2008 F1Wolf’s Driver Of The Year Awards

The season of all the awards is here and F1Wolf is jumping on the wagon as well :-) . You already know my 2008 Formula 1 drivers rankings (in case you don’t please check them out – click here ). Now I would like to know what the regular and accidental readers of F1Wolf think about the 2008 Formula 1 drivers. There are 2 ways of voting:

1) If you want to take it easy simply choose the driver you think was the best driver of the 2008 season in the poll at the bottom of this post or on the left sidebar and click “Vote”. This vote will be worth 1 point for the selected driver.

2) Alternatively you can leave a comment below this post and list your top 3 drivers of the 2008 season in the specific order 1st, 2nd, 3rd. The top driver in each vote gets 3 points, 2nd one 2 points, 3rd 1 point.

You can choose either one of these options or both of them to give your best 2008 F1 driver more votes.

This voting will go on for 3 weeks from today, I will announce the results of the voting on December 15.

Of course the more people participate the more fair result will come out of it (hopefully :-) ) so please spread the message and get your friends to vote too !


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  1. RamNo Gravatar says:


  2. Sergio MNo Gravatar says:

    My top 3 is:

    – Fernando Alonso: in the half-season everybody (included me) thought that season was over. What a surprise! But even in the first ten races he showed signs of a great fit in the slow Renault.

    – Robert Kubica: his regularity has been impressive for me. He has also beaten a driver i like a lot, Nick Heidfeld. The loss in the BMW’s form at the end of the season was a pity.

    – Lewis Hamilton: He did it! although I do not like his behaviour, he deserves it. Amazing in rain and very very brave. The F1 needed a kind of driver like this.

    But the great revelation was Vettel. If everybody said he could do great things, nobody expected it came driving a Toro Rosso! Superb!

    Sergio Ms last blog post..Niño y Pistola – Culebra

  3. danielNo Gravatar says:

    top 3 would be;
    sebastian vettel (big surprise with little material)
    fernando alonso (world champion in a renaul if the season had started at spa..)
    lewis hamilton (hes just gotta be there..)

  4. brabhamburgerNo Gravatar says:

    1st Vettel
    2nd Massa
    3rd Hamilton

  5. OzziNo Gravatar says:

    I have to agree with Wolf on this one!

    1st F. Alonso
    2nd R. Kubica
    3rd S. Vettle

  6. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    Humm… It’s like to pick papers from a hat

    1st Fernando Alonso (shit, he’s terrific for still win races with that terrible car!!)
    2nd Robert Kubica (again achieved the purposes from BMW earlier than they planned)
    3rd Lewis Hamilton (did show himself great on wet conditions, and also showed himself dumb in several situations)

    Bad luck, in hte hat remain Vettel, Massa and Trulli.

    Kotenoks last blog post..RubberGoat

  7. BenNo Gravatar says:

    I would go
    1. Vettel
    2. Alonso
    3. Hamilton

  8. gruvenNo Gravatar says:

    Here’s my vote:

    1. Vettel
    2. Alonso
    3. Hamilton (I’d put Massa here if he won..)

  9. alexNo Gravatar says:

    1. Massa
    2. Alonso
    3. Vettel

  10. Luis Miguel SainzNo Gravatar says:

    1.- Vettel
    2.- Alonso

  11. F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

    very colorful votes so far guys, interesting no one in the comments placed Hamilton on top yet although he is collecting some serious points in the poll

  12. StewNo Gravatar says:

    1. Alonso
    2. Vettel
    3. Kubica

    Stews last blog post..New BMW Sauber Car on the Right Track

  13. meNo Gravatar says:

    voted, and my top 3:

    – alonso
    – vettel
    – kubica

  14. kaushalNo Gravatar says:

    my top 3:

    1) lewis hamilton(sorry guys but cant help :)
    2) vettel( great potential)
    3) Massa( this is beacuse he cried after brazilian GP and gave everything in that GP)

    kaushals last blog post..Singapore GP track to be altered

  15. kaushalNo Gravatar says:

    between can i add this POLL to my blog?
    this gonna help u to get more people to vote..

    kaushals last blog post..Singapore GP track to be altered

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      thanks for the offer but the plugin I am using only offers the option of placing the poll on one site so unfortunately it is at the moment technically impossible to place the same poll on other sites. but I may think about this for the future

