Seventeen Things You Should Know To Enjoy the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix

The Singapore GP organizers have this nice habit of keeping the ticket holders up to date with all the changes. Following their previous good news message on photo and video equipment I found another one in my mailbox today. The highlight – We can bring a bottle of water with us without risk of having it confiscated at the gates (as was the case in Valencia this year and as has been the case in Sepang or Shanghai forever :-) )!

I cut the original twenty things down to seventeen – here is the list of what I believe are some useful tips for those who perhaps haven’t received the email and are planning to go to the Singapore GP track this weekend:

1. What To Wear

Singapore’s climate is generally warm and humid all year, with September’s daily mean temperature expected to hover around 27.8°C. If you plan to arrive earlier (1-5pm) at the Circuit Park, you should slap on some sun block, and don’t forget your sunglasses.

2. Right Ticket For The Right Day

This applies to multi-day pass holders, including those going to corporate hospitality suites. Always check your tickets and passes carefully each day before leaving home for the circuit, otherwise, you could find yourself stranded at the gate. Each day is clearly marked on the ticket. Double check!

3. Travel Light

Due to detailed security screening, the fewer things you carry, the faster your clearance process will be. Try and avoid bringing large bags. Even better if you bring no bags! For security reasons, do not bring food into the Circuit Park, though we allow one small bottle of drinking water (in a clear container) per ticketholder. The park is already dotted with many F&B outlets to meet all your needs.

4. Don’t Bring Prohibited Items

A list of prohibited items can be found on our website, as well at all gates. Kindly scrutinise the list before leaving home, as there will be no facility for you to “check in” banned items at the gate. The other alternative for those who fail to comply, is for them to bin the items on-the-spot. Check the list to avoid a wasted trip. (Bummer here, I can’t find the list anywhere :-) )

5. Use Public Transport

There will be a severe shortage of parking near the Circuit Park, not to mention road closures. Take the train, take the bus, or walk, but as far as possible, leave your car at home.

6. It’s A Street Circuit So Be Prepared To Walk!

Make sure that you wear comfortable walking shoes, even if you hold a corporate hospitality suite ticket. There is a fair amount of walking involved in order to get from the gates right to the doorstep of the suites and grandstands. There are a wide range of attractions around the Circuit Park, so walking will be something you might eventually end up enjoying.

7. Allow Extra Time To Get To The Venue

As this is the largest sporting event Singapore had ever hosted, a significant amount of time will be needed to screen everyone at the gates. It could look like everyone is checking in to catch a flight, so be prepared to spend some time queuing up. Your patience will certainly be most appreciated here.

8. Make Sure You Arrive At The Right Gate

Grandstand ticket holders should use the preferred gate as per printed on the back of the ticket as this will be the shortest route to the seat. You can use a different gate (except Gate 1) if you prefer. IMPORTANT: If your ticket does not state Gate 1 on the back don’t go there as access is restricted and it’s a long walk to Gate 2!. The actual location of the gates can be found at

9. Ticketing Problem On Race Days

Ticketing booths will be open at Gates 1A, 2, 3, 5 and 7 during the race weekend to assist those who have ticketing problems.

10. Even If It Looks Like It Won’t Rain…

Buy a Survival Kit as you enter the circuit park as all grandstands are uncovered. The kit consisting of a poncho and a set of earplugs is only $2 and will be on sale at all the entry gates. You can use the earplugs for all days and keep the poncho in reserve for when you need it. It’s a long walk back to the gate if it starts to rain. All profits from the sale will go to charity.

11. It Is Business As Usual

The Marina Square, Esplanade, and Singapore Flyer will be open for business as usual and are accessible to all ticket holders. Nearby malls like those at the Suntec area will continue to be accessible to the public, and some are planning to extend their opening hours.

12. Make A Day Of It

While Formula 1 activities begin after 7pm each day, it does not mean that there is nothing exciting happening on the track before that. If you are an early bird, you might be just as thrilled by the on-track action during the Aston Martin Asia Cup, Formula BMW Pacific, and Porsche Carrera Cup Asia. These support races take place throughout the three days.

13. What Is On The Menu?

Besides a wide array of food from some of Singapore’s most renowned restaurants and caterers there are lots of food stalls serving a wide variety of food once you are in the Circuit Park, including halal and vegetarian. It is cash payment at most F&B outlets in the Circuit Park, so make sure you come prepared. There are several automated teller machines located all over the Circuit Park, which are indicated on the map.

14. Entertainment

It does not matter whether you are an early bird or not, as we have lined up an array of top-notch performers for your entertainment. Some of our international performers include The Wailers (Jamaica), Cyril Niccolai (France), Carl Cox (UK), The Fab Four (Australia), and Richard Jackson (the US). Local performers include Soul Circle, K’ASS, and Alemay Fernandez.

15. Merchandise

There is a range of official merchandise that you can only purchase once you are in the Circuit Park. This is different from the merchandise that is currently on sale outside the circuit, and is our way of thanking you for your support for the race.

16. How Much Time Does It Take To Get Out After The Race?

It is impossible for over 100,000 spectators to vacate the Circuit Park in mere minutes, due to the limited number of exits as well as logistical constraints imposed on any temporary circuit. It is not uncommon to take between one to two hours to clear other Grand Prix circuits, and we do not expect Singapore to be an exception.

17. How To Get Home or to hotel

Full details on all the transportation options including MRT, Buses and taxi stands are available from If you want to avoid the rush after the race, sit back and enjoy the live entertainment that will be provided throughout the Circuit Park. Trains will run until 01.30 at City Hall MRT during the race weekend, so there is no real need to hurry.

For those who do not have enough yet, here the link to my own list of things to pack before going to F1 race.

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    HEHE Remember me to write the same about my home Grand Prix :-)

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