Singapore Grand Prix – Few updates and a video !



We still have the final race of the European Formula 1 season before F1 moves to Asia, but there has been some news on Singapore GP (September 26-28, 2008). So before starting the previews of Italian GP, here are some updates on the first Formula 1 night race in Singapore as well as a video of a lap on this F1 night track:

The final schedule for Formula 1 sessions has been announced:

Friday: Practice 1 – 7pm to 8:30pm, Practice 2 – 9:30pm to 11pm
Saturday: Practice 3 – 7pm to 8pm, Qualifying 10pm – 11pm
Sunday: Race at 8pm

This means that now all Formula 1 sessions will be run after sunset giving the drivers more time to test in the night conditions.

There also have been some good news for fans who like to take some photos during the race. The original terms and conditions ruled out use of cameras with focal length bigger than 200mm (booo) and tripods (booo once again). This is no longer the case. Here is what the email from the organizers sent out lat weekend says:

Cameras and Tripods
Thanks for your feedback here and again we have some positive changes to report. The restriction on lens focal length and tripods (including monopods) has been removed. However, tripods and monopods may not be used in grandstands or in locations where they may block other spectators views. All are now allowed subject to a strict personal use policy. The rights to all images belong to Formula One Management Ltd, and cannot be used for any commercial purpose without the express approval of the company. By agreeing to enter the circuit, you have agreed that the images captured are solely for your personal (amateur) use only. We reserve the right to remove any photographic/videographic equipment from the park should we feel are meant for commercial purposes.

But forget about an umbrella if you have a seat in a grandstand (and if you plan to sit in front of me :-) )


Umbrellas will now also be allowed to be brought into the Circuit Park. However they MUST NOT be used at the grandstands as they pose safety threats, as well as interfere with others from enjoying the race. We will be selling packets of single-use raincoats that are bundled with earplugs, at a cost of only SGD$2 per pack. All profits arising from the sale of the items will be donated to the Singapore Red Cross Society and St Johns Ambulance, both registered charities in Singapore.

And now the highlight of this post – the virtual lap on the Singapore F1 track with Mark Webber in Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel in Toro Rosso !

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To see pictures from the walk around the Singapore track, check these 3 posts:

Singapore walk part 1
Singapore walk part 2
Singapore walk part 3

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  1. CraigNo Gravatar says:

    Wow, that Red Bull video makes it look awesome!!!

    So jealous that you are going to see this first-hand!

    Craigs last blog post..Belgian GP 2008 : My final thoughts – pending appeal of course

  2. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    The compilation of your posts is good for those who missed one (I didn’t miss HEHE), but I notice that the evolution of the circuit has been great :-) Now hopefully that all that law paragraphs aren’t that strict and you can enjoy the race as any other race you assisted, but at nighttime :-) Anyway, it’s good that the organization gives some more chances to take pics and also making being sure that everybody enjoys the race without anything or anybody disturbing the view. How many times we have seen that F1 fans with strange costumes which molest the spectators? F1 is a great carnival event, but it’s fair to feel comfortable seeing the races :-) Not sure about that marketing and commercial rights, but well… Not many are that well known as Keith Sutton for taking any economical profit.

    Kotenoks last blog post..Ferrari_Alex

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