2009 Formula 1 – The 09 spec front wing

Front wings in 2009 will be much lower

Front wings in 2009 will be much lower

2008 style front wing on Williams F1 car

2008 style front wing on Williams F1 car

We may see more of these soon, the winter testing begins next week. But Williams are the first team offering us the sneak peak at the 2009 style aero. They tested the narrow and high rear wing in Barcelona back in September, yesterday they fitted the FW30 car with the new front wing too during their Kemble airfield shakedown.

The pictures above show the differences between 2008 and 2009 spec front wings. I must say that while the new rear wing looks funny, its cousing at the front of car does have the look of proper racing wing :-) .

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Photos: Williams/LAT

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  1. zblkhwkNo Gravatar says:

    When do you think the new cars will be unveiled? The changes for the upcoming season are the most drastic that I can remember. I would think that the first car out would have a tremendous advantage in the first races.

    Do you know when to expect testing to begin? I am anxious to see lap times under the new rules.

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      There is now “2009 Car Launches” section on the left side bar, I will keep updating it as the launch dates become known

      The winter testing begins in Spain next Monday. WHo knwos what the teams will be testing though. I think no one will want to come out with complete package too early letting everybody else know what are they up to. I think we will be slowly fed these bits and pieces until those January launch dates :-)

      I will add the wnter testing calendar to the side bar too, thanks for the hint !

      • KotenokNo Gravatar says:

        I will try to be there, take some pics and then we will see, But I think that still is too early for seeing that new gadgets all together. and surely the new architecture of the rear power train won’t be ready if there’s a probability of a motor development given by the FIA during this winter and some teams are still missing the KERS. Anyway, while slicks aren’t still fully provided by Bridgestone, we can say that they will still run prototype tyres in the case that the teams will own some sets, therefore it’s not still able to test new suspensions if the teams come with new ideas. I think that next week tests will be used for remaining fit before the long holidays and performing the last mileage of the year to get important data about the quality and lifetime of the car components.

        What we will see: some removed winglets and probably the importance to begin to develop the front and rear wings, and the latest developments for the 2008 cars, looking to develop them for the 2009 season in the factories. Again looks to me that even we won’t see different livery colors (the typical orange from McLaren or the black ones from Honda), the real pre-season begins in February :-)

        Kotenoks last blog post..F1Wolf left a comment for Nursyahir

    • KotenokNo Gravatar says:

      Drastic for me were the changes between 1996 to 1997, when the cars were shaped by the FIA standards for first time in history I think and groves were introduced for a decade, well the aim was to reduce drag but at the same time they increased the security (drivers could run sticked to the track feeling confident about the car, but the speeds developed in certain spots were higher and the loss of control could be fatal).

      Kotenoks last blog post..F1Wolf left a comment for Nursyahir

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