Will Super Aguri auction kickstart a new F1 team project ?

Super Aguri F1 Team

As reported earlier the assets of now defunct Super Aguri F1 team will be sold in auction later this month. The items for sale are to include Formula 1 car, transporters and tractor units, vehicles, race & test equipment, plant & machinery and merchandise (including clothing, luggage and personal accessories).

It has also been reported that Adrian Campos may be interested in buying what’s left of Super Aguri. This follows the earlier rumours about Campos and Agag buying into Super Aguri while the team was still (barely) alive and kicking. Campos’ interest in Super Aguri bits and pieces renewed some speculations that he may be planning Formula 1 entry. But if that would be the case, why wait till the team disappears and not buy into it while all the structure is in place and team is part of Formula 1 ?

Yes, it is possible that the still useful assets like transporters and factory equipment may now be available for bargain prices. But the team is no longer in Formula 1, people are gone and with all the changes coming to effect from 2009 season the Super Aguri Formula 1 car has now become only a collector piece.

Will the Super Aguri auction kickstart a new Formula 1 team project ? Very very unlikely …

Photo: Super Aguri

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  1. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    I imagine that many of the most useful parts went back to Honda, where they originally came from, chassis and the livery package. As they blocked the cars of Super Aguri in Brackley some time ago, that shall mean they have interest to save them (from espionage maybe? :P ).

    I guess production machinery could be cheaper found out in the USA competitions, after all there are more kinds of championships there and more racing teams there than in Europe. Motorsports in Europe are currently stronger in Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain and France. Being mostly modified touring cars, rally spec cars and high performance motorbikes from different cylinder volumes, so creating new teams dedicated to open wheel cars isn’t that easy even in the motherland of the F1. The machinery from Aguri Suzuki’s team could be rather useful, but an auction is always an auction, and not stock sales, and they will want to win a pretty big amount of money.

    That Campos and Agag re-take their projects to come into F1 early than planned is very unlikely now, if they didn’t have enough budget or interest to take SA, how they could build a new team??? As you say, that’s very unlikely. I even wrote about that news, which was already unlikely for me to see Agag as investor, I would like to see a Spanish F1 team, but not ruled by Alejandro Agag , I feel him closer to the F1 management than ruling his own team (and I hope it doesn’t happen).

    The auction is just what it is, a collection of objects for those who own enough money for create their own museum. The spare parts and assets could be distributed through the whole world, and many of them could be re-sold in some time, going further and further. In the beginning, I thought that maybe these companies which provide a shakedown of 10 laps for big-wallet clients could take the SA cars for some runs, what else could be done with such a slowly car as the RA108… Oups! I meant the SA08 :)

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      you brought up an interesting point – “espionage” :-) I do not mean the espionage in the true sense. But if I remember well, when someone buys an old F1 car in auction for a collection, that person has to wait for a year or so to actually get it – basically wait till the car bcomes obsolete. At least that is what I remember happened when some of the Ferrari title winning cars were sold in recent years.

      Not sure if the same would apply to Super Aguri or not now that the team is defunct and the design is a year old (and lousy :-) ) Honda


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