2009 F1 Drivers Line Up – Glock, Alonso and Ross Brawn

My prediction for 2009 drivers line up does not expect many changes except some shuffle in Red Bull / Toro Rosso following Coulthard’s retirement and Vettel’s move to Red Bull proper and perhaps some refreshment over in Force India.

After McLaren confirmed Heikki Kovalainen last week Toyota guys also seem to agree with me :-) . Following Timo Glock’s maiden podium the team has announced they intend to keep both their drivers for 2009 season. This does not come as a big surprise. This move by Toyota would very likely also mean that Kazuki Nakajima will continue at Williams.

It however looks like Honda and Renault may be out to spoil my 2009 drivers prediction. Honda are either desperate to get Alonso on board no matter what or confident that their 2009 package will be so good that Alonso will stop dreaming his 2010 Ferrari dream. Ross Brawn gave Honda’s intentions revealing answer to Autosport when asked about the Alonso situation:

“I think any team would want to have a longer term deal – any driver for one year is difficult. But if you have one year and do well, then it becomes two years and three years. It depends how well you do. I am sure the McLaren deal was more than a one-year deal and that didn’t last beyond a year.

Fernando is one of the top drivers in F1. And I think every team apart from one in the pitlane would welcome him. We are no different, but whether it happens, who knows?”

Not what Rubens Barrichello wants to hear unless of course Button’s future plans do not include Honda.

You can follow the 2009 drivers line up development at the 2009 Season page (click here). This page also includes the 2009 F1 race calendar (at this moment provisional).

Photos: Renault / LAT, Honda F1 Racing, Toyota Motor Corp.

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  1. camNo Gravatar says:

    My question is, if Rubens gets the boot, would he go to a team like Force India?

    Also, if Jenson gets the boot, is any other team willing to deal with him? Is HE even willing to race anywhere else at a HUGE cut in pay?

    Alonso is an excellent development driver, and even having his services for just one season could give Honda a lot of data to work with.

    Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised that IF Honda brought on Alonso, that they would dump BOTH their drivers and take on a rookie to be #2 to Alonso. Remember Honda has a young driver program, and to offset Alonso’s big salary I’m sure they would love to bring on a rookie that they hardly pay at all.

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      well everything is possible, but Honda at the moment does not seem to be short of money but short of good car. I think Ross Brawn’s goal now would probably be the strongest driver line up he can attract to the team

      re Barrichello – would Force India need a driver like Barrichello ? would he bring to the team any more than Fisichella can ? I am afraid if Honda says bye to Rubens it will be F1 game over for him …

      re Button – Renault, BMW may have vacancies at the end of the season, Toro Rosso has a vacancy. I think one of them would take Button on board if he were to become available

  2. alonso to honda would be possible if renault where not getting better, but they are. and i dont think alonso would make another gamble like he did this year…..

    • camNo Gravatar says:

      You make an excellent point.

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      It was not really Alonso’s gamble to go back to Renault. He did not have any choice. He was let go by McLaren and there was not really anywhere else for him to go.

      If I were him I would also stay put for another year. Not because Renault are getting better but because no one knows who will be good and who won’t next after will all brand new cars and new aero rules … any move ahead of next year is a gamble

  3. zblkhwkNo Gravatar says:

    I would say a lot depends on where Ferrari ends up at the end of this year. If they do not win the drivers or constructors championship, look for a big change which could drive them to pay the big $ for Alonzo.

    Sauber is also one piece of a puzzle short of catching up to Ferrari and McLaren. Alonzo could fill that gap as well. Although, that would mean racing against Kubica and neither of those two are going to accept the second position on a team.

  4. […] it might have looked few weeks ago there may be some (not much but some) Honda logic behind Alonso to Honda move. But as it has become Fernando’s habit, he keeps sending out very conflicting signals or […]

  5. mikelNo Gravatar says:

    Fernando alonso is one of the best f1 driver on the grid

  6. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    Well finally some news which confirms it officially :-) Raikkonen and Massa will share the efforts with Ferrari for the titles in 2009! Not bad, and it was looking like it will be. But certainly, this will shut up these who were sitting Alonso in Ferrari (very unlikrly while there are two drivers who still are in contract for next season).
    What will be next for Alonso then??? It’s know that Ross Brawn gets all what has on his mind, but just with great effort and not miracles, so I do not see him on Honda until the results better, but Barichello’s performance is a great alarm… Jenson isn’t much better lately… Honda came from the glory into two horrible seasons… And that’s it, without a good car Alonso hasn’t chances to better what is happening in Renault, why he should leave? Another choice may be BMW Sauber, and that can be serious, if not-so-kick Nick doesn’t better much… I doubt that BMW is seeking some more victories in their plans. I would say him already: “there is the door”, and call Klien to try (does somebody imagine what would happen if they didn’t sell Vettel??? I Imagine that Dr. Theissen, Rampf and Sauber are already pulling away the rest of their few hairs).

    So what next? Soon the entire grid will be full :-)

    Kotenoks last blog post..Jose


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