2008 Formula 1 – Wolf’s Driver rankings – Part 4 – 5th to 1st

Fernando Alonso returned Renault to the top of the podium

Fernando Alonso returned Renault to the top of the podium

Sebastian Vettel, Robert Kubica, Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa, Lewis Hamilton – arguably the class of the 2008 Formula 1 field. Picking these five for my top 5 was the easy part. But how to rank them from 5 to 1 ?

All these five drivers outclassed their team mates, in Alonso’s case brutally. Those two with very equal machinery finished the season almost equal – one with 1 more point, the other one with 1 more win. Those three with less comepetitve cars in hand did not hesitate and took their chances when they came their way. All of them however also lacked the consistency, all of them had their days off or periods of slump. So here is how I rank the top 5 drivers of 2008 Formula 1 season:

5th Felipe Massa

The only reason I placed him behind Hamilton is that he scored 1 less point. I needed a tie breaker and this 1 point has provided it :-)

4th Lewis Hamilton

The reason why both Hamilton and Massa are ranked behind my top 3 is that although they battled for the title till the very end they both threw too many points away during the season. They were lucky that Alonso, Kubica or Vettel had only Renault, BMW Sauber and Toro Rosso in their hands.

3rd Sebastian Vettel

This guy is good. He did not finish any of the first 4 races but then scored points in 9 out of the remaining 14 races. He made it 10 times to Q3 missing out only once in last 10 races. And he won the Italian GP fair and square. All this in a Toro Rosso car.

2nd Robert Kubica

He was long my favourite for the top spot in these rankings but the end season loss of form dropped him to 2nd place.

1st Fernando Alonso

I am not his fan, I can’t even say I like him, but at the moment I simply find him to be the most complete driver on the F1 grid. He struggled with uncompetitve car for better part of the season. Those days even finishing in points was a success. For the entire season Renault was no match for neither McLaren nor Ferrari. But from about half the season on the R28 started to perform at least a bit better. And this is what happens when Alonso gets at least a decent car:

Point totals from second half of the season – last 9 races:

Hamilton – 1 – 2 – 5 – 3 – 7 – 3 – 12 – 1 – 5 – 50 pts
Massa – 3 – DNF – 1 – 1 – 6 – 13 – 7 – 2 – 1 – 49 pts
Alonso – 11 – 4 – DNF – 4 – 4 – 1 – 1 – 4 – 2 – 48 pts

And this is even more scary, look at the last third of the season (the final 6 races):

Alonso – 4 – 4 – 1 – 1 – 4 – 2 – 43 pts
Massa – 1 – 6 – 13 – 7 – 2 – 1 – 33 pts
Hamilton – 3 – 7 – 3 – 12 – 1 – 5 – 28 pts

To see the rankings from 6 to 22 check the previous 3 posts:

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Photo: Renault/LAT

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  1. OzziNo Gravatar says:

    I would have to totally agree with your selection of the top 10 Wolf! I for one would love to see Fernando Alonso in a competitive car again… after all, it was him and Renault who took it to Schumacher at the end of his career!

  2. BenNo Gravatar says:

    I agree with your nr 1 pick. My top 5 would be.
    5. Webber who outclassed his team mate in a not so competitive car.
    4. Massa had a great season, but still lacked some consistancy.
    3. Hamilton drove like a worthy champ though perhaps too agressive, but don’t tell Schumacher that.
    2. Vettel I am amazed what he could accomblish in a Toro Rosso. It will be exiting to see him next year.
    1. Alonso was incredible in the last part of the season and dominated his team mate.

  3. zblkhwkNo Gravatar says:

    I am surprised by your ranking of Kubica. He was in the chase for the championship and completely fell off the pace the last four races scoring only 11 points, being outpaced by Heidfeld in three of four races. He was probably the best driver the first half, but when the pressure was on, he folded.

    Alonzo was fantastic again, and is probably the best driver in F1. Oh to see him driving for big red! Perhaps in 2010 if Kimi retires.

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      I see I am not alone in placing Alonso on top :-)

      re Kubica – it is matter of opinion of course. I had hard time to make up the order of the top 3, at the end I decided to put Kubica 2nd :-) I admit that the fact that he was still in the title fight with 2 races to go had something to do with that decision

  4. Jose ArellanoNo Gravatar says:

    totally agree on everything. EXCEPT hamilton better than massa, he scored one more point, but as for the drivers and only the drivers.. massa lost a lot points because of team errors, or engine failure!!

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