Renault confirm Fernando Alonso and Nelson Piquet for 2009 season

Fernando Alonso and Nelson Piquet, team mates for one more year

Fernando Alonso and Nelson Piquet, team mates for one more year

ING Renault F1 team made their 2009 drivers line up announcement today. As widely expected Fernando Alonso will stay on after agreeing 2 year extension to his deal with the Enstone team. In Alonso’s case it was more about the driver wanting to stay than the team wanting to retain him. But with all the other potentially competitive seats occupied and Renault steadily progressing towards the front of the grid there was very little doubt about Alonso staying on.

The F1 future of Nelson Piquet however was far from secure following his performances this year. But his late season performance surge seems to have convinced the team bosses that keeping Piquet is better option than risking another rookie and so Nelsinho Piquet got himself one year extension to his contract with Renault. But well, if McLaren can be happy with Heikki Kovalainen (3 podiums, 7th overall while his team mate won the championship) why would Renault want to replace Piquet :-) .

Here is what the drivers had to say:

Fernando Alonso (confirming that it was his decision the team was waiting for):

“I have decided to stay with the ING Renault F1 team because, as I have often repeated this season, they have always been my first choice and I feel very happy and comfortable with them. It’s a very close-knit team with a competitive and winning mentality, and also a relaxed and warm attitude, which suits me perfectly.”

Nelson Piquet:

“Obviously I am delighted to have the opportunity to race for the ING Renault F1 Team for a second year. Although I have had a tough year, I have learned a lot from my rookie season and I will aim to put that experience to good use next season. I want to thank the team for their support this year and for the trust they have shown in me for the future.”

This announcement dashes any Alonso hopes Honda might have had. It also means that at least 7 teams out 10 will keep unchanged drivers line up for next season. Add Webber, Button and Vettel and we can be assured of at 17 out of 20 F1 drivers who ended the 2008 season returning next year.

The only question marks that remain are Barrichello and his seat in Honda and two places at Toro Rosso.

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  1. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    Well, what I heard in Spanish TV news (several channels), is about the contract inner lines, he accepted an extensión for 2 years up to 2010 season included, but there’s a clause which allows him to leave at the end of 2009 season if another team offers him a better contract than he has in Renault F1. That’s fancy!!! Who does doubt that he won’t leave again???

    Kotenoks last blog post..ex-race-marshal

  2. zblkhwkNo Gravatar says:

    I am astonished that Piquet survived. Perhaps everyone has determined that Alonzo needs to be absolutley dominant and keeping Piquet is good for Alonzo, thus good for Renault.

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      you might have had hit the bull’s eye here. look at McLaren – would Hamilton score enough points to win the title if Kovalainen kept steeling point here point there from him for the whole season as Alonso did last year ?

      • KotenokNo Gravatar says:

        I see you’re both also on my view point :-) It’s good to mix not that good drivers with magnificent ones, that’s why I don’t want to ban Kazuki Nakajima, but I really wish that there was not such unlucky driver there! :-P Go, go Naka!!

        Kotenoks last blog post..ex-race-marshal

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