijay Mallya few weeks ago that the drivers he had previously confirmed for 2009 were… was not sort of a tool to make the poor guys to agree to do this calendar thing …  Pedro de [...]

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