FIA clamps down on flexing bridge wings – Fix it !

With all the attention focused on the June 3 Mosley vote the other FIA related news went almost unnoticed. According to Autosport it looks like FIA told the teams that the popular bridge wings mus be secured to the nose or a support must now be fitted to stop it from flexing (as seen on the above photo of Renault taken in Monaco GP). Renault seem to have fixed their wings in Monaco, McLaren, Toyota, Williams, Red Bull and Toro Rosso will have to follow the suit in Montreal.

Whether flexing of these wings have made any difference in performance that I do not know. But the flexing front wings have been obviously visible on TV and this was often mentioned also during some of the live blogs. FIA seems to have brought an end to it now as they did with flexing rear wings back in 2006.

Photos: Renault / LAT, Red Bull / GEPA

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  1. StewNo Gravatar says:

    These flexing wings may help, but I don’t know if it is all that much. If that’s the case, let them all have flexing wings, but then again that may open a box we don’t want to open. :)

  2. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    Wing bridge plane from Renault was fixed since the first GP as I noticed then.

    This flexibility is something which I was blaming from McLaren last season, and the thing is that the device multiplied over the entire grid almost. Not only that wing part is flexible, more or less I see bardgeboards having their movement with the airflow (or maybe the tracking from the circuit). I see the vertical wings from the motor cover block of RBR, Toro Rosso and Renault having really a lot of lateral movement (sometimes I thing the motor cover will exhaust and brake in little pieces :-P ). And another thing which I see moving much, are the front wings over the nosecone from Honda “the bunnies” (which I had some words about in earlier posts).

    The thing is, that all these wings lack of end plates or a structure which makes them fix. That’s a solution? Humm… I guess yes, many of the teams need their own development time. If Renault fixed the device means that they truly had movement in their bridge wing, and other teams didn’t fix it because the movement is within the “limits”. I see interesting that the FIA, which gave previous approval to such devices last year and the beginning of this season, now comes and wishes to change the device´s design. My only question is: who the hell decided to claim that finally? Comes it really from the FIA or comes it from some F1 team?

  3. Cletus van HortonNo Gravatar says:

    What I think is staggering regarding the “fixed wing” issue stems from last year’s Australian Gran Prix. What assisted greatly in establishing an obvious link to the Spy Scandal was McLaren’s protest about Ferrari’s movable front wing following Melbourne. After Ferrari ran away with the race as if they were an F1 car competing against a GP2 lineup, McLaren was none too quick in launching a protest that the flex of their wing was against regulations. The Scuderia was instructed to make that piece of Aero more rigid, and then the gap in pace narrowed considerably. The rest is Soap Opera thanks to Mr Newey.
    Now 2008 we see it return like wildfire! I have been speculative over the bridge wing many teams were allowed to use-never forgetting what happened last year. Funny how Renault were making huge jumps in their areo package and after wedging a stick in Monaco they are again lower in the field. All these teams that have seen good development will surely see a reduction in pace, probably not from Montreal with its fast straights but after that the tracks tighten up until Spa and Monza.

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