2008 Prediction Game Round 18 Results and more

Well, the 2008 Formula 1 title was decided in the last corner and the same can be said about our little prediction game :-) . At the end it was the 25 points bonus for correct pre-season prediction of the 2008 F1 drivers champion that made the difference. Read on to find out the results of the final round as well as the winners of the MUMM bottles:

Round 18 results:

25 – Luis Miguel Sainz
24 – Fisheye
23 – blazena
23 – brabhamburger
21 – Rob The Flying Dutchman
21 – Draconte
20 – Steve Robertson, Ozzi, F1Wolf, stew, Ram
19 – Klokan, zblkhwk, Ben, kotenok, Rich, fatfish, Anthony Tellier
18 – Kaylen
17 – mcw3, nieuwe, Queen Bee, fantoci

Here is how the predictions went on the last third of the season (accumulated points from last 6 races):

105 – Ozzi
104 – blazena
103 – Luis Miguel Sainz
101 – Ben, brabhamburger
99 – zblkhwk
97 – Klokan, F1Wolf
96 – Draconte
94 – kotenok, mcw3
93 – Steve Robertson
87 – Ram
85 – fantoci
83 – stew, nieuwe
82 – Fisheye
79 – Rob The Flying Dutchman
76 – Queen Bee
62 – Kaylen
61 – fatfish
59 – Rich
57 – Arun
54 – deaddogsmoking
19 – Anthony Tellier
15 – daniel
14 – xxMarinaxx
14 – gertjan
13 – igi
7 – Luke

Ozzi, the winner of the last third will be getting his prize later this month – I am not sure yet what exactly will it be but it will come from the Macau Grand Prix that will be held in 2 weeks time in Macau. I will however need Ozzi to email me the delivery address.

Now the winner of the first MUMM bottle, for best average score (taken from top 12 scores). The points next to names represent the sum of best 12 scores of each player who took part in 12 or more rounds – It is Ozzi again:

224 – Ozzi – THE WINNER
218 – Klokan
215 – brabhamburger
214 – Steve Robertson
213 – zblkhwk
212 – Ben
209 – Ram
208 – stew
205 – kotenok
204 – Kaylen
203 – F1Wolf
203 – mcw3
201 – blazena
200 – Fisheye
200 – deaddogsmoking
199 – Rob The Flying Dutchman
199 – Queen Bee
193 – Luis Miguel Sainz
193 – Draconte
189 – nieuwe
189 – Rich
182 – igi
180 – fatfish
178 – fantoci
166 – Arun

And now the winner of the grand prize – 3 bottles of MUMM. With a corner to go in Brazil it was Klokan to collect the bubbles. I am sure Klokan was already jumping around expecting the champagne, but the sorry mate … The winner is Steve Robertson ! Congratulations !

2008 Prediction Game Final Standings

316 – Steve Robertson – THE WINNER
297 – Klokan
296 – zblkhwk
293 – Ben
288 – Ozzi
282 – kotenok
278 – blazena, F1Wolf
277 – stew
276 – mcw3
268 – brabhamburger
263 – Ram
254 – nieuwe
250 – deaddogsmoking
249 – Rob The Flying Dutchman
239 – Queen Bee
228 – Kaylen
217 – Luis Miguel Sainz
212 – Rich
208 – Fisheye
207 – igi
203 – fantoci
193 – Draconte
189 – Arun
180 – fatfish
168 – shaun
141 – daniel
107 – xxMarinaxx
73 – Arnel
67 – gertjan
63 – f1 portal
38 – Chobi
19 – Anthony Tellier
18 – dieGo
17 – Amrit, Raj
16 – joelsandeep
7 – Luke

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  1. StewNo Gravatar says:

    Congrats everyone who won!

    This was great fun the whole year and I will be back next year and for sure won’t miss the one race I did.

    F1Wolf you put on a great game.

  2. zblkhwkNo Gravatar says:

    Congrats to Robo! Well done!

    And also to Ozzi for a great finish!

    Thanks for another awesome year Wolf. I look forward to some colorful commentary this off season with all the changes that will take place before next year. And I will take my Podium finish, much better than last year, and look forward to another good finish next year.

  3. FantociNo Gravatar says:

    What a season. Congratulations to Mr. Robertson for winning the prediction game. Next year I will be visiting my local bet shop with your predictions.

  4. F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

    well, but what happened to Fantoci and Fatfish, the stars of 2007 season :-) yes they missed some rounds but look also at the averages :-)

    you must do better next year !

    great fun guys, thank you all for joining the little game ! Congrats to Steve Robertson, Ozzi and also Draconte who won the second stage.

    I am already thinking about 2009 season game having one or 2 little tweaks in mind. If you have any ideas or suggestions, let me know, either here or email me. but … if you want to go back to predictions after qualifying, forget it, that ain’t gonna happen :-)

  5. brabhamburgerNo Gravatar says:

    It was a bit disappointing season for me, no win throughout the season. I had high hopes for that last round and still only 4th place there.
    I like to see a complete prediction boxscore for all GP’s (similar to your “2008 Formula 1 Drivers Result Statistics”) to analyze easily how Roberston won it all or how Ozzi got that sick 224/12 score.
    Congratulations to winners and hamilton, condolence to Klokan and Massa…

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      that was a scary score from Ozzi 224/12, wasn’t it :-) I could not believe it myself, I checked several times but yes, that is what he scored :-)

      Good idea with the boxscore – I will convert the Excel table I keep to the HTML over the weekend and place it at the Prediction Game page http://www.f1wolf.com/prediction-game

  6. Thanks. I’m lost for words..

    Again, Mrs Robertson will be more than pleased.

    Steve Robertsons last blog post..No Publicity is Bad Publicity?

  7. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    If I had that plus 25 points I still wouldn’t have win the game, but I would be second!! HEHE Well, that-s my own mistake to have missed that first prediction :-) Anyway, the prediction game this season was fun to play and sometimes was a real thing trying to guess the results to get something at the end of the season ;-) Well done all the players and the scores this season has been pretty high, so there are plenty of wise man here :-) Next season hope it will be again a new version of this prediction game!!

    Thanks Wolf!!

    Kotenoks last blog post..ex-race-marshal

  8. zblkhwkNo Gravatar says:

    One suggestion, perhaps the ability to drop one race (take the best 17 scores of 18 races). There were a lot of good players who missed a week and were done. Of course, the only reason I was near the top is that I played all 18 weeks. I never won a week, and was only in the top 3 a couple times, yet placed P3 overall.

    I do have to say, that I thought I won one of the bottles of Mumm for P3. I interpreted your picture of the 3 bottles on the podium as the Magnum for P1 and the others for P2, P3. Oh well, probably just as well as my better half is expecting child 3 and she probably would get pissed if I popped a bottle of Mumm while she was the good mom.

    Other than that, I like the current format.

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      It is one of the tweaks I have in mind for next year to eliminate the worst result, that would also take care of the missed round

      sorry for the confusing picture :-) that is the photo I took in the lobby of my hotel in Montreal during the GP this year and it was meant purely for ilustration

  9. zblkhwkNo Gravatar says:

    No problem, like I said it probably is for the best anyway. It was a great season, and an unbelievable finish. I couldn’t believe he passed Glock. I was literally screaming for the rain to hold off. If it would have held for 30 more seconds, Massa would be world champion…30 seconds! All the money Ferrari spends, maybe they need to invest into weather control…LOL!


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