What F1 tracks will get eliminated from the calendar ?

The FIA published yesterday the provisional 2009 F1 calendar. The most important facts are that French GP is still on calendar, US GP will not return for 2009 and Abu Dhabi will make the debut.

The US GP missing again is a hot topic of the moment. But when looking at the 2009 calendar I am already wondering what other track(s) will we loose in 2010 …

The sudden appearance of Valencia and Singapore street tracks was kind of unexpected. None of these venues were talked about much prior to their inclusion in the 2008 calendar. The rumours appeared and in matter of weeks the races were confirmed. As a result, although we lost the US GP, the 2008 season features one more race than last year – 18 compared to 17 in 2007. With Abu Dhabi the 2009 season will have 19 races. That is 2 more than what is believed to be agreed on in the existing (expired) Concorde Agreement. Judging from recent opinions of some team principals it is hard to see more than 20 races on the F1 calendar – “My firm belief is the season should expand to not more than 20 Grand Prix.” (Ron Dennis), “Twenty is about the right number.” (Nick Fry), “Twenty is a big number, but it’s a sensible number.” (Christian Horner).

For 2010 season however 2 new races are lining up – India and Korea. That would require at least one existing F1 venue to loose the race. If US GP was to return, it would require 2 races to go. And that only and only if the F1 teams agree to race 20 times a year … What race(s) are we not going to see in 2010 ?

Australian GP may be the most vulnerable F1 race at the moment, but their contract will be still on in 2010 and the same will be the case in Kuala Lumpur. Shanghai has a 10 year contract, Turkey is run by Ecclestone, Spa has a deal till 2012. I believe the Brazilian GP contract has also been recently extended. It is hard to see any of the new venues like Valencia, Singapore, Abu Dhabi or Bahrain to disapear anytime soon. While anything can happen in F1 I can’t imaging Monaco being dropped. So who will see the chop in 2010 to make room for India, Korea and possible return of the United States Grand Prix ?

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  1. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    It could happen to be droped a single country a year, and recover it in the next years, as racing in some countries by turns. I believe Imola will come back, Silverstone needs to be dropped some time for their new repairs and the new brand pitlane and paddock. After all Canadian GP is now the most sensible to lose it’s place, they didn’t show their wish to remain it, the circuit was in very bad conditions and also, in Montreal doesn’t exist the propper paddock that actual F1 needs, business are a great deal nowadays.
    I think Some tracks are alreadynot propper for races because they mean a stop in the championship interests, action! It could be Hungary also, Spain has a great place in the championship, but if someday Max Mosley hear some “compliments” to Lewis Hamilton… But it is the track where teams use to test more, it’s closely unprobable while the Alonsomania still exists and all the teams like that venue a lot. In Germany, the F1 is really impoprtant, but not that much since they doesn’t have a champion leading, and seems Germans are losing day by day the interest about Formula 1 races, that could be a possible country to take turns as France, Belgium and Hungary.

    May I be right? I don’t know, let’s see in some time ;)

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      the renovations can be done between 2 races so if Silverstone gets their act together and decide to start building, they do not have to loose any race while renovating

      Canada – after seeing it, I do not think they are in danger. The race has tremendous support over there. The track surface is a bit tricky. Yes they continue having problems bt not because they do not care. They did fix it after last year hoping the fix will work. It did not but still they pulled their act together and made the race possible overnight … But we should not forget that few other tracks have to face so extreme temperature differences between summer and winter time …

      To me (sorry to say so to you :-) ) Barcelona is now the track under biggest danger. Not because the Hamilton abuse case, but because of simple fact – two GPs in one country is going to be a problem … Already some reports coming out of this week’s WMSC meeting sugget this issue was discussed …

      If was up to me, I would dump Hungary (boring track) and China (horrible level of service and attitude towards fans) … First one however does not seem to be in danger ever and China simply will not be dumped …

      • KotenokNo Gravatar says:

        Canada continues having problems year after year, it is already the 4th season their paving is being plucked by the cars, and seems they weren’t choosing the proper option, and fixed it with cheap asphalt patches… I’m sorry, yes the race is great, but the circuit’s conditions are like a dirt track, leafs, gravel, stones and lots of sepiolit every year. But the sympathy to Canadian people and having there a great and surprising race, makes me say I doesn’t wish it disappears :)

        Estoril, A1 Ring and the race in Argentine Oscar Alfredo Gálvez, Dijon and Adelaide were great and also went away from the calendar. Why and how??? I guess traditional GP’s are having problems to attract fans (it is more from the same thing), and new tracks does bring people just by being a new place and new attractive.

        I would say, the idea for the next years are doing turns between some circuits, not just European, also these new ones in the far east, Abu Dhabi-Bahrain. Malaysia- Singapore. China-Korea. And so on, they do attract people when they begin to be not fix and a unique event every 2 or 3 years. And also does cheaper the licenses and the inversion to maintain the circuits, but it is a risky game, they inverted lots of money to not get it back as they could have been thinking…. The investors wouldn’t accept that easily!

        Barcelona’s venue still keeps being the race where more fans over the entire world go to see the race live (this year more than 136.000). I don’t mean they have a safe position, I already knew having 2 GP’s in Spain won’t be good at all… But while the Catalan track does bring the biggest amounts of money to Mr. Ecclestone and Mr. Mosley, will they refuse to such incomings??? Other circuits does have more place for the crowd as Malaisya and China, but still didn’t fill inside the percent of people which the Spanish GP has filled in their circuits, the 100% and sometimes over the 100% (which to me seems dangerous to the event quality).

        You may be right, and I think it’s the main fact. But I guess there’re other facts which make it stand :) Hope it will be like that! HEHE Anyway, Barcelona’s contract with the Formula One Management is long-lasting, until 2016 as many sources affirm :)

  2. StewNo Gravatar says:

    My choices are Hungary (never liked that) and of course the issue of Barcelona. Spain doesn’t need two races, no country does.
    Word around here in Canada is that an entire re-surface of the track is seriously under condition with modifications to the affected areas. Already architects and engineers are studying the track and drawing ideas. They are also looking at a different surface compound to handle the cold and ice.
    This comes from some news stations in Montreal who never stop talking about the grand prix.


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