Season 2009, please come !

I know that all the teams are driven by the desire to get those few tenths that make the difference between F1 heroes and F1 zeros. But this is what happens when the teams continue fine tuning the ugly additions to their bodyworks, the ugly Dumbo wings get even uglier…

Yesterday I watched few videos from older Monaco races. Here is a clip from 1996, the famous wet race win for Olivier Panis in Ligier. How much nicer the cars were then, 12 years ago …

Even the new A1GP car looks better than the current F1 cars … The only light at the end of the tunnels is the fact, that what we see now is the end of the line for the current F1 cars and 2009 will put an end to these ugly winglets and wings and ears and all this. Season 2009 can’t come soon enough …

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  1. marcNo Gravatar says:

    Things could be much worse.

    Mosley could stick around long enough to ram through his Centreline Downwash Generating (CDG) Wing or his idea to allow all types and mods to engines but restrict the allotment of fuel each car was allowed to consume each event.

    marc’s last blog post..Hamilton Heads Paul Ricard Timesheets

  2. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    Well, winglets and additional noses, horns, ears and penis are getting closer to their end date. That’s a plus to the competition, even if I’m a aerodynamic’s fanatic :-)

    And also today was mentioned a new restriction with the money, yeah!! Now will begin the real SHOW ME THE MONEY game by the FIA and they budget controls, look forward to the following news.

    FIA proposes 150m EUR budget cap for 2009 – Williams in favour of proposed spending limits

    I didn’t like the comments about stay back of the field… But it’s true that budget cap can help to have equality between the teams whcih couldn’t take enough sponsorship because of their grid positions even if the work quality is there!!:-D

    • F1WolfNo Gravatar says:

      I do not know how much money exactly Honda spent on developing the latest update to their Dumbo ears, but when I see that it makes me wonder if the spending limit will ever work. The teams are happy to blow money, they will keep blowing them no matter what limits will be imposed on them … And FIA is making it easier to get around the cap by leaving significant parts of the spending outside the cap:

      “The cap would not cover expenditure on engines, KERS systems, marketing costs or driver and team principal salaries.” writes Autosport …

      So this all will come on top of the budget cap that by 2011 should be 110 mil Euros. Not sure how strong Euro will be then but now this figure is around USD170 mil … Force India total budget, including engines, marketing, drivers, team principal salary is now 150 mil …

  3. marcNo Gravatar says:

    Kotenok, let me quote someone you should know on the aero issue:

    “Aerodynamics is for those who cannot manufacture good engines” – Enzo Ferrari

    marc’s last blog post..Hamilton Heads Paul Ricard Timesheets

  4. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    Il comendatore :-) Of course he told like that, he’s a person from another era! For Enzo Ferrari aerodynamics meant the biggest aid to the drivers for achieve a corner flying without moving his hands on the steering wheel like a crazy. He’s point of view is clear, he always searched the kind of driver which is agressive and posses talent and abilities to race faster than the rest.

    With the time the engines got stronger, the cars lighter and as result: the engine couldn’t deploy the power on the track, it was the lack of grip provided by the suspensions (that time suspensions were such a soft device that the cars could bounce!!). Grip in that times was certainly mechanical, the ideas weren’t bad but not optimum. It was needed to not lose the valuable strengh of the motor with the continuous bounce, the aerodynamics were thought as negative-lift to develop traction. This concept was used more and more and everybody saw and could proof that the cars speed passing by corners were getting highter and that was even easier to trace a corner faster. I think that it isbecause of that, that Enzo Ferrari left this “jewell” quote, the race to search to better aerodynamics and not engines was settled. Of course engines were getting better, but it was a factor related to aerodynamics. It was needed aerodynamics to get more drag and so it was practicable to develop the engines, the thing went on like that until recent times.

    Anyway, the aero devices got by a wrong way maybe, developing and evolving features which already existed in spite of searching new ideas now. Now the technology exist to make a step back in aero-features, such evolved suspensions can bring the mechanical grip which didn’t exist before and engines won’t be dependant of such aerodynamical work to get this grip. Enzo Ferrari missed these times, he now would understand why the wings appeared, the need to push the car to the track to fix the lack of traction to kick the asphalt with the engeines horse-power.

    PD: Wolf devlete the first comment please.

  5. StewNo Gravatar says:

    The cars are beginning to look less like race cars and more like mechanical robots out there. Maybe the flurry of bits and pieces has finally stopped in prep for next year. Those dumbo wings on the Honda have to be the ugliest things I’ve seen yet on any car.

  6. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    I saw worse certainly, at the beginnings of the aerodynamics era.

    Some of these were succesful cars, but I would remain them in the garage after all because they look more than ugly… It was in the beginnings when appeared the crazyness about aerodynamics when constructors were building concepts which weren’t tested any time. The lack of information about this new science settled as I said a race, who build more complex aero-package to win more drag.

    I think nowadays the cars look much more clean than before, the winglets are maybe not stetic but useful after all, they bring the airflow where is needed and create the the drag which is needed (let me laugh about the designs which existed before, it was ridiculous to create tons of drag and then build the strongest motor in the car to make it move! Before the teams were lacking of engineers which kneww much about aerodynamics and the wings went on with any idea which they had).

  7. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    HEHE I knew there is some reason to say, “hey, the aerodynamics nowadays aren’t that bad!” :-) About the Brabham I think the aerodynamic idea were tooken from a YAK or something… As I think the whole car is a wing, I can’t stand the air intake looking like a mushroom :-P And that wasn’t only Brabham, it was the last trend in that moment, if I doesn’t mistake between 1700-1976.

    Anyway, the “bunny ears” of Honda shocked me really, they are not a really good invention as I’ve seen that they’re only for acceleration and low speed turns. I think when the car will step on Monza, they will regret using this winglets. But to Italy there is a looong way! Also, when I saw how much the seagull wings, well mostly known as dumbo ears solution, were moving by turbulences in Spain and Turkey, I find that to add them end plates will help the winglets not to fly away as a bird. They keep the air flow as a canal certainly to the air intake over the drier’s helmet, there the flow should divide with a lower resistance.

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