2009 Formula 1 Sporting and Technical Regulations

I have been checking out the FIA website and I realized that the 2009 Sporting and Technical regulations have already been published. Both documents are quite long (43 and 63 pages) so it would take some time to spot all the changes Max and company made. After a quick read it is clear however that there are still some amendments to come. Not much is changing in the sporting side, all the major changes are in technical regulations:

Here is some very basic summary:

Sporting regulations:

1) The races (except Monaco) are to be 305 km long, but no more that 2 hours – no change here.
2) The number of races is minimum 8 max 20 – no change here.
3) Race may be cancelled if less than 12 cars are availble (basically half the full grid, the fact that we have six manufacturer teams, each with 2 cars is probably just a coincidence)
4) Maximum number of cars – 24 (haven’t had that for a long time)
5) All teams that wish to participate in 2009 season must apply before July 31, 2008. Later applications may be accpeted if there is room. Does not look like we have crowds lining up at FIA doors at the moment, does it :-)
6) Safety car rules – they seem be same as the current rules so we can still expect some changes here.

Technical regulations:

1) We all know that the aero specs are changing from next season, to see exactly how one will need to study the details of the new regulations and compare with the old ones. May be easier to wait for some images of new cars …
2) Car minumum weight is 605 kg (including driver) at any time of the race (no change)
2) Engines – still the same frozen 2.4 litre 19,000 rpm limited V8s
3) Two race engine rule (with one “free” change) remains in effect (although some parts can be changed).
4) Four race gearbox rule remains in effect.
5) Tyres – We all expect slicks to return next year but they are not yet in the published 2009 regulations, 2009 tyre specs are to be set no later September 1st.
6) The Kynetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) is part of 2009 regulations
7) The flexible bodywork regulations seem to be the same as current ones, but there is a new article in the 2009 regulations – 3.18 – Driver Adjustable Bodywork that specifies parts of the bodywork that can be adjusted while the car is in motion within the maximum range of 6 degrees and maximum 2 times a lap. It looks like Max is serious about legalizing movable aero …
8) Traction control remains banned

Here are the pdf files:

2009 F1 Sporting Regulations

2009 F1 Technical Regulations

If you spotted some more significant changes you can list them out in the comments.

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