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However unlikely it might have looked few weeks ago there may be some (not much but some) Honda logic behind Alonso to Honda move. But as it has become Fernando’s habit, he keeps sending out very conflicting signals or whatever he says is twisted and edited by the media. As a result his mind is very difficult to read. On Monday it looked like the Honda move is very possible, after but then I read his latest comments to Cadena Ser radio on Renault and their chances in 2009:

“Honestly I think it’s difficult, because although there are going to be completely new rules… Next year there could be changes, but I’ve never seen a car that’s fighting at the back one year then sweep the field the next. It’s always step by step. So it’s hard to close the gap, whether it’s the aerodynamics, the engine, or the tyres. Whatever our problems are, we’d have to work very hard to close that gap. But, to be honest, it’s going to be difficult to move ahead of them (top teams), and to make a car that will be superior to theirs.”

Now I am not sure if this is a message to Renault or to Honda … It is clear Alonso has his doubts about Renault’s ability to make the leap ahed of Ferrari or McLaren. But the car fighting at the back this year but hoping to sweep the field in the next, that description fits Honda very well … What would be the logic for him to switch from Renault to Honda now ? None, unless he plans to do a Schumi and take the time to build with Ross Brawn the title winning team around himself… In that case Honda better hold on to Barrichello :-) .




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  1. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    I’m still getting surprised from whatever written, and not in these website but in others which are provided with “great” sources. How the hell it came to say he want to sit on Honda in spite of choosing a winning team and have it even easier to make it the next world champion team for several years? I’m not talking just about the Ferrari which really looks likely to be the option for 2010, but there could be also interested BMW with a good pocket of money for his services also, anyway that’s less logical after all, they’re seeking a couple of drivers which suit to each other and Alonso may be not the guy. And there were words about Toyota lately and Honda, that’s surprising!!! Isn’t it a kind of war between the Japanese teams to get some headlines? Because being an opportunity for Fernando Alonso to get a better car than Renault in these F1 teams could be very unlikely. Anyway they got monster budgets and the smell of money could call him, as something else calls flies on the fields.
    But to me… It looks that he won’t be that risky again, money doesn’t mean much when already has lots of it. Isn’t it more possible that he would seek a seat which secures him some results? Better than the pressure of getting results with a mediocre car.

    Kotenoks last blog post..Jose

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      The Honda move would be surprise, and although Honda guys inculding Brawn and Fry make no secret of their desire to sign Alonso I also do wonder if there is any desire from Alonso’s side to join them now …

      Here is one story –

      While BMW would be an option for him, again why take the risk and go to a team that at this moment does not even perform better than Renault …

      I think he will stick with Renault next year, but weirder things than his move to Honda would be has happened in F1 :-)

      Perhaps you can let us know what the talk is in Spanish media

  2. […] Back to that Alonso to Honda story – F1 WolfInteresting thought from Milos. I originally thought about Renault when I saw that quote, but it is true that it applies more to Honda. "I’ve never seen a car that’s fighting at the back one year then sweep the field the next." […]

  3. Black ZeddNo Gravatar says:

    It’s 2 years in a row headlines are made about Alonso’s next move – in the middle of the season. I think it’s time he shuts up and proves he’s a loyal chap for once.

    Honda will be a relatively terrible choice, and with rumors Raikonnen’s seat will be vacant in 2010, he might as well stay with Renault next season..

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      well, I am afraid “Where will Alonso go” question will be on cards 3rd year in a row again next season unless he will be in Ferrari by then :-)

  4. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    I think and guess that any driver is afraid about how much magnified get their words in the world of press. I can’t imagine a driver shutting up, because they usually remain private their thoughts, but sometimes it looks incredible how press gather some information and takes them out of context. As for me, Alonso is a kind of driver which has bad relationship with the press, and he’s one of the drivers which likes to remain his future and feelings private, if not obviously her has been mocked by somebody (as last year, he had some reasons). Anyway, did he behave that bad last year? I guess no, he’s really disciplined guy and much of the controversy was created just by TV channels, news papers and journalists. Anyway, I believe he sits in a Renault again, and believe that no matter what press will tell he will keep mute and remain in high value the offers from other teams, after all this interest rises his handicap.

    Kotenoks last blog post..Jose

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