Walk (Drive) Around The Singapore Formula 1 Track – Part 3

The Countdown to Singapore Grand Prix continues with another refreshed older post, this time Part 3 of track walk. This is how the Singapore GP track and the facilities looked back in June. This post was originally published on F1 Wolf on June 13, 2008.

It’s has been half a year since I walked the Singapore F1 track. The pictures in Part 1 and Part 2 posts are from December 2007. So it is about the time to have a look how things have changed … Last weekend my envoys in Singapore Bob, Yvonne & fatfish hopped in a small blue racing car to drive around and take some pictures. Here is how it looks in Singapore with little over 3 months to go before Singapore Grand Prix:

It was a cloudy day so we have a chance to see how the track may look in the wet.

Clouds over Singapore June 2008

Starting with the pitlane construction – here is an obvious difference – the buildings are already shaping up …

Pit Building Construction Singapore

Pit Building Construction Singapore

Pit Building Construction Singapore

Pit Building Construction Singapore

The area around first few corners is likely still not accessible as it was the case back in December, so the next set of pictures is from the Republic Boulevard going towards the turn 5. Looks like the lighting poles have been erected here already. When looking at the photos remember that the Formula 1 race will go against the usual flow of traffic.

lights go up at republic boulevard between t4 and t5

Republic Boulevard

Republic Boulevard towards t5

Turn 5

Turn 5

a view of t5 - car going the wrong direction

Now the pictures from the quickest part of the track, works still going on here …

passing marina mandarin towards t7

Here is Turn 9:

Turn 9

And here we go via One Raffles Link towards Turn 10:

Construction at one raffles link

Here we turn to the St. Andrews Road, lighting and new asphalt obviously there already:

heading down to t10

st. andrews rd

lights along st. andrews rd

There are some roadworks done to widen the approach towards the Anderson Bridge, next is the Fullerton Hotel where the cars will take left turn towards the Esplanade Bridge.

work being done to widen stretch towards anderson bridge

fullerton hotel at turn 14

Most of the roads forming the Singapore track have been resurfaced already. This picture shows quite well the new F1 ready road surface.

turn 14

And now the wet Esplanade Bridge:

esplanade bridge

esplanade bridge

Here we skip a bit where not much has changed and jump towards the Turns 17, 18 and 19 – Turning towards viewing gallery and going through the tunnel under it. This part of the track was still fenced off in December when I walked it.

Turn 17

Turn 17

stretch between t17 and t18

going into t18

Turn 18

seating gallery between t18 t19

heading towards t19

seating gallery tunnel

Singapore Flyer

After the Singapore Flyer the track turns back to the start finish line and the lap is complete.

Here is the blue race car (with the name of its crew’s favourite restaurant on the window) that drove the photo crew around the track last weekend.

And here is the crew – Bob, Yvonne and fatfish – thanks guys !

Well, and in case you need something to help you to make sense out of these photos, here is the map of the track with the street names:


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Force India
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15. Adrian SUTIL
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17. Valtteri BOTTAS
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