  16. 1) Alonso (I’m not his biggest fan, but he’s a true tactician)
    2) Vetell (for the performance of the season)
    3) Hamilton (did just enough to be no.3)

    Steve Robertsons last blog post..Another Weekend and it’s Cold

  17. BrunoNo Gravatar says:

    Top 3

    1) Lewis Hamilton
    2) Robert Kubica
    3) Fernando Alonso

    Massa would have come a close 4th, but didn’t make the cut sorry…

    Brunos last blog post..Valentino Rossi, Seb.Loeb in F1 test drive

  18. MarcNo Gravatar says:

    1)Lewis Hamilton
    2) Vettel
    3) Massa

    Marcs last blog post..Jacques Villeneuve Fastest in Dubai Autodrome Speedcar Testing

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  20. naderNo Gravatar says:


  21. MarkNo Gravatar says:

    Given the large number of mistakes and penalties, Ferrari and McL drivers are out of it. With that said here are my three.

    1. Alonso – No one out drove his car more then he did. Showed all season why he is a 2X champ.
    2. Robert Kubica – Had an outside chance of taking title with a 2nd tier car. One of THE most consistent drivers.
    3. Vettal – Future world champion? Wouldn’t be surprised at all.

  22. klokanNo Gravatar says:

    I go for :
    1. Alonso (for second half of the season)
    2. Vettel (fantastic performance on the car he had)
    3. Massa (most wins and the way he was racing)

  23. fatfishNo Gravatar says:

    1) hami
    2) ALonso

  24. JamieNo Gravatar says:

    its been a good season


    1st. Fernando Alonso- he finished only 14 points behind kimi and kubica!! how is this even possible?????????
    2nd. Kubica- Awesome. real impressive this year
    3rd. Felipe Massa- was impressed with him this year. a real fighter and probably the nicest person on the grid

    the reason lewis and kimi arent on here is because i dont think they were good enough. kimi was just terrible most the time and lewis made too many mistakes to be granted the best driver. however, he is world champion

  25. benalfNo Gravatar says:

    1) Fernando Alonso; he show how a dog can win races with a little of unfrozen engine
    2) Felipe Massa; won the most GP; his team let him down; he grew a lot as a driver this year
    3) Lewis Hamilton; not enough consistent over the season, he deserved the title as much as Massa
    4) Robert Kubica; the most consistent driver in the season. . . BMW needs to do more
    5) Sebastian Vettel; a star in the making!

  26. zblkhwkNo Gravatar says:

    1 – Hamilton – simple, he won the championship
    2 – Alonzo – got more out of his car than anyone else, oh to give him a competitive car
    3 – Vettel – flashes of absolute brillance, won with a car not meant to win. What a future he has!

  27. draconteNo Gravatar says:

    F. Alonso: he did it a great half season and put renault in the right way
    S. Vettel: i think the same that Mark is a future world champion, this year he show us that is a great driver in wet races maybe better than Alonso and schumacher.
    R. Kubica: he was very regular along the season. He made a better job than the favourites guys ( Kimi, Hamilton, Massa) with the worst of the top cars.

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  29. Flying DutchmanNo Gravatar says:

    1- Massa: He actually delivered, when his team and 2007 world champ teammate failed.
    2- Glock: Quick and consistent rookie. Pushed his teammate Trulli and Toyota to better results
    3 ?
    Should be Vettel, I suppose. Very promissing indeed. Continued to show his talents.
    Driver of the year 2007? Yes. 2008? No! 2009? Fair change

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  31. FormulaonefanNo Gravatar says:

    Mine would be:

    1. Rubens Barrichelo (For performing well despite the quality of the Honda)
    2. Adrian Sutil (For his brilliant drive at Monaco and hhis supreme skills in the wet)
    3. Nick Heidfeld (Even though many thought Kubica outperformed him Heidfeld still managed the results and should have won at Canada if not for team orders)

  32. Toro Rosso are the bestNo Gravatar says:

    Even though this is after the voting time I would still like to have my say even if it doesnt count.

    1. Sebastien Bourdais
    2. Gincarlo Fisichella
    3. Nico Rosberg


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