So Fernando Alonso will drive for two teams in 2010

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso

Is that possible ? If the words in F1 paddock and speculations are to be believed it is not only possible but dead certain.

Word in Monaco paddock back in May was that Fernando Alonso inked a deal with Ferrari that would see the double world champion racing in the red car from 2010. Whom would he replace was not said that time. Just for the record, Felipe Massa will still be under contract with Ferrari in 2010, Kimi Raikkonen will not, unless he signs some extension.

The speculations that emerged shortly after the Belgian GP claim that Fernando Alonso just signed three years deal with BMW Sauber and would partner his buddy Robert Kubica from 2009. (There were almost immediately also speculations sending Nick Heidfeld to Renault but that is another story). Official announcement is to come after Monza race.

So, it is BMW Sauber in 2009 and then both BMW Sauber and Ferrari from 2010 for Fernando Alonso. Who would have predicted that :-) .

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  1. zblkhwkNo Gravatar says:

    My guess is that if he signed with BMW, that he has out clauses in one, or both deals. He probably has an out with Ferrari should they not meet certain performance goals in 09. His BMW contract probably is a one year deal with two years of options, or an out clause after year one.

    It looks like Alonso is “hedging his bets”. After his performance this year, it appears that BMW and Ferrari will give him top dollar and play his game to bring him on board.

  2. zblkhwkNo Gravatar says:


    On a separate and completely unrelated note, I am heading out to the MotoGP race in Indy in a few hours and am not sure I will have the ability to send in my predictions as I will only have my Blackberry. Here are my picks. I will try to find a computer Friday night to enter them on the prediction post.

    pole massa
    fast lap kimi


    I tried emailing you, but I believe it bounced back. Sorry for the inconvenience! Go Ferrari, or is that Hayden this weekend…lol.

  3. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    Who could imagine that Fernando Alonso would race almost the entire number of the F1 teams??? This seems to me an enormous but at the same time ridiculous rumor.

    He raced in Minardi, so that means he has also been at Force India, and for the most puritan in the extinct Spyker :P He had a successful period with the World Champion Renault, there is also a “year of glory” at the non-World-Champion McLaren and again a singular season in the far away World Champion Renault in 2008.
    He has been attached at the early pre-season 2008 to Williams, RedBull, Renault, Toyota, Honda, BMW and again to McLaren (that’s bizaree). Frank Williams can’t afford a year of rather success for losing Nico Rosberg for the plans of the Rebirth, RedBull’s Christian Horner said he has no free room confirming Coulthard for another season, Honda told several different things, it seemed to me the relationship was a kind of love-hate and could be serious, but at the end nothing was confirmed or seemed nonsense when they confirmed their drivers for the 2008 season. Toyota and BMW were the most cool on that theme, they showed interest but were careful about the rumors, cause the drivers were already confirmed time ago. About McLaren… That was very unlikely, but there were some who had strong beliefs in “fairy tales”. And finally the Spanish driver ended in the 2008’s line-up of Renault F1 Team, with a driver switch with McLaren, the un-employed Heikki Kovalainen found a job there.

    Pretty funny it was then :-)

    And now? What’s about the future? He’s being settled in Honda, BMW and Ferrari. I thought the contracts within F1 were very juicy, about millions of dollars, and I didn’t imagine that the drivers needed moonlighting, anyway it seems so!!! Ferrari could have signed a pre-contract for 2010. BMW could already own one starting in 2009, for several seasons? Maybe, Fernando, doesn’t like sushi dishes or the Honda’s car performance, they’re located in worse position than Renault this season (I believe that Super Aguri could outperform them again this season, so that was the move on the chessboard!).

    Renault could lose again the highest value of the team’s potential? If this happens, I would say they’re the only F1 team which hits the same stone twice and falls :-P

    I think these rumors are pretty funny guys :-) Let’s see what happens!! I think the sense of humor of the press sources is pretty big HEHE!

    Kotenoks last blog post..Ferrari_Alex

  4. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    Ah!! I messed up the comment :-P You’re right, then Alonso actually has been in Toro Rosso ;-) Of course Spyker and Force India are in england, that means the old team from Eddie Jordan :-) I usually confuse that teams which had a short life: Jaguar, Midland, Spyker and Force India.

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