Farewell to grooves ! A short photo history of grooved tyres in F1

1998 grooved F1 tyres

1998 grooved F1 tyres

Italian GP was the last European F1 race to feature the grooved tyres (not much though due to rain). There are only four more fly-away races left this season and then the grooves (along with other ugly things) will be gone, hopefully for good. Hated by many fans the grooves have been with us for 11 seasons since 1998. Back then in 1998 Goodyear was still F1 tyre supplier and Bridgestone started only their 2nd F1 season after their 20 year hiatus. Now however we are about to see the last of them. Here is a brief look at the short history of modern grooved Formula 1 tyres.

Originally with 3 circumferential grooves on the front tyres and 4 on the rear ones they were introduced in order to slow down the cars. From 1999 the front tyres received the 4th groove as well.

1999 grooved F1 tyres

1999 grooved F1 tyres

In 1999 and 2000 all the grooves were supplied by Bridgestone, the sole tyre supplier at that time. But then in 2001 Michelin re-entered the sport after 16 year absence starting several years of tyre war not known since Michelin and Pirelli departed in 80s. The tyre rules remained pretty much the same until 2005 when the single tyre rule was introduced. The tyre changes were banned, the drivers could only use one set of tyres during qualifying and the race (with some provisions for punctures and wet weather conditions). Some say it was an effort to end the Ferrari dominance. If that was the case it worked.

2005 grooved Michelin F1 tyres

2005 grooved Michelin F1 tyre

This rule only lasted for a year. The Indianapolis Michelin fiasco, Kimi Raikkonen’s high speed tyre failure at Nurburgring contributed to the decision to bring the tyre changes back in 2006. The events of 2005 also lead to introduction of single tyre supplier and control tyres from 2008. Following the withdrawal of Michelin from F1 the single tyre supplier and control tyres came to effect in 2007, a season earlier than planned.

2008 grooved F1 tyres hard

2008 grooved F1 tyre hard

To spice up the racing a bit and keep people talking about tyres Bridgestone guys have been supplying two different tyre compounds – soft and hard (prime and option or option and prime) – each car having to use both sets during the race. They marked the softer compound with a white dot on the sidewall for the 2007 Australian GP. Nobody could however see it and so from the 2007 Malaysian GP onwards the softer compound tyres have had one of the grooves painted white …

2008 grooved F1 tyres soft

2008 grooved F1 tyres soft

So four more racess to go in 2008, the last four for the grooves. When the F1 returns in 2009, the cars will sport slicks, last seen in F1 racing back in 1997 …

1997 slick F1 tyres

1997 slick F1 tyres

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Photos: Williams/LAT, Renault/LAT

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  1. Good riddance. Jacques Villeneuve slated Max Mosley for bringing these wretched things in in ’98, and I think his criticisms have been proven correct. I think it’s very telling that not a single other major series would countenance running on them, except GP2, which ditched them after a single season (2005). Can’t wait to see the whole F1 field racing on proper slicks again.

    Keith Collantines last blog post..Oops. Did we curse Toyota?

  2. […] The winter testing for 2009 Formula One season begins in Barcelona today. The are is some added excitement about the testing this winter as all the teams will have to come up with brand new cars for next season, very different from the 2008 Formula 1 machinery. So far all we have had were speculations, more speculations, and few photos of Williams wings. Today BMW Sauber put their new wings to test (and public display) – large, wide and low front wing, small, narrow and high rear wing. That “Credit Suisse” painted part of the front wing seems to the movable one. All the winglets, horns and mini fins are gone. They still however run the car with grooved tyres, but those will not be used in Formula 1 from 2009 season. […]

  3. […] 1998 was also the season when the grooved tyres arrived … McLaren-Mercedes Ferrari […]

  4. […] tyres will return for the first time since 1997 season replacing the grooved ones. Bridgestone will supply four different compounds – super sof, soft, […]


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