Has Robert Kubica become a genuine title contender ?

He does not have the best car on the grid. He is still waiting for his maiden Formula 1 win. But with third of the season gone, he sits in 4th place of the drivers championship only 6 points behind the leader Lewis Hamilton.

1. Lewis Hamilton – 38
2. Kimi Raikkonen – 35
3. Felipe Massa – 34
4. Robert Kubica – 32

When asked by ITV whether he feels to be in the title fight, Kubica replied:

“I’m trying to do my best. We also have to see that if in Australia I had finished, we would have at least six points more and the worst race result would be fourth place, so I don’t think that’s bad.”

Of course had Massa finished in Malaysia he would likely have 8 points more (42), had Kimi not lost it in Monaco he would probably have 4 more points (39) etc… So better not go into all the “ifs”. But fact is Kubica is too close to the top for Ferrari’s and McLaren’s comfort …
He went on to elaborate further:

“We are there with such a lot of points because we are the most consistent team and driver in the championship.”

He sure has a point here. But is consistnecy without winning a race enough to win the title ? Never in F1 history there was a champion without winning at least one race. Mike Hawthorn (1958) and Keke Rosberg (1982) however needed only 1 race win to claim the title.

So does Kubica have a chance ? Is it perhaps time for BMW Sauber to take the gamble, relegate Nick Heidfeld to no. 2 status and throw all their support behind Kubica this early in the season to take an advantage of continuing team mate battles in Ferrari and McLaren ?

Photo: BMW AG

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  1. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    Nice question!

    It will be really difficult to win the title, but possible while he remain backward awaiting his moment. BMW mother factory is pushing hard and with very big hopes this season! They not only want to succeed this year win podiums, they want to win a race!! And I believe if things went better to them not only one single. Yeah, I think he may be not a principal contender for the title, but he can come from the 4th place to the 1st one in a couple of races if something happens!

    I’m fan of Robert and I don’t care where he sits down, Kubica’s efforts deserve some screams of support! The last year wasn’t doing that great, and what’s on this year? For sure the car adapts more to his style (Nick is boring us with his long-lasting problems to get used to the new car, and this is not his first season in F1). Robert is tacking the last drop of juice from the car and driving it marvelous :-) He’s training rally hard to stay up there and I’m happy for him to get the success when others good as him can’t reach it (that may mean they’re not that good :-P ).

    I believe the gamble can begin soon, Canada, France, Great Britain, Hungary… I believe these are proper circuits for the BMW Saber, some kind of intuition say me they will be stronger (not much more than McLaren and Ferrari, but will make them serious trouble).

    Go! Go! Kubica!

    PD: KUBICA on polish wriites like that, but is spelled “KUBITSA”, if someone still had doubts :-P

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  3. im also a kubica fan. but i dont think the team will make him a no.1.. i think theyll remain in equal situation.. what im bored of, is alll the drivers complaining about theyre cars…. i really hate to see a guy saying WELL WE ARE NOT EXCPECTING MORE THAN A 8 o 9 nine place.. sowe did fine… comee oooon, the race hasnt started yet and they already thinking in a 8th place!.. i know there are differences in the cars, but they are all f1 cars. and a good driver should be able to fight even if he doesnt has the best car..

  4. KotenokNo Gravatar says:

    I was telling the same for 10 years with Williams F1 Team, they’re top drivers and it is an incredible F1 car, a good driver should be able to win races. But still I didn’t see them winning another championship….

    Jose, you need to get real and understand that a any F1 driver want to be the championship leader and win the title, all they’re top drivers which always have won all the races in every lower category. But what happens? The equality in F1 is such a big thing that it is extremely difficult to take a single tenth of difference in the lap times. But… This is not because a bad driver sits there, that’s impossible; every driver owns their own skills. The problem is less competitive package (the race car).

    The situation is that, there are only 3 podium paces and only 8 places where they come into the points, a driver is already happy of entering in such a place! And I believe they expect much more!!! F1 drivers don’t race for a 15th or 18th place… They don’t lack of skills for make a podium! In a lucky day any drivers will be able to make a great qualify, and following a good and stable racing next day. But the lack of many drivers is the car which doesn’t adapt to their own driving skills or doesn’t adapt good to any circuit (that’s work of engineers to adapt the car to the driver’s style). Certainly we could see Adrian Sutil in Monaco in 5th place, that’s why the car adapts more to such circuit.

    I just would like to spot the frustrating it have to be, feeling yourself you can’t get more with your car because there are pretty much better cars around. And I’m still happy Rosberg or Kazuki comes into the 8th place, that’s minimum one point and all my hopes is they come in a better place :-)

  5. zblkhwkNo Gravatar says:

    I have expected (and predicted on this site) that Sauber to be a title contender in the next two seasons. I still think they are just off the pace of both Ferrari and McLaren so I do not see Kubica winning this year. I would be very surprised in Ferrari does not finish 1-2 with a substantial lead by seasons end.

    Kubica is an amazing talent, and I would not be surprised if he wins the title in 2010.

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