2008 Canadian F1 GP – Race result – Kubica wins, 1-2 finish for BMW Sauber

BMW Sauber took full advantage of problems and some silly mistakes of their main rivals and scored impressive 1-2 finish in Canadian GP. Robert Kubica drove almost a perfect race and a year after horrifying crash in Montreal he scored the maiden Formula 1 win for himself and for the BMW Sauber team. Nick Heidfeld finished in strong second place ahead of David Coulthard. It was a also good day for Toyota with Glock in 4th and Trulli in 6th. Felipe Massa in my opinion drove the race of his life. Despite not much going right for him he salvaged 4 points from Canadian GP. Rubens Barrichello will be very happy with another point scoring race. Sebastian Vettel has proven that starting from pitlane does not rule out points finish.

Race to forget for McLaren … I have no idea what Hamilton was doing in the pitlane but it is going to haunt him for one more race with the 10 place grid penalty he and Rosberg were given for that mess …

Robert Kubica now leads the drivers championship four points ahead of Felipe Massa and Lewis Hamilton.

2008 Canadian F1 GP race result:

1. R. Kubica – BMW Sauber – 1:36:24.447
2. N. Heidfeld – BMW Sauber + 16.495
3. D. Coulthard – Red Bull + 23.352
4. T. Glock – Toyota + 42.627
5. F. Massa – Ferrari + 43.934
6. J. Trulli – Toyota + 47.775
7. R. Barrichello – Honda + 53.597
8. S. Vettel – Toro Rosso + 54.120

9. H. Kovalainen – McLaren + 54.433
10. N. Rosberg – Williams + 57.749
11. J. Button – Honda + 1:17.540
12. M. Webber – Red Bull + 1:21.229
13. S. Bourdais – Toro Rosso + 1 laps

Did not finish:

14. G. Fisichella – Force India + 17 laps
15. K. Nakajima – Williams + 23 laps
16. F. Alonso – Renault + 25 laps
17. N. Piquet – Renault + 29 laps
18. K. Raikkonen – Ferrari + 50 laps
19. L. Hamilton – McLaren + 50 laps
20. A. Sutil – Force India + 56 laps

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  1. NieuweNo Gravatar says:

    So who thinks it was team orders to let Kubica go past?? Or just Heidfeld realising it was useless competing agains’t the lighter car of Kubica and giving way?

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      I am not sure how much of a team radio was on TV, but at the track we could hear the team talking to Heidfeld not to slow Kubica down – Kubica was light that time, Heidfeld heavy. Moments later Kubica passed Heidfeld. I would probably call it team strategy, not team orders at that stage of the race. There were few others still in contention at that time and Kubica had one more stop to make …

      Apparently the team even told Heidfeld to let Alonso pass as holding lighter Alonso back was actually slowing Heidfeld down. That did not happen as only moments later Alonso crashed out …

  2. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    I think today everybody turned a little bit into Kubica’s fan :)

    The guy is driving amazing well! As for me, yes Heidfield is now on the great shadow, but he showed pace and not searching trouble is a very good strategy as he remained there, and made it to second place. BMW did a giant step to be placed within 1-2-3 constructors place at the end of the season, I doesn’t doubt about the 3rd place, but second one again is real, and even 1st if the whole team finds the hightestt performance point. I see BMW-Sauber as contender, due the problems that Kovalainen has (this guy have really bad luck), and very unstable Raikkonen at Ferrari, if both drivers don’t gather points Heidfield and Kubica can offer the title to BMW with their good pace and performace.

  3. f1ninjaNo Gravatar says:

    What a race it was… The outrageous lack of concentration from Hamilton has indeed helped Kubica in reaching the highest point of his career and his team history so far but only to a certain extent as we could all see a flawless race by the Pole after that incident . It’s a second GP in a row when a bundle of bad luck and simple mistakes from the best drivers play a major role and a second one where Kubica shows just how to keep it cool. While Kimi lost it in Monaco, Lewis totally blew it in Montreal, Massa was again largely disappointed by his pit-team and Kovalainen is having a terrible streak, Kubica shines as ever. I’m very glad Heidfeld came second to claim a 1-2 for BMW Sauber as it predicts even more emotions in the following races. Respect for Couldhard whose face on the podium is much of a surprise even to himself after a couple of DNFs earlier this year. How many of you expected to see Kubica as a overall leader at this point of the season?? I bet not to many, regarding a slight lack of pace from BMW cars at almost every GP. What came to play though are the pure driving skills with much less assistance from the car’s software. And that seems to be the perfect bios for Kubica. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for him to win again and indeed to become a champion. Maybe not this year, but we all know it IS going to happen sooner or later.

  4. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    Humm, to win maybe not. But I have him always in hight positions :) He is to me a nice guy, and give me good feelings

  5. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    I think that Dr. Theissen, of course not only he, all the people in his team are planning brilliant strategies. It was already working during his times in Williams, and Mario Theissen wasn’t just a figure from the motors partnership, he did well done work that good times, as Haug is doing for Ron Dennis.

    I see the team a step closer, since 2 years they’re calling to the doors to the head group.It’s not just a coincidence. Since the team’s rebirth, I mean Sauber-Petronas, we hear year after year how things are being developed by the Munich-Hinwill team. Every year further and further. Things went a bit wrong sometimes to them, but in general, who else did such continuous advance? Few teams. This year a difficult chassis maybe don’t allow us to say they’re on top. For Heidfield the new car didn’t give him the chance, but then we saw how brilliant is Kubica after he adapted well to the F1 car demands. The team performance to me isn’t really the most imporatnt, the most important seems their have clear ideas!!! Fast car but not a the fastest, regular drivers and good race planning is being their success. Did somebody forget Renault 2 years ago? With a sslow car and not very trustful also, managed to win 2 championships and seemed to everybody impossible. I believe anyone can do also like that in a regular year. I see that the only team who is doing like that until now is BMW-Sauber, with regular ammounts of points. Although they got their season purpose already, “win a race” ,and still keep their ideas clear :) They don’t claim to be the best team, they know they haven’t a perfect car and don’t feel themselves title contenders… But of course, they can manage to.

